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Fashion Tips from Georgia (Hint: Don't Wash Your Jeans)

A few days ago the lovely Vanessa (yes, she has an awesome name) from Swift as Shadows tagged me in a neat survey about fashion. Now, Vanessa is crazy fashion forward and always has the cutest stuff. Me? Not so much. If you already know how to buy clothes on sale from Old Navy and re-wear your jeans 4 times before you wash them (don't lie, you know you do it) then I have nothing more to show you...

...until today. Straight from the backroads of rural Georgia, I bring you hands-down the most awesome new fashion accessory imaginable.

Bet you didn't know kneepads could be so sexy, did you? The last few days I've been doing scraping/trimming/cleaning up of insulation in our house. SO GLAMOROUS. Today I decided to take a break to show you just how awesome my favorite knee pads are. 

1) They help you not rip up your knees when you're kneeling and working. Boring. You already knew that. 

2) They make you feel like a roller derby girl and you start pretending you're super hardcore. Awesome.

I would be such a tough derby girl.

3) They make you start posing with random things like brooms. Actually, that one is pretty standard for me. Average. 

Clearly, we should all start wearing kneepads out in public.

Guess what tonight is? Trivia night! Last week I told you about how I was scared to take photos with this new group of friends and explain "blah blah blah BLOG blah blah IM OBSESSED" but tonight I am challenging myself to take at least one photo! Prepare yourselves for a great picture of me in the bathroom, or something equally lame. 

Be honest: how many times can you wear jeans before washing?
Skinny jeans--once or twice. Otherwise, it might be a while..... When I'm on vacation I can wear the same pair of jeans maybe 5/6 times before I need to wash them. Hopefully I'm not alone here. Please. 

Are you fashion-savvy?
That's a big fat no. I like clothes and shopping, but I'm blissfully unaware of upscale brands and trends. I basically buy things in pretty colors, with stripes and/or polka dots. And running stuff. Lots of running stuff. 

Anyone ever Roller Derby? Or just have cute skates when you were little?
When I was a kid I have roller blades that were way cool. Except we didn't have any paved roads, so I would skate in circles on this piece of concrete sad. I wish I had blades now!


  1. Yay they fixed the comment issue!! Too funny I will admit I do the same with jeans, it seems you can get away with it more with pants than shirts. I still wear stuff from middle school so you are ahead of me on the fashion front!

  2. I'm not very fashion forward either. And I re-wear jeans until I notice a stain on them indicating that I should probably wash them... Oops?

  3. knee pads huh? Do you find yourself diving for items that fall off shelves? House is looking great!!!

  4. I usually wear mine 3/4 times... depending on what I'm doing in them. And I totally suck at fashion.

    I used to rollerblade/skate a TON when I was little. Now not so much. I'd probably break my face if I tried.

  5. Sweet knee pads! I'm totally jealous!

    I'm definitely not fashion savvy, I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. Though in the summer I wear a lot of dresses because they are easy and cooooool.

    I usually go about three days before I wash my jeans.

  6. Love the knee pads!!! Have fun at trivia night. I definitely wear jeans a couple of times before washing them! No worries!!!

  7. I lose count of how many times I re-wear my jeans. Quite a few. I am fashion lame. Unless my sister or fashion savvy friends lend me an outfit, I'm probably wearing something I bought like 5 years ago. I was supposed to go to the Roller Derby but sadly had to miss it at the last minute - someday! I had sweet rollerblades that I used to use to get to work when I was 15!

  8. I wear baggy jeans and sweatpants at least 2-3x before washing.I just can't stand doing laundry that many times a week!!

    I have always wanted to watch Roller Derby. Not participate. Not yet. My uncoordinated white butt can't handle that ;-)

  9. Those are HAWT. Love it. I wear my jeans 2-3 times before I wash them. They just fade and wear too fast otherwise.

    I like to pretend I am fashion saavy. I'm not sure it's working out for me.

  10. HOT! hehehe. Love the construction worker look! ;)

    I have 2 pairs of jeans I wear regularly and try my best to wash them once a week, but I don't wear jeans every day (running clothes-->work clothes -->pjs).

    Me and fashion have never really gotten along. I try to buy things flattering, comfortable and in-style enough to last a few years - not really one for trends. Esp since I go shopping for clothes like ... never. unless it's running clothes :)

  11. I'm with you on the washing- though I probably leave my skinny jeans longer than you do.

    I'm definitely not fashion forward- I wish I was, but I'm so not.

