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The Dinner Winner!

The list of recipes from this post was awesome! Even though I could only make one dinner tonight, you can bet I'll be making TONS of these meals in the future. Today though, one meal really stood out to me. I really wanted to take advantage of the cheap, plentiful veggies available here right now--zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, and squash. So when I saw this suggestion from Sweating Sugar, I was sold:

Congrats Emily! Send me an email with your mailing address so I can get you your prize!
I made some minor adjustments to the recipe: no garlic (I forgot to get some) and no mushrooms (I just don't like them). But I did add some zucchini to the mix! I was pretty proud of myself turning this:

Into this:

I made two pans full, which was good because the two of us finished off the whole pan just to ourselves! This stuff was tasty! I am getting excited about having some again tomorrow, maybe with a poached egg on top? Delish.

You too could have awesome retro plates like this. Travel back in time about 40 years and buy them when they were cool. Or, be too cheap to buy your own and use what's in the cabinets. Bingo. 

What's your favorite way to eat veggies?
Normally, I would say roasted--I have not met a roasted veggie I don't like. However, this ratatouille was  a pretty close second and just as easy!

What was your Wednesday night dinner?
Um...the above. And MAYBE a Skor bar and a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips, maybe. Possibly. I'll never tell.


  1. I love veggies any way I can get them, but raw is probably my favorite. Either in salads or with hummus. But fruit, that's a different story. I can make a smoothie but otherwise I can't choke the stuff down.

  2. crap! you did an excellent job picking, cause now i have to save this recipe for myself! :) i love eggplant!

  3. Mmm- delicious!
    I generally like my veggies raw but lately sauteed greens are my favourite.

    Wednesday night dinner: chicken, rice, red chard sauteed with garlic and cherry tomatoes.

  4. Looks very nice. Glad you are enjoying having a full kitchen.

  5. I like veggies all ways but roasted is probably my favorite. Your meal looks excellent!
    Tonight's dinner will probably be spaghetti leftovers...not very exciting.

  6. That looks amazing!!!
    My favorite way to eat veggies is in salads. I love big, beefy (well, not beef-topped, but you know, "beefy" as in very big/filling) salads with tons of toppings.
    Dinner tonight= a sandwich thin topped with cranberry almond butter and a slice of mozzarella cheese! And a yogurt bowl with bluebs and mini reese's pieces. haha so random and goooood.

  7. That looks really delicious!!!! I might have to try the recipe!!

  8. Wednesday nights are the one night a week I work late and don't get a chance to make an actual dinner. But now I'm jealous of your homemade food.

    I've fallen in love with roasted veggies. Everything gets better roasted. And everything can be roasted. Also, I'm a big fan of raw veggies. It's a very satisfying way of eating.

  9. Wooo Hoooo! I am so glad you liked it!!!

  10. Whoa, yum! That looks awesome. My favorite way to eat veggies is covered in pasta sauce and cheese :).

    My dinner last night was homemade whole wheat pb waffles. They were DELICIOUS. I'm actually having them for lunch today too, slathered in pb and bananas.

  11. I love your blog! The posts are very funny. Can't wait to read more!! P.S. I was born in Hong Kong!! (:

  12. mmmmmmmmm that looks delicious! i may have to try that out sometime in the very near future... but i can tell you i've been roasting vegetables like its going out of style lately. yum yum yum.

  13. My fav way to eat my veggies is either in soup or grilled with some spices. Last night for dinner I had grilled grean beans with ketchup and a huge grilled chicken breat chopped up into a salad with tomatoes.

  14. Yum, that looks great! My favorite way to eat veggies is either raw or roasted. I am not a fan of cooked veggies at all.

    For dinner last night I had some whole wheat pasta with vodka sauce and Parmesan.

  15. Yum! That looks delicious. I am so happy for you to have an oven. I bet you are loving that!

  16. wow that looks delish! now i want that for dinner! it must have been amazing to cook in a full sized kitchen! :)

  17. Great choice!!

    Grilled veggies - cold or hot - are my fave!

  18. YUM! That looks so good!! I like my veggies roasted best, with a little salt, pepper, and parmasan cheese! For dinner last night I went to my Mom's work party, so we had pulled pork sandwhiches!

  19. welcome back to the land of ovens!! hehe. that looks super tasty!!

    i think my fav way to eat veggies is steamed or grilled. but i'll usually take them any which way.

    din din for me last night was a shrimp, noodle, and veggie stir fry. :)

  20. I know this is uber healthy, but I only discovered the awesomeness of kale this year, so I'm obsessed with steamed kale with sea salt, that's it!

    Or I make a batch of fried rice with whatever veggies I have on hand!

    Weds. dinner was a protein was either that or airport food :(

  21. Normally I don't like eggplant... but this makes me want to! I should totally try it.


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