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GIANT Goldfish and Chips for Lunch!

Do you remember heading to a carnival or a fair when you were a kid and winning a little goldfish in a bag? I had that experience yesterday times a million! We have tons of weeds growing in our pond, so we decided to get some fish that would eat the weeds, and some edible fish so hubs has something to catch when he goes fishing. We went to a fish farm/store to get them, and we transported them home in plastic bags. If I look like I'm struggling, it's because they were HEAVY!

For people who are interested in fish (i.e. not me unless it's on my plate) we got some grass carp and about 60 catfish. I have a feeling that in a few months I'll be writing a post begging for catfish recipes! Hubs had to get in the pond in his little rain boots to put the fish in. A little water got in them though, and I had to document him pouring it out. Too cute!

Luckily I was well fueled for the adventure with lunch beforehand. I was wracking my brain thinking of something to eat that could include my new favorite homemade chips. Then I realized---just eat the chips! I topped each one with a little wilted spinach and cheese, and ate with a side of green beans and some corn. Guilt free "nachos"!

I also got in a 5 mile run, at just under 45 minutes. Yes! I feel like I'm finally getting comfortable running 9 minute miles on a regular basis. 

Did you ever win a goldfish or another prize at a fair?
Yes! I won those little baggies with a goldfish in them a couple of times. Sadly...they never lived for very long once I brought them home! I used to love (ok, still love) arcades and redeeming my tickets for prizes, that was the best. 

What was lunch today?
I finally tried making oatmeal savory! Oats mixed with spinach, corn, and some melted cheese. Added some salt and pepper and it was delicious. 


  1. That's so cool that you have a pond with fish! My Hubby would be so jealous. I'm like you only interested in fish on my plate and I don't want to know how they got there. Great run!

  2. How fun about the fish! Love the big bags!

    And your nachos look delish! This is my first time here ... looking forward to reading more.

    Winks & Smiles,

  3. woot woot for 9 min miles! you go! I had a fish from the fair once that live for YEARS. obviously not your average goldfish!

  4. how fun!!! i love fishing so I think this is so cool! how exciting for the hubs :)

    those chips look super yummy :)

    For lunch today I had pb&j and chex mix. oh and a pudding cup. Ummm yeah...I am still in elementary school apparently ;)

    AWESOME RUN! you are getting so speedy!

  5. Love fishing! My husband caught a giant catfish this weekend. It's on my blog if you want to check it out. :) We didn't keep it to eat though since we were headed out on a canoe trip.

    I've never gotten a goldfish from the fair. My mom wouldn't let me play those games since she didn't want me bringing home fish to take care of! ha! I would much rather win stuffed animals anyways.

    Lunch today was a frozen meal, sadly. At least it was a Healthy Choice one. bleck.

  6. the nachos look delish! Also, I love winning prizes and redeeming all tickets. Nice work with those fish. -Jen

  7. Hahah what a funny idea- buying fish to later fish out yourself. Sounds cool though. What do catfish eat?

  8. That is a good idea about the oatmeal.

    That is actually how I have my fish(well one fish, stew just died about a month ago) We were at a party for a record label and they had some kind of fish theme I guess. So there were huge tubs of goldfish swimming in them and everyone could take a plastic fish bowl and take one or two home. There were tons of them! What I noticed is that everyone was drunk and along with the fish in their bowls sitting around everywhere there was also beer and other disgusting stuff in with the fish! It made me sad to think most of these fish were just going to die by the end of the night. So I saved two and took them home. Called them beef and stew. We have had them over a year and stewie just passed on but beef is still going! I love my fish!! Your pond is going to be awesome!

    PS just noticed my sis commented as well :)

  9. those pictures crack me up! I can't wait to see how you figuring out how to cook catfish! lol

    My lunch today was a cream cheesed bagel and carrots.

  10. woah that's a big bag of fish! looks like fun! i'm going to need to try the savory oatmeal. once i was sick of sweet things (ha this is a very rare occurrence)and so i added green chili powder to my oatmeal and it was really good - gave it a nice spicy kick. i haven't tried adding any veggies but you've inspired me!

    oh and i used to travel for work and spent a lot of time down south - there was literally fried catfish everywhere i looked. despite not being good for you, it sure tasted pretty good!

  11. Those chips looks good!

    I did win some fair goldfish back in the day. I remember one year my mom went out and bought a 2nd fish because the 1st one died (almost instantly) and my brother was freaked out!

