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Me vs. Hills

The short version--the hill won.
Every time I head out for a run or even a walk, I am forced to meet the world's meanest hill. Seriously, it hates me. Why else would it slow me down to 15 minutes miles even when I swear my legs are moving as fast as humanly possible? I attempted hill repeats a while ago and nearly cried.

Here's what happens at the end of what is supposed be a be a easy rest day stroll with hubs:


It's ok, still alive
If someone knows more about science than me (haha, if you can spell science you know more than me) please invent some sort of transport device to get people to the top of hills. 

Or...wait. Someone's already done that. 


Hubs and I went to a local trivia night last night, and had so much fun. We've been going with some new friends for a few weeks now, but I haven't taken a single picture. Why? I'm embarrassed! I don't understand...I can post ridiculous (and unflattering, I might add) pics on the internet, but I can't whip out my camera at quiz night? What?!

Here's my goal for next time: take a picture. It will probably be some stealth shot of the floor, but it's progress. What's the worst thing that could happen?

Hills: love them or hate them?
Once a week I'll put on my big girl panties and tackle some hills, but I hate dealing with them day in and day out. 

Is there anywhere you're embarrassed to take pictures, or explain about your blog?
In public everything is fair game--it might look silly, but since it's just strangers I don't mind. But when I'm around new people, I guess I worry about looking strange. Suck it up, Vanessa! Want to join my challenge? Promise to take a picture this coming week somewhere you normally don't: the gym, work, happy hour, whatever. We can be embarrassed together!


  1. Love the collapsed pictures - you're hilarious. And, yeah, I detest hills. :-)

    Do people tell you all the time that you are Angie Harmon's twin? Seriously - you are!

  2. Ha! You make me laugh :). My neighborhood IS hills so I can't avoid them- unless I want to drive down to a flatter area. I don't LOVE them, but I tolerate them while also swearing in their general direction ;).
    I've been meaning to take more random pictures- so I will accept your challenge!

  3. I LOVE running hills. Like obsessively love them. I did some today as a matter o' fact.

    Yep. I get embarassed taking blog pics when I'm out in public by myself. I feel like people are all 'WTF is she doing?' I shouldn't care what strangers think, but I do!

  4. hahaha. you collapsed on that hill made me die laughing.

    I'm always nervous if people see me taking a picture of myself for the blog.

    My iphone has made it much easier to sneak pictures of things :)

  5. I HATE hills, like I start yelling mean things at Mike and my running buddy when they inevitably trick me into running them.

    I don't mind taking pictures for the blog most places if people know I have a blog (or I'm in some random public place), but when friends don't know about it yet, I feel weird busting out my camera.

  6. I love hills when I am feeling good, but I hate them when my legs are tired.

    I am always trying to be sneaky about taking pictures for my blog, but I am starting to not care as much

  7. We used to do hill repeats in college all. the. time. It was awful.

    I don't get so embarrassed taking photos, it's my husband who does. He's like "Hurry up! Take the darn picture and put the camera down asap!"

  8. First, I love that you've joined that weird "planking" fad on the hill heheheh. ;)

    I love to hate and hate to love hills. I hate doing them, but I love HAVING done them haha. weird.

    Most of the people I know in my real life, with the exception of a few close friends, sister, coworker, and I think my dad, no one knows I have a blog. So I'm not usually whipping out the camera for blog pics. However, even if I didn't have a blog, I'm still so bad at remembering to take my camera anywhere ha.

  9. hate hills! and wind! I feel embarrassed at some restaurants and any time I am with Tripp, mainly because he makes fun of me and threatens to stop taking me out to dinner...since I don't get flowers or gifts, dinner is all I have and I am afraid to lose it :)

  10. Oh I hate hills! But conquering them sure does make me feel good. :) You are awesome for tackling them once a week. I gotta work on that for sure.

  11. Oh, hills! How I wish I loved them. I tackled them last week and survived but didn't this week. Chicken. Kudos for the big girl panties. I say we pick a day next week where we both plan a hill workout. That way we have a buddy :) And if I don't die, I'll take a picture at the end.

  12. I hate hills. But you do get great leg definition by running them regularly which is why I force myself to do them.

  13. I am not a fan of hills... at all. On my last long run I tackled a BEAST of a hill and it totally won. Grrr

  14. Since I am still new to this blogging thing I feel like I am embarrassed to take any pictures so it is something I am working on for sure, so I will join you in this weeks challenge!

  15. i have a funny relationship with hills...i love them in training and then i see them on a race map and i practically cringe and want to call the race dare they put hills in the middle of that course!! haha!

    I am getting better at just taking pics where ever now...but sometimes...yeah. I do get nervous sometimes. Most of my friends just know now...they HAVE to pose for the blog! haha

  16. I get embarassed when I am out in public! People always give me weird looks. :)

  17. I love and hate hills. They are painful but get you into great shape...and I'm not scared of them in any races because there are hills in every direction where I live. Rock those hills, lady.

  18. OHHHH I live in FLAT Indiana - a little tiny "hill" is a killer. HATE THEM!! God bless the runners who live in hilly places!!!!

  19. I never take pics at know the once every 4 months that we go lol....I just never want people to look at me funny! Stupid I guess but I can't shake it!

  20. Hmmmm hills...lets just start off with I am nuts! I am the crazy girl that flies past people in races on the hills. I get better turn over and psycho on hills. i just am not good with flat. In college we had a challenge at a xc practice to see who could beat their flat course time trail with a hill time trail....yup I went faster up a 3 mile canyon hill than a flat bike trail!! I was labeled queen of the mountain.

  21. You're better than me, I usually just put off the hills..

    Haha I totally have the same problem. I'm taking stealth shots on my iphone all the time. I'll take your challenge!

    Trivia night sounds fun

  22. I went to a 7-11 in LA a while back, and for whatever reason, I wanted to take a blog pic. So I asked the lady next to me if she'd take a pic of me.
    She looked at me and was like "in a 7-11? Uhhh...that's weird...I'd rather not".

    Long story short, I'