  12. I wear my jeans 3-4 times before washing, or until they've stretched out so much that they're falling off... :) And while I love shopping and clothes, I am definitely NOT fashion savvy! I think I have the same v-neck cotton tshirt in like 7 different colors...

  13. Hey I could of used those knee pads for when we did the house work a few weeks ago!! They look awesome! Jean wearing...yup I am a multiple time wearing type gal too!

  14. those knee pads are VERY hot! ha i played volleyball in high school and wore knee pads for that. haven't had the pleasure of wearing them since.

    have fun at trivia tonight! i know how its awkward to tell people you don't know very well about your blog...i went out for an amazing dinner with my bosses at work and really wanted to take a picture of it so i lied and said that i was taking a picture to show my bf because he'd be jealous. so lame haha!

  15. Your house looks beautiful!! Can't wait to see the final product!

    I agree. Skinny jeans need to be washed more frequently to re-shape them. But regular jeans? Geez. Once a month?? When they get smelly or dirty?? You're not alone.

    I'd like to say I'm fashionable. I definitely enjoy clothing and getting dressed up!

  16. I do clothing laundry every other week (and linen laundry on the other weeks), so that' how often I wash my jeans! Granted I have mulitple pairs, but once I start wearing a pair, I tend to stick with them. Especially if the belt is already in the loops. That saves time!

  17. Your photos always crack me Jeans...well, I normally do not wash mine until I notice a stain or something. But it depends. As for fashion savy, I used to be but thanks to the Army and wearing uniforms every day, my fashion sense has suffered some :)

    Asphalt Tales

  18. Oh you are so funny! cracking me up! I don't even know how many times I wear jeans before washing them...they get so comfortable once they are worn it! lol

  19. I so have a pair - though and wear them every weekend when i work in the yard .. . though, mine are not as formal as yours (formal being black) - mine are cherry red - super sexy (and more easily seen from across the neighborhood). NICE!!!! And yeah, wear the jeans multiple times before washing! Ha!

  20. I can go several times before washing my jeans, sometimes if I have a cheap pair of jeans I notice that they shrink when I wash them. I am so picky now with washing my jeans, pretty dumb but I pay so much for them I want them to last!

  21. Buying clothes on sale at Old Navy is my absolute favorite way to buy clothes. No joke. I also will go at least two days on my favorite pairs of jeans. No worries :)

    Y'all are making so much progress on your house. So exciting!!

  22. Thanks for mentioning me! And I totally wear my jeans more than once...I get a good five wears out of them before I wash them. Some people swear by NEVER washing their jeans. I can't go that far though!

  23. I love fashion but my wallet doesn't. I can definitly do some damage when I have extra cash though!

    I seriously almost never wash jeans. I hate when they are just-washed.

  24. yeah. not so much into washing clothes. and not fashion-savvy at all! haha!! and roller derby = the best! I am LOVING those knee pads. super fashionable :)

  25. haha, i don't even keep track of how many times i wear my jeans before i wash them... but it is bad... longer than you for sure! so don't even feel bad!

  26. I definitely wear my jeans as many times as I can before they sag in the butt from overuse or they smell/have stains. That may be gross, but they feel awesome when they're all worn in!

  27. You are not alone I wear mine anywhere between 3-5 times before I wash them. I mean if I don't spill anything noticeably dirty on them they don't need to be washed right? lol

  28. Yep, probably wear mine about 4 times before I wash them! I'm not very fashion forward, either!

  29. I'm pretty fashion savvy. I'll wear jeans 3-4 times before they need to be washed (to regain their shape). Jean shorts are like 5-6 times though!

  30. haha...i LUV ur poses!! :) oh man, i am a fashion disaster! seriously, i would make joan rivers cry and she'd prolly beat me over the head with one of her huge necklaces. :P

  31. Girl, you're too funny!! Oh I totally wear my jeans at least 3-4x before washing!! And I'm loving the knee pads!!

  32. I also wear jeans several times before washing them. Call it lazy, call it "green", whatever... lol

    I'm with you on the whole lack of fashion savvy-ness. I buy cute stuff that's in my price range, whether it's new and on clearance or secondhand from a thrift store.


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