    Hmmm on savory oatmeal. I love oatmeal, but I don't know if I can do it.

    Yay for sub-9 minute miles. I am ALMOST there. It's so hard to break 9 minutes!

  12. I'm jealous of your pond with fish!!

    TOTALLY random fact about me...I used to breed guppies and sell them to pet stores. LOL. I didn't make much, it was a side sort of job while I was in high school, but it was so much fun seeing the babies born every month :)

  13. You guys are too funny with the fishies!! Cute pics.

    I had a grilled veggie salad for lunch, with chickpeas!

  14. lol I have never won fish... but I think it'll be cool to see how big those get

    lunch is a salad with chicken and potatoes :D

  15. Great run, I'm jealous! I hope to be trucking along in that direction soon. For a minute I understood the title of this post to imply that the giant fish were part of your lunch :)

  16. the oatmeal savory sounds good, I have never tried that! and those chips look good too:) I've had catfish at a southern restaurant and it was delicious!

  17. Your lunch sounded interesting, a combination I probably never would have thought to put together, but I'll have to try it! Good job on your running! My lunch today was the chicken mango tacos I posted about a week or so ago. Very yummy!

  18. Haha! You make me laugh with your gigantic fish bag! I love it! I won one at the fair when I was a kid and I was elated! haha I don't remember what happened to the lil' guy after that.

    I'll be having a late lunch that will involve lots of spinach and salsa. That's all I know for now! :)

  19. savory oatmeal- what a neat idea!

  20. I did win a goldfish once. It died that night. hahaha

  21. I won a goldfish at a college fair - it lived for a little while pretty good...

    I had a bix mixed greens salad (peaches, grilled corn, carrots, celery, red pepper, homemade tabouli on top) and a half of a massive veggie burger from dinner out last night...oh and a chocolate chip cookie :)

  22. I don't think gold fish were ever an option as a prize when I was a kid. Just those stuffed animals that aren't nearly as soft as you want them to be. But I do love your giant bag of fish :)

  23. Your pond area looks so pretty. I took home goldfish as a prize several times, but they always seemed to die after a week or two, kind of makes you wonder how healthy they are when you get them.

  24. Your nachos looked yummy!

    Lol, that is so fun that you bought BIG fish for your pond - It looked like a fun day.

  25. Wow- what a great place you have! My hubby has those same boots that your hubby has. lol.

  26. One of my co-workers and I actually won a gold fish at a carnival together and we kept him at work... it was fun to come to work everyday and see Scuba Steve, the office pet :)

  27. I see corn on your plate... now I want corn in my belly.

  28. 60 catfish? Holy crap--that pond must be huge. And girl, I can help you with catfish recipes--I'm from Texas.

    Also, I can't believe I've never thought to put spinach and cheese on a chip before. That sounds fantastic!

  29. LOL! yes, I remember those. I ALWAYS wanted one. too funny.

  30. Oh my - when you said "pond" I was thinking something closer to my mom's koi pond ... not a legit pond!

    Never won anything from a fair that was living. Only little stupid prizes from games. A fish would have been more fun!

  31. That's a neat idea to get fish for the pond. I can't imagine going fishing on my own :)

  32. You're so cute there with your fish, hehe! How fun!

  33. when i first read the title of your post i thought of those little goldfish snack crackers but that you'd found some really big ones! i heard they put out some larger style fish crackers crackers but had yet to see them myself. :)

    but winning fish at a carnival is something i ALWAYS wanted to actually do. i'd always try and was too lame to actually win. :( have fun with your new fishies!

  34. Yay for the run!

    It would be so cool having the fish. I wouldn't be able to fish for them or eat them, because I'm sure they would all have names and end up as my
    pets. :)

    Savory oatmeal sounds pretty good

  35. Now that looks like a super duper day!! Come make me some chips!

  36. I have made catfish so many times it is unreal, so I might have some recipes for you if you need them in the future! Did you ever get your medal hanger or get in touch with somebody for your medal hanger? I hadn't heard anything, so I wanted to make sure.

  37. Nice work on the run! And your healthy nachos look fantastic.

  38. I think poor fair fish live a tortured life! Mine died after 3 days. I went to Meijer and purchased two 10-cent goldfish after that. They lived for 3 years!

  39. Those "nachos" look delicious!!! Great job on the pace :)

  40. Nachos look great have fun with your plethora of catfish

  41. That lunch looked so good. Oh and I see we have the same model Garmin. I love mine!


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