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Hiking and Hair Horns

Today. Was. Awesome.

Is that too short of a post? But I feel like those three words sum up my day perfectly! Hubs and I were up and at 'em early this morning so we could get to Fort Mountain State Park right after it opened--7am. Good call since it gets hot fast! We hiked the Gahuti Trail, which is about 8 miles and is just gorgeous. We hiked this exact trail once before, under much worse conditions. It was 6 days after we moved to America, there was snow everywhere, and we were exhausted, sick, and jetlagged.
Today? Perfect. Here are some photos from the hike:

My "deer caught in headlights" look at a little waterfall

The trailhead sign
This was a CREEPY big red bug! Millipede maybe?

The last photo is my favorite. Why? Because it says the average hike time is 6 1/2 hours. How long did it take us? 3 1/2. Boom. It's all about the little things. There were some crazy hills on this hike, here's the elevation map to prove it:

Needless to say, I was a little tired afterwards:

I think that photo turned out even better than I imagined. Also, what's up with hubby's version of "tired photo?" Doesn't he know that tired means mouth open, sweaty, falling over, eyes closed? Duh.

We found a lake within the State Park that was pretty sweet afterwards--pedal boats, mini golf, a little manmade beach! I'll be coming back with my bathing suit very soon to scare people with my whiter-than-white belly. Today we just scoped it out and I needed a soft pretzel! Especially since I got hungry about 70 minutes into the hike and decided to eat my "lunch" at 8:30 am. What? I was hungry!

In case you can't see the hair horns, here's a close up. 

WHY? Why must my hair do that the moment someone even talks about sweating? Ugh. 

Anyone else suffer from the dreaded post-exercise hair horns?
If you do, we can commiserate together. If you don't--how did you become superhuman and please tell me more.

Soft pretzels or hard?
Little hard pretzel twists will always be tops in my book, but every once in a while a soft pretzel with mustard is so good! I also wouldn't turn down one of those amazing sweet ones with cinnamon and sugar....yum!


  1. I've definitely been the victim of hair horns before- but I don't get them all of the time.
    Looks like a great hike!

    As for pretzels- hard all the way, I very rarely enjoy the soft ones. (that's what she said?)

  2. I get hair horns all the time. It is mainly why I wear hats at races...don't want to hit anyone with my hair!

    Def soft pretzel person!

  3. Soft pretzals are awesome.. but only if they are fresh and aren't bland! I really like hard pretzals, though. I always have a bag in my car.

  4. I don't get hair horns... I get a hair halo. Pretty magnificent, lol. Awesome hike! Way to go knocking half of the "average" time off it!!!

  5. Hate hate hard pretzels, but love soft ones! Your park adventure looks so fun!!! Perfect way to spend a weekend!

  6. Looks like a great hike... lunch at 8:30! I have done that too... must remember to pack more food! Good thing you found a vendor!

  7. Awesome pictures! I like soft pretzels too. We have an Auntie Anne's in the local mall. Mmmmm!

  8. man, I really need to hike more! Although I get tired just looking at that elevation chart!
    I don't get hair horns- just all around weird frizz. Not cute.
    I love most any kind of pretzels- but the soft ones have to be fresh :).

  9. I get hat-hair instead, it's a pretty frightening sight when I remove my hat after run.

    Soft pretzels ALL THE WAY. With cinnamon on them.

  10. Awesome day! That pretzel looks DELICIOUS! I don't care what kind of pretzels I get, so long as I can have mustard too!

    My hair is always nutso, I've learned to embrace or ignore :)

  11. Ahahaha I love your hair horns!!! I get them all the time. I usually try to wear a thicker headband that holds them down!

    Pretzels are great, soft or hard! I think I may have a slight preference for the soft ones though!

  12. What a fun day!

    You are not alone with the scary hair! I'm sure I get some really weird looks while I am running. I'm tempted to run with the Elvira look at my nice race for kicks :)

    I like pretzels in all shapes and forms. YUM.

  13. I, too, am cursed with hair horns. It's sad but true.

    Pretzels in all forms are good (soft, hard, and chocolate covered, etc). I LOVE soft pretzels though, and dipped in mustard is the way to go. Pretzel dogs (a hot dog wrapped in a pretzel) are big here in Baltimore. Now I'm thinking its been too long since I've had one...

    Gorgeous hike! What a great way to spend a Sunday!

  14. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is adorable. I'll be checking it out often for sure!!!
    I don't get dreaded post-exercise horns - nope, I get a special kind of frizzzzzzzz 'fro! It's quite lovely DESPITE having a pony tail!!! You can check it out for yourself

    Small interesting fact, most of Americas hard pretzels are made in my small town. As part of my job, I bring that company their health fairs and on-site wellness.

    Again, thanks for checking out my blog and congrats on winning the gel.

