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White Chocolate or Dark?

Ugh. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that Blogger decided to go all crazy on us? And now the drama is repeating itself (at least for me!) It seems that when I write a post it takes a few hours to update on your readers. So...if it seems like I haven't posted in a while, check the blog out because maybe I already have!

I guess yesterday my body was craving fiber. That or the heat made it impossible to think of eating anything actually cooked. Lunch was a salad with everything green I could find. Spinach, green beans, edamame, cucumber, corn, flax, and a little shredded mozzarella.

Obviously I needed a little something something to round out the meal so I went with a little fruit salad of all my favorites. It was officially the first pineapple of the summer and it was exactly as delicious as I thought it would be!

Pineapple, strawberries, and grapes
Lest you think this is just too healthy for me, don't worry. I was just getting the greens in so I could enjoy my new favorite PB. Julia was showing off her new Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter so I had to buy it and try it out. Yeah, it's giving White Chocolate Wonderful PB a serious run for its money. Every time I reach for a spoon I'm faced with some serious decisions. 

So now I'm about to head out for my long run of the week. Since I'm not on a training plan yet, I haven't decided on my mileage at all. The plan is Until it stops being fun! Hoping I can get at least 8 miles before it gets too hot!

If you had to pick: dark chocolate dreams or white chocolate wonderful?
Don't make me decide!! So far dark chocolate PB is amazing in oatmeal, but on it's own off the spoon I think I'll stick to white chocolate. I love making decisions like this!

Do you always have a planned distance when you set out for a run, or do you just see how you feel when you're out there?
I almost always have an idea of how far I would like to go. Sometimes it's hot or I don't feel well, so I cut it a bit short. And sometimes I keep running if I feel great!


  1. I love White Chocolate Wonderful a little bit more I think :) But they are both delish!

    I always have a training plan going since I always have a race on my schedule. It is an addiction!! :)

  2. I am heading out for 8 this morning too!!

    I try to have an idea of what I am going to go because then I will know which route to pick. Otherwise I will come up short or way too long.

    Dark Chocolate all the way. My husband Scott loves the white but I think it is a little too sweet for me.
    Have a great run!

  3. I'm getting increasingly frustrated by blogger, too. Seems so buggy lately!

    I usually have a distance in mind when I set out, but I'm like you. I'll sometimes alter it depending on how I feel once I'm out.

  4. I had to download the Google Chrome browser just to be able to comment on blogs again! It's ridiculous.

    I JUST bought the white chocolate peanut butter for the first time at the grocery last week. Yeah... it didn't last very long. lol I even caught my husband doing the thing he's always teased me about doing--going to the kitchen just to get a spoonful of PB. I've gotta try the dark chocolate next!

  5. I'm almost at the point where I want to make a switch because blogger is driving me crazy!

    As for the PB- I'm a dark chocolate person all the way. And love the dark chocolate dreams. Also fantastic is dark chocolate almond butter...

    I almost always have a training plan and know how far I'm running on a given day, but like you I'm between plans right now. Im running this morning and am using the same philosophy- run happy :)

  6. I haven't tried the chocolate peanut butters. I'm afraid that once I do... it would be all over. Those salads look yummmy by the way- you are quite the craftswoman.

  7. I always plan a distance, I find if I don't my run gets shortened.

  8. Blogger still isn't posting mine today, but at least it finally posted yesterdays!

    I want that dark chocolate! It looks delicious! Possibly I'm just super hungry after my run. I need to refuel!

    I usually have a distance planned, but if I decide to run more along the way, I run more.

  9. Dark chocolate dreams is like crack to me. I don't buy it often because I can seriously go through a jar in 3 days. :-)
    I always have a distance in mind when I run, sometimes I end up going longer if I feel good, but I usually feel too guilty to cut it short unless I am in pain or something.

  10. yes my blogger has been going crazy on me too!!!ahhh what to do what to do !!hmm and such difficult decisions, how to choose between two delicious choices!!?!?! guess i have to buy both and see for myself! <-- which could a dangerous move!

  11. Dark chocolate all the way! I just can't stop!!

  12. So I just tried edamame for the first time yesterday and now I think I need to recreate your salad! It looks so GREEN, I love it!

    Annnnd go for the WCW...

  13. hehe I have major commitment issues between dark chocolate dreams and white chocolate wonderful too! I like WCW on things with raisins in them and off the spoon, and DCD is mostly for plain toast/english muffins/muffins and in oats.

  14. i'm not a fan of PB but in general i'm gonna for dark chocolate! :)

    i usually go in with a plan for my running or at least the minimum amount of miles i'd like to get in. ugh, heat SUCKS, i hope you're able to get in most of yours before it gets scorching. :)

  15. I hate to admit that I've never tried either one of those flavors! I see it everywhere in blogworld though...I guess I will have to give in! hehe

    When I'm running, I usually plan how far I go right before I leave. I have to see how I'm feeling and I set it on my ipod! Nifty!

  16. I've done such a good job resisting the chocolate peanut butters that are out, but I'm starting to feel myself weakening...

  17. I haven't seen either in the stores locally. Both look delicious!

  18. I had my first pineapple of the summer yesterday too. yum!

  19. I have not tried white OR dark chocolate peanut butter! I really need to figure out where I can buy those.

  20. that is a tough call. I've only had the dark PB. I must try this white chocolate!

  21. WHITE! Oh my gosh, that peanut butter is "WONDERFUL". And dangerous...I've been through a few jars in the past few months...they don't last long in my house!
    I didn't really like the dark chocolate...I think I was expecting it to taste like Nutella, and was disappointed. Maybe I should try again. :)

  22. thanks for the shout out friend!! I am SO obsessed with both kinds of PB...luckily most times they are usually out of one of them so that I do not have to make a decision as to which I want ;) hope your run went well!! OH! and your salads always look absolutely amazing!

  23. I've never tried those! But just guessing based on my general distrust of white chocolate (it's... not... chocolate), I would probably say dark!

    A lot of times I'll have a set mileage, but other times I'll have a set time. As in, I only have 45 minutes total to run and then after a warm up, I decide what to do (easy run, tempo, etc).

  24. in general -- and not just for peanut butter -- ALWAYS white chocolate. I am a white choco junkie. and I hate dark chocolate. even milk chocolate is take it or leave it for me. just gimme the white stuff!!!!!!

  25. White! I'm so white chocolate all the way. And I recently discovered that pb and am in love!

  26. OMG haven't tried the chocolate yet, but white chocolate wonderful is mind blowing. I love being off a training plan and not having a set distance for a run!

  27. I almost always have a planned distance that I aim for. If my head is REALLY in the game I will settle for nothing less than that distance. I've been slacking on that though.

    I don't eat chocolate at all, so I can't even participate in taht question. :( The fruit looks super tasty though!!


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