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Cookie Confessions

Remember my disastrous cookie-making attempt a few days ago? I was hoping to redeem myself, and make a delicious homemade cookie that I could serve to hubby warm from the oven and earn a gazillion good wifey points. I've done it! Well...kind of.

They look good. 

Hubby likes them. 

My neighbor liked them so much I got a thank you note!

You guys are probably all really excited for the recipe, right? Um....can we pretend that I was a domestic goddess, and slaved over these for hours? And that they're sugar-free and packed with fiber and protein? Because the truth is just too sad. 

My secret?

Not even a cookie mix. PRE-MADE cookie dough. Directions:
1) spoon dough onto sheet
2) bake
3) soak up compliments

Please don't sign a petition making me change my blog name to "runner who occasionally heats things up." I promise there is occasionally some gourmet-ness going on around here. 

At least I can prove I am in fact running. Yesterday was speed day on the treadmill, and I tackled some 400's at a 7 minute mile pace. 7 repeats total (1:44 each), with recovery 400's in between. With warm-up, cool down, and recovery, I covered 5.5 miles in total. I was hoping to get in 8 repeats--but man these are tough!

Any food you give up on? As in--you can never make it better than the packaged/pre-made version?
I hate admitting defeat. And most foods really are better homemade! I've made great substitutions for pizza and quesadillas for hubby (his favorite fast foods) but these cookies can't be beat!

What is your favorite distance for speedwork?
400s, because they're short enough for me! Anything less takes me so long to get started, and mile repeats....ouch. Those are hard!


  1. 400s! As much as they were the bane of my existence in high school races, they are my go-to for speedwork now. Any longer just scares the crap out of me, honestly. Don't think I could do even 1 800.

  2. lol! Those cookies look delicious. I love cookies warm from the oven. YUM!

  3. sometimes you've gotta do what you gotta do! and when something is so yummy, its hard to justify spending hours in the kitchen when there's an easy alternative!

    nice workout! 400s are my favorite distance for speedwork, but i have to admit that i like speedwork best on the treadmill. i need to make more of an effort to get to the track!

  4. haha! love this! i LOVE making chocolate chip cookies and people always ask me for the recipe. the thing is that I really just follow the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip package. guess they are just baked with love...right? bahaha.

    your speedwork sounds intense! awesome job. I am actually usually more terrified of the shorter distances and usually go for at least 800 repeats but maybe I should give 400s a try??? i dont know! eeek! haha!

  5. You know what's funny? The Toll House recipe that's on the chocolate chip bags is seriously THE best chocolate chip cookie recipe I've ever found, so those cookies were probably completely awesome.

    My running buddy has started me on mile repeats...not a fan at all.

  6. Whenever I buy premade cookie dough they don't make it to the oven because I end up eating all the raw dough. So yummy

  7. The cookies look yummy! Doesn't matter how or where they were made as long as they are delicious :)

    I love 800's. I hated doing 800 repeats in high school, but now they are my new BFF.

  8. Hahaha this cookie story is awesome! So funny!
    I'm not a big homemade cookies or brownies's just TOO easy to buy the bag or boxed mix!

  9. Haha what a cute post! Love it. Those cookies are the best, so I can't blame ya there. I have yet to make a good, "healthy" cookie recipe.

  10. nice workout! I need to motivate for some speed work!!

    I suck at making cookies, and the toll house are the best choc chip anyways :) soak up the compliments because the hard part in cookie making is not burning them! So you did do a great job and deserve some props:)

  11. Too funny! I love it. I never bake because whenever I do I want to eat every single bite of whatever I bake.

    Awesome speed workout girl! My favorite speed workout is mile repeats.

  12. I have used that cookie dough before! And it honest to goodness makes the bessssst cookies. Whatever! =)

  13. I agree that most things are better homemade - I can never make falafel better than that packaged just add water version.

  14. LOL....Love this.....Never tell your secrets though!!

  15. I wish I had some of those cookies right now! Or the directions could be 1- spoon cookie dough into mouth. 2 - spoon cookie dough into mouth...

  16. LOL, good to know that you are in fact human.


    No one can be gourmet all of the time!

  17. I would claim them as my own secret recipe & keep on truckin'! lol

  18. I'm a sucker for boxed macaroni and cheese. The kind with the cheese powder. Yeah.... I know!

    I like the extra-creamy version best.

  19. i love to bake from scratch, but tollhouse cookies are soooo good!

    my fav speed work is 400's also. although, i like 800's too because i feel like i can pace myself better with a little bit longer distance.

  20. My speedwork is still rather short. I tend to not top more than a mile yet. Oh well. I will get there.

    As for things I try to cook and give up on? Pretty much anything that doesn't involved baking. I'm sooooo much better at baking than actual cooking. (I once messed up mac and cheese.... the box kind. ugh)

  21. Hahaha, nothing wrong with pre-packaged sometimes! I almost always bake cake/cupcakes from cake mix. Easy, cheap and actually... I kind of like it better!

  22. I like tempo runs because you don't reall have to think and be tracking a watch ever few minutes. Treadmill speedwork is hard, I try to avoid it at all costs.

    Sounds like you had a great workout!

  23. I have millions of different cookie recipes! I find one that is pretty good, and then tinker until I find the version in which I want to bathe in the dough. This can result in five different versions of the same recipe.

  24. I have given up on cooking chicken. I always over cook it.

  25. Haha that is so funny! I will admit though, store bought cookie dough is absolutely delicious! I could eat an entire tub with out baking them ;P

  26. Lol, there's no shame in that. I'd do the same!

  27. I love this post! I'm still waiting on the tab for all your fun/creative food postings because I find myself searching through posts on the weekends wondering which one of your concoctions I want to try next!

  28. hahaha This post reminded me of that Friends episode... Do you remember that one? The one where Phoebe has lost her dead grandmother's secret cookie recipe?

    BTW, your man is adorable! Good job! lol

  29. When it comes to track runs, I love the 400 for speed distance, short and sweet! Those cookies look yum!

  30. Aw, don't feel bad. It's ok to take help from the store from time to time. I'm all about a mix making my life easier!

  31. Just checking . . . you baked cookies while wearing a dress??? That's pretty "Leave it to Beaver" domesticness! SMILE!

  32. Those look so good! Sometines a shortcut is the best thing...and as long as they were delicious, it doesn't matter:-)

  33. I can't have refrigerated cookie dough in the house because I eat it all with a spoon! That stuff is soooo good! And there is no shame in going to the bakery and moving everything on to a plate so no one knows you didn't bake it yourself.

  34. Wait!!! So that tub makes cookies in the oven? I just grab a spoon and eat out of the tub

  35. I give up on the desserts that are fancy or cost a lot to make, like cheesecake or pie or anything using pastry dough!

  36. hahaha, whatever works. Even better, with that tub you can make a few cookies then sneak spoonfuls of raw dough until its gone. Yummmmm.

    I'm a bit of a homemade snob for everything except mac and cheese. I can't find any gourmet recipes for kraft orange cheese-like powder. Thats the good stuff :)

  37. Haha, those are my hubby's favorite cookies. We ALWAYS have a container just in case!

    Why mess with a good thing?? :)


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