  15. I like pretzels that come in all different ways. Right now I am obsessed with pb filled pretzels!

    My hair always looks crazy after working out. My hair most of time is out of control :)

    Oh and that bug looks creepy, it would deftly freak me out a little!

  16. Man, I've really gotta start hiking more. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend. And anything that makes hair look that wicked awesome definitely needs to be done with regularity.

  17. I LOVE me a big soft pretezel :D

    Also what's this -- moved to the US? Where are you from?! I thought you were a native.

  18. What an amazing day!! :) And I LOVE big soft pretzels :) Yummy!!

  19. Soft pretzels are the best, they have an awesome place at a local shopping mall..I used to get them alot. My hair is always a sweaty mess post exercise, it starts to curl ick!!

  20. My hair always looks awful after I work out! I have the sweepy side bangs, so I try to headband them, and that just turns out badly, so I feel your pain!

  21. My husband calls me frizz nut! That's enough said about my hair.

    I have never had a soft pretzel, but I would love to try one someday.

    That hiking trail looks amazing. I am searching google to try and find something like that in Melbourne cause I would love to take hubby and the kids on a hike, especially since going on a hike is on my 101 things to do list.

    I just popped over to read your weight loss journey and I found it really inspiring. I have actually taken a copy of your calorie intake for the day and all the little meals, I think I will give that ago instead of 3 set meals cause I do find myself getting hungry in between and that's when the danger hits. Thank you so much for sharing that part of your life :)

  22. that absolutely DOES sound like the perfect day. I love nothing more than an absolutely stunning, challenging, exhausting hike.

    The "predicted times" always make me feel like a badass too. we blasted through the grand canyon in about half the time predicted, and then it was 2:00 and we were like "uh...we're done? what should we do now?" It's better to be overprepared (i.e. leaving at 5:00 a.m. just in case) than to be a stupid hiker

  23. hair horns, flyaway hair afro, frizz...i get it all! i feel your pain...haha. but it sure looks like you and the hubs had a wonderful day! and 8:30 in the morn isn't too early for lunch, i'm sure it's noon somewhere. ;)

    as for pretzels, i'd say i'm a big fan of the big, doughy soft pretzels. have u had the ones with cinnamon and sugar....sooo good! happy sunday purdy horns and all! :)

  24. You are so cute, even with your hair horns!

    That is quite some change in elevation, nice work!

  25. Soft pretzels - especially Aunt Annie's!
    BAM! That was quite a fast hike ... love it.
    And I totally dig your "deer in headlight" photo.

  26. Ahah! I love your hair horns! Can you hurry up and make it a trend so I don't feel so awful when I wear my hair this way? :) I'll be going hiking for the first time ever tomorrow! I'm hoping it'll be this awesome!

    And I love soft pretzels! YUM!

  27. Yup, I get the hair horns, too. I call it my lion's mane.

    Oh, and soft pretzels all the way!

  28. Hair horns are no big! It's just your bangs screamin out that they wanna be free! It just makes you look like a super awesome athlete!

    Any pretzels. Bread + Salt = love!

  29. I definitely get hair horns. Soft pretzels are the best!

  30. I am a hard pretzel fiend. Bonus points if they are yogurt or chocolate covered!!

  31. Looks like an awesome hike!!! I really enjoy hiking but haven't been in a while. Hopefully I will get to go soon!! I get major hair horns too. It's pretty funny! I love soft pretzels!

  32. Kind of jealous of your hike! It looks beautiful. :) I used to have have hair horns really bad when I was prego with my baby. Baby hair. UGH. It's finally grown out a bit, and a little easier to control!

  33. Where are you originally from?

    Lol, love your hubby's take on the "dead tired" pic. My boyfriend and I also always laugh (holler, actually!) at his blog pic acting skills ;) !

    I'm totally with you on the hair horns - my hairdo can actually be used as a very accurate, very scientific measuring apparatus for relative humidity!

  34. Girl, I have NEVER even heard of hair horns--you crack me up!! Aweeeeesome picture!! That hike/day looked AMAZING!!

  35. Soft pretzels. Always. That is one of my fat kid foods. I could eat my weight in soft pretzels. It's dangerous.

    Even though I do love those honey wheat twists with hummus.

  36. That hike looks so fabulous! I LOVE gorgeous places like that. We have a state park here with one of those little lake "beaches," and I've been dying to go lay out and pretend I'm on the coast :)

    I love soft pretzels so much. Last year for the Super Bowl, my husband insisted we make our own, with the yeast and everything. We even used whole wheat flour, and they turned out awesome! We used Alton Brown's recipe. So, so good!

  37. That hike looks super fun! My hair gets CRAZY after exercise... frizz, sticking out, everything. Soft pretzels all the way!


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