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Pizza and Bugs!

No, not together--don't worry. I'll start with the pizza...and then explain the bugs.
First: when I asked for dinner suggestions, LOTS of you suggested pizza. I got really excited about this idea, and while it wasn't my final pick (ratatouille!) I did need to make it ASAP! I didn't make the dough, so I don't know it it qualifies as officially homemade, but it WAS officially delicious! Before baking:

Can you tell which quarter belongs to me?

Hers: whole wheat crust, tomato puree, zucchini, squash,tomato, a little mozzarella, and salad

His: whole wheat crust, tomato slices, ham, and mozzarella
I haven't been able to make a homemade pizza in ages, and let me say...I think hubby's days at Little Caesar's are over. I call that a success. 

And now, as promised....the bugs. Today was the third day of trail running instead of flat. I know how lucky I am to be running on empty trails right outside my door. Some of the highlights:

Yes, it's beautiful, serene, a great know this already. What you might not know:

See those black spots all over me? Bugs. Every time I come home after a run, I have to wipe those suckers off my neck, chest, and arms. DIS.GUS.TING. I swear I don't even notice them when I'm running, thank goodness for mirrors so I can see them when I get back. Blech. 

What's your favorite "fake-out" meal (replacement for take out food)?
I think it's officially homemade pizza! So much better than cheap takeout pizza, and custom made toppings, perfect. 

Any bugs bother you when you're running?
On a trail, spiderwebs are a given and I'm ok with that. These little bugs stuck all over me = not ok. Also, big problems with cicadas flying at me. Please go back underground for another 17 years or however long and stop bothering me. Thanks. 


  1. I LOVE making homemade pizza and I think it's so much better than delivery.

    I wonder how many bugs you swallow while running? Just sayin' :) I'm pretty sure I've accidentally eaten several bugs while running which makes me gag a little thinking about it. At least you have pretty trails! My bug consumption usually comes with traffic and dodging cars, thanksss Houston!

  2. i LOVE homemade pizza! yum!

    Bugs always bother me. It's a strange phobia. Unfortunately, my cat doesn't usually pull her weight in the bug killing department - that's what roomies are for ;)

  3. I love homemade pizza expecially on whole wheat bagel thins (makes for a thin cripsy crust). But my fav fake out meal is a veggie low mein that I make with whole wheat spaghetti (or linguini). Stir fry the veggies and add in the cooked pasta - fun, delicious, and oh so much healthier than actually going to the Chinese buffet!

    Ohhh bugs - we've been running through trails this week. Our sweaty necks and arms looked just like yours last night!!! GROSS!!! Not to mention the number of mosquito bites - itch-y!

  4. oh HECK NO. that is nasty, girl! hahahah i can't believe they're just stuck!

  5. How are they stuck?? That would freak me out.. good for you for continuing to run out there!

    The pizza looks delicious :)

  6. That totally counts as homemade; making your own dough is just showing off ;). I usually make mine with a little olive oil, basil, garlic, zucchini, tomatoes, and mozz. SOOO good. I'm not a huge fan of red sauce.

    That happens to me when I run too. You get bug freckles. Super gross.

  7. Mmmm- pizza is definitely my favourite "fake out". Even if I don't feel like making crust, I just grab some pitas and make home made pita pizza.

    As for the buts- I get them everywhere. I'm pretty sure they are flying around, thinking life is good, and then I run by and SMACK- they hit me and unfortunately for them I'm so sweaty that they instantly drown in the sweaty salty mess that is my skin.

  8. I made a mexican pizza, same style of crust, then season with meat or tempeh for the vegetarins with taco seasoning, add black beans to the mix, put on the crust top with because and bake. Then fix your favorite sides, lettuce, tomatoes, sourcream, etc for toppings

    I am allergic to bug bites, I need to spray myself for late night runs

  9. I was going to suggest running with a citronella torch....but that probably won't stop the bugs from slamming into you. gross.

  10. Ooh the pizza looks good! I will have to try making it at home sometime soon.

    The photos of the trail look beautiful and peaceful.
    I'm not a fan of bugs. The little ones like
    Gnats are gross. Especially running through clouds of them.

  11. I love making homemade pizza! I make the dough in my bread machine and it is super-easy. Zucchini is a great idea.

    I run along lake Michigan, and certain times in the spring & summer there are giant swarms of gnats. It is so nasty, you actually have to close your mouth to avoid inhaling them. :-/

  12. I love home made pizza. Those bugs look like freckles, so no one will notice haha. When I bike, there are PLENTY of gnats. At least it forces you to breathe through your nose.

