Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekly Workout Recap and a Virtual Miler!

Let's start with my least favorite post of the week (lately). While my mileage is ok, I feel like each week I'm slacking just a little bit more in the whole cross training/upper body thing. Gotta keep trying! Here's the week in recap:

Monday: Ran 5.5 Miles, walked 1.5 Miles
Tuesday: Ran 5.5 Miles
Wednesday: Walked 3 Miles, 30 minutes of yoga/core, push-ups
Thursday: Ran 5 Miles
Friday: Ran 5 Miles
Saturday: Ran 7 Miles
Sunday: Complete Rest Day

Mileage Total: 33 miles (28 running)--oddly enough, the exact same numbers as last week, unplanned!
Cross training: pitiful

Goals: Running this week is going to be my 2nd priority, for a change. My goal is to to do one thing each day non-running related. Even if it's 10 minutes of ab work, or 20 minutes of yoga. Really need to recommit to strengthening my body!

There's one event coming up that I'm pretty excited for. Kari over at Running Ricig is hosting a virtual one-miler in the month of July. She'll even send you an awesome bib if you sign up!

All you have to do is send her an email to sign up, and then race your little heart out for one mile. This is really exciting for me for 2 reasons:

1) I want to have my best timed mile to input into training calculators like this one and this one so I can find my ideal training paces, and predicted race times

2) I want to help Kari get the word out about her fundraising for "Kisses from Katie"

Now, Kari is being pretty awesome and this virtual race is completely free, even with a couple of prizes available. But I was thinking--how much do I spend on races annually? Why not donate a few bucks (or hey, even 1?) to this charity in lieu of a race fee? If nothing else, it will force you to treat it like a real race, and hopefully get your best timed mile yet!

Well, it's Monday morning and I'm getting ready to start work. Blech. If you have the Monday blues like I do, check back this afternoon for my next giveaway/review. It's one of my favorites! (And happens to be dairy-free, gluten-free, and tasty too!)

What are your fitness goals for the week?
Maybe cut my running back a few miles, and focus on re-making some habits like 3-times a week strength training and yoga. 

Are you signed up for Kari's virtual mile? Go!
Of course! So excited to have a real "race" mile to push myself and see just how fast I can go in that distance. 

Any guesses as to what my giveaway is for? If you guess correctly, you'll get an extra entry into the giveaway this afternoon!
Hints: it's been featured on this blog before, it's dairy-free, gluten-free, and comes in lots of flavors!


  1. I can't wait to race you in the "Proof I Didn't Peak in High School" race. Even though you will blow me out of the water for sure. haha. See you at the (virtual) start line.

    p.s. - Great idea about the donation!

  2. I like your plan to focus on some other things this week. So often we let that slide in favor of running...

  3. this is seriously awesome!!! Thank you for posting (and donating!).

  4. Hey, I am doing the 1 mile race as well. I want to see what happens when I try to run 1 mile real quick! Who knows, I could probably poop. Anywhoo, I hear you on the cross training situation. When I run a lot it is easy for me to just put it on the back burner but we need our strength!! So lets get with it. I will check up on your and you check up on me and hopefully we can grow some muscles here in the next few months.

    Have a great day! -Jen

  5. nice job with the milage! Oh man...I am way too nervous to do a 1 mile race I think? I definitely did peak in middle dist in high school :).

    My fitness goals for the week are to run a good 5k!

  6. I love that you are bumping running down to second place... I need to do that more often too. My goal for the week is to do some Jillian Michaels yoga meltdown... and survive!

  7. Wee! I'm glad u posted about the virtual mile! I'm heading over to sign up. I really need to challenge myself to the non-running activities too!

  8. I'm off to sign up :) and wow, that was an awesome week of workouts!!!

  9. already had one for GoTein, so it could only be peanut butter or jellybeans...I pick jellybeans!!!

  10. also - way to keep up the mileage!! You are really amazing with all the house work and no workout slacking!! The cross-training will come, just don't do like me and overdose on cross-train and kill the legs for running! good luck!

  11. Awesome goals for the week! My goals are definitely to add some cross training and jump back on the healthy eating train. I get so scared to run a timed mile but I think I will bite the bullet and sign up.

    It must be another gotein giveaway?

  12. Love that you're changing up your schedule to allow for more cross-training!

    A one mile race...I could do that :D haha. I haven't run in years...I think 3 years?... and the other day I tried it as a form of cardio just to see what would happen and was SHOCKED that I could run 2 miles without stopping. Could not even believe it. It was an awesome feeling!

  13. Such a neat idea!! Thanks for sharing :)


  14. I don't know what the giveaway is but I BETTER WIN this time!!! Especially because it's DAIRY-FREE!

    More cross-training for me this well as weight lifting!

  15. i really need to step it up in the strength training department - i've been lazy and this is not the right time of year to be lazy! i'm in a friend's wedding in a few weeks and need to tone up my arms before wearing my dress!!

  16. Lara Bars??? I hear you on the crosstraining and other work. I know I have the time but it seems like I don't, ya know? Might need to start some in-office pushups or something.

  17. The 1 miler sounds fun! Thanks for sharing.

    Fitness goals this week, to do well at TWO short races this weekend and somehow manage to fit in a long run! Oy!

  18. The 1 miler sounds like such a sweet idea! I just signed up :)

  19. I am signed up for the 1 mile race and I think it is a FABULOUS idea to donate as a race "fee"!!! I love Kisses for Katie so I think I am going to donate as well!!!

  20. Oh virtual mile sounds like fun, I'm going to sign up! Thanks for telling us about it.