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Pioneer Living (I Miss the Microwave)

Well, the last day has not gone quite as planned. Yesterday afternoon Hubs and I headed down to our house to get some work done, and it started sprinkling. I was feeling especially lazy and tried to convince him it was a sign we needed to stay home, watch repeats of our favorite series and nap.
That didn't work.
We got there, got started, and then the rain really hit. I have never seen torrential downpour quite like this, and the hail was intense too. We were really just standing around watching in awe (and checking the roof to make sure it doesn't leak!)

When we tried to leave, we realized tons of trees had fallen down in our driveway, but we managed to avoid most of them and get back to where we're staying. Only to realize there was no electricity. That was yesterday at 5 in the afternoon, and this morning at 9 still no dice. That's where the next few photos come in:

Our neighbors are just about the friendliest, kindest people around. They got the generator up and running and sorted us out with some little lamps and candles. We can use some lights thankfully, but no big things or it will go out again. Obviously I take this to mean I can still charge the laptop. We can't live like animals, people! Dinner was a mixture of greek yogurt, spoonfuls of PB, cookies, and candy. I'll be honest--I was pretty ok with this. 

We took our neighbor's ATVs out on a tour of his property to survey the damage--looks ok, minus a few trees that will need to be cleared. Looks like a day of chainsawing ahead of us!

Any guesses why nine months after power outages a bunch of babies are born?
Hubs and I were laughing about this last night when he remembered an article about it. We're so dependent on technology, it get boring without our computers, lights, and TV's after a while!

Sunday plans?
Um...I guess chainsawing? Hopefully we can get everything cleared, and maybe squeeze something fun in there if we get done by the afternoon!


  1. We had the power go out the other day for 4 hours because of a storm and I was scared because it was a night and I realized we are NOT prepared at all. No candles, no flashlights, we were in pitch darkness!

    We went into our car and drove to another area where there was lights to wait it out.

    Really makes you appreciate modern day technology!

  2. Ugh that sounds terrible! I hate when the power goes out...such an inconvenience. Glad you had a generator and candles available!
    Sunday plans: workout, clean the house, and then who knows! Hope you get power back soon!

  3. I'm so technology-dependent! It is so hard (boring!) when the power/internet goes out. The last time we had a storm that knocked out the power, my husband and I actually talked! For a long time! Then we turned the TV back on when we could :)

    Sorry you're having to spend your Sunday chainsawing trees! Glad there wasn't any other damage.

  4. It's been a long, long time since I've experienced a power outage! I don't know what I would do without power for that many hours!

    My Sunday plans? Working. Till 7 pm. Then a bike ride with my husband!!

  5. Oh my goodness, that's great that you have such nice neighbors. It's weird around here; most people don't even know their neighbors. Funny about the babies.

    Sorry your rest day will be spent chainsawing. Though, I think chainsawing has the possibility of being fun!

  6. It is always nice to know your neighbors are there to help you! Our electricity went out the other day after a big wind storm and then again the next day when somebody crashed their car into an electricity pole. Seems like everything you think of to do, takes electricity!

  7. rain storms are so fun to watch, but not when they are making lots of damage! good luck getting things cleared away! that is funny about the babies/power outage thing. haha!

  8. A short power outage can be fun, but all night and morning? No way!

  9. Uhhh ohhh... good luck with the chainsaw! Hopefully you can get it cleaned up in no time and enjoy the rest of your day!!

  10. I hate when the power goes out. We were without power for 6 days a few years ago - the week of Christmas, with a 10 month old baby & I was pregnant. It was not good times. At all.

    Hope the power comes back & you can get things cleaned up!

  11. Glad it wasn't cold at least!

  12. Too funny about your question with the nine months after a power outage! I love it!! This society is so technology dependent as well as myself! I wonder how some people would live for a week without cell phone, computer, lights, all that fun stuff! haha

  13. So sorry to hear about the power and the storms!! eeeeek. I am such a baby when the power goes out...haha. I usually just have to go to bed so that I do not get too bored. Oh..and your dinner...sounds amazing. My kind of food! haha!

  14. UGH- we didn't have power down here in the city for 6+ hours. TORTURE!

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