  13. love, love, love making homemade pizza!!! we buy the fresh dough too. if you like garlic, we normally do a garlic flavored crust using garlic powder.

    i can't take bugs. i had a bad experience with those "no see'ums" once. you seriously can not see them. & they bite.

  14. Well, at least you didn't swallow any bugs, right?

    the pizza looks amazing!

  15. Omg I didn't realize what those black spots were until you pointed them out. You are like a car driving on the free way lol!

    The trails look beautiful. I'd try to run outside but the sun scares me especially now in Florida during the summer! Maybe in the fall in the early morning or dusk.

    My boyfriend actually prefers my homemade pizza over eating out so that's nice :) Yours looks amazing and delicious!

  16. I have a trail I run on too and it is worse on the trail than anywhere else I run, for good reason... I usually end up with at least as many as you had on you and more in my mouth... mmm protein!

  17. Love the his & hers pizzas! We do that too. :)

    Ewww to the bugs. I come home looking like that lately too. I don't mind so much except when they go down my throat or in my eye ball. BLECH!

  18. I posted a pizza recipe today too!!

    There are a few places on the path that I run on that are swarming with bugs...I just run as fast as I can through there and try to keep my mouth closed!

  19. I am with ya on the homemade pizza, it is my fav to make because I can make it exactly the way I like it.
    Funny, today I went out for a run in the country and turns out everytime a truck drove by at full speed I was hit with sand and rocks. My face was covered in dirt when I returned home.

  20. i love homemade pizza! i think it tastes way better and you get to control your toppings (which is perfect for a type-A like myself ha). those trails are gorgeous!! i hate bugs - looks like there's quite a few there! i've had a couple gross experiences with swallowing bugs and getting bugs in my eyes when i run...not fun.

  21. ewwwwwww on the bugs!! Geez!!!!

    that pizza looks delish! I like making individual ones on the bagel thins too! That way you get a nice variety!

  22. That pizza looks AWESOME!! And OMG the trail is beautiful... that pic with the mist rising off the pond -- I am so jealous!

  23. love the pictures
    yuk to the bugs
    i just went trail running twice and i swear bugs where just missing my mouth

  24. my favorite fakeout meal has got to be Trader Joe's Shrimp Stir Fry! It's so much better and healthier than chinese take-out!!

  25. I'd definitely take your quarter of pizza - yum! Those bugs...gross.

  26. PIZZA is definitely at the top of my list too!!! My mom is Italian so she makes the BEST crust and homemade SAUCE!!! I can eat a whole one to myself (but I don't).

    I hate bugs. I have a gross story. I was running once and felt something hit my eye so I rubbed it and it seemed to be fine. When I got home I felt a little itch again so I looked in the mirror and the bug had died in my eye and was just hanging out in there under my eyeball waiting for me to pick him out.

  27. I tried to copy a Chipotle chicken salad the other day. Not so good. I like the real thing. Homemade pizza is always fun.

  28. homemade pizza is BOMB! your pizza looks just like mine... okay maybe i even pile my veggies even higher. ;)

  29. I had to pick bugs out of my eyes on my run yesterday... Yuck.

  30. Very cool pic of you by the trail. Yes, pizza on whole wheat english muffins. So much healthier, thanks for the reminder that I don't have to order pizza when I'm in the mood. Why do forget that? No bugs bother me on my runs here in AZ, sorry, that totally bites (no pun intended). :)

  31. Love homemade salad. Yum. And, I've swallowed many a bug running on trail, but I generally don't have any on my body when I get home. That would gross me out!

  32. PS - can't remember if I've told you this before, but you remind me so much of Angie Harmon! When I see her on tv, I always think "Gourmet Runner!" :-)

  33. I'm always up for pizza, not sure why, but I can always eat it and a nice healthy salad right beside it, perfect combination!

  34. we love homemade pizza over here too :) I add flaxseed to the crust before adding sauce and toppings...just some added benefits! Why not, right?!

    I hate those little bugs that fly all around our lakes over here...they swarm and get in your mouth and eyes-totally gross!!!

  35. That (the bugs) used to happen to me allll the time when I lived in Calgary and used to run by the river every night. I would come home with bugs stuck to my forehead... so, so, so gross. Yet I still went all the time, haha.

    Annnnnnnd now I'm officially craving pizza for breakfast!

  36. i never seem to make good pizza at home. i think i need to buy pre-made crust maybe...

  37. eeww yuck, you are a trooper. i love homemade pizza too we had that for dinner just now. i can never get enough!! also i love make fig and goat cheese and argula pizza,yum!


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