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Spelunking and BLING, Baby!

Thank goodness for menfolk. Remember how I said earlier that my day would consist of chainsawing and clearing all the trees that fell over because of our storm? Not so much. Instead, the guys took care of everything and left me to my own devices! I managed to get some work done and then we spent the afternoon exploring. Hubs has become my quad-bike chauffeur, and let's just say he doesn't hate it:

We drove around our neighbor's property until we got to the lake--the one I've been running around all week. MUCH more fun to drive down in the quad than to run. Just saying. We hopped in and the water was so refreshing. I managed to get about 30 minutes of actual swimming in, followed by 45 minutes of floating and chatting. Can you guess which one was more relaxing?

After the lake, one more adventure: spelunking. Yes, spelunking. What?

Note: its really hard to "smile for the camera" when you're in a completely pitch black cave. We had to get down on our hands and knees and crawl for a bit---I didn't really know what I was getting into! I signed up for the "oh, a cave? Cool, let's peek inside tour"....NOT the get muddy crawling on the floor in the dark tour. 

Don't worry guys, I made it out alive:

Next time I'll remember to: not wear a wet bikini (it was FREEZING in the cave!) and also maybe not wear flip-flops. Can you tell I wasn't prepared at all?

A handful of blackberries off the bush and a short ride later, we were home. The power is still out, but we have the generator working in short bursts so the fridge stays cold and we can charge our laptops. (Priorities, obviously). Luckily, the best afternoon pick-me-up needs no refrigeration:

OH YES. Ring pop goodness. Apparently now they come in sugar-free which just means that they're basically super healthy and will make you lose weight just looking at it. I promise. Plus, you can feel like a princess with a half pound diamond ring. Totally worth 50 cents from Wal-Mart. 

Have you ever explored caves?
So scary! Whenever I go somewhere completely dark I get really scared. I've seen enough movies to know that when you go in a cave, bad things happen!

When you were little, did you wear a ring pop and pretend you were married/engaged?
You don't even have to answer that one. OBVIOUSLY the answer is yes. I'm only a little embarrassed that I still do this!


  1. Oh boy, I've never been spelunking, but feel it's one of those things I should try once in my lifetime!

    As for the ring-pop...sugar free?! Wow, those are new! Hope all is well.

  2. You are braver then me, I don't think I could muster up the power to hit up a dark cave.

  3. No caving for me. I hate small dark places. Scary!

  4. I've only been a blog follower for a week or two, but in that short time you've had THE MOST adventures. Hope you get power soon . . . you only have 9 more fingers for rings . . . guess you could get a candy necklace next, though. you crack me up!!!!!

  5. Lol, hasn't everyone pretended the love of your life gave you a 30 carat diamond ring that just happens to be filled with sugary goodness?

    I went spelunking once and I will never do it again.

    I did find out that I am slightly claustrophobic on that cave tour. Fun times...

  6. I can't remember the last time I explored a cave, sometime when I was young and I think it was on vacation and they had us searching for "fools gold."
    Love the ring pop, and yes I did the same thing pretending it was an engagement ring!

  7. I love the idea of caves, but I think over the last few years I've developed a little bit of clausterphobia. I fight it but end up feeling flushed and faint. Lame!

  8. Caves are not my thing. I think mostly because I really don't like the dark...

    And candy bling is almost better than the real thing :)

  9. There are some crazy caves in TN that we used to go ton on fieldtrips in elementary school. I haven't gone in a cave since, though. They freak me out a little. It should never be that dark.

  10. I am terrified of the dark! So good for you for going in. I would have never!!! Eek! I also love ring pops! They are the best. Favorite flavor: blue raspberry!

  11. Oh Man, Sugur Free Ring Pops! I need to go to Wal-Mart right now!!

    When I was younger my BFF and I who I actually call my sister pretended to get married with ring pops. We still have the pictures to prove it. We even crimped our hair. It was awesome!

  12. Um, yeah, cave exploration would NOT be my thing. You are brave.

    Riding the quad and swimming/floating would be fun though! :)

  13. I LOVE RING POPS! The whole engagement thing didn't last long for me though. I would always bite the candy off right away!

  14. I love LOVE ring pops and I'm pretty sure I still pretend like it's a giant engagement ring ;). Caves freak me out. I'm scared of the dark and of small spaces... and getting stuck in small spaces!!!

  15. I do NOT like cave exploring. Did it in Tennessee because I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. Uhh yeah claustrophobics do not do well in those small dark places! :X Ooops.

  16. Sadly I haven't been caving yet! We have some amazing caves out here in Utah that I'd love to check out. I'm absolutely terrified of the dark though so that may have something to do why I prefer the top side of the rock, lol.

    And the ring pop was my absolute favorite accessory when I was a kid :) Every princess needs a diamond (even if it is just sugar!).

  17. Girl... You have such a pretty face!
    Love love caves, but not sure if I want to crawl around in there.

  18. Bahaha LOVE the ring! Glad to hear there's sugar free! I used to get ring pops in the summer when going to the beach.
    Never been spelunking; looks like you guys had a fun afternoon! Jealous of your lake swim!

  19. Wow somehow I think cave explorating just ain't for me. Nice bling. Sugar-free? I'm so there.

  20. Love the ring! Yes it was my wedding ring haha. Fun times!

  21. I don't know if I've ever been in a cave before. You are one brave lady... especially to be doing it without shoes! I'd have spent the entire time wondering what I was stepping in/on in the dark... ewww!

  22. Cave exploring looks like fun! Yes, the last question doesn't even need answering! :)

  23. ahhhhhhh! LOVE ring pops!!! and love exploring caves as well! what a fun day!

  24. We did a sea cave canoe tour when we were in Thailand...I really didn't like claustrophobia set in HARD and it was freaky.....

  25. Exploring a cave would be cool with light!!! I am not sure I am brave enough with out seeing anything

  26. Oh I love ring pops! Yummy! Looks like such a fun and adventurous day.

  27. Your weekend looks like a blast!! I love ring pops! I have one waiting for me at home right now! Spelunking...don't think I could do it! Something about small spaces. :)

  28. Caving is something I've always wanted to try! And ring pops are a staple in my house, even though I can't remember the last time *I* actualy ate one...

  29. Sounds like a fantastic day! I'm jealous!

    I also LOVE ring pops! My favorite are the blue ones, and yes, I used to pretend that I was rich and famous or a princess while wearing one. I still do. Now, I feel the urge to go buy some ring pops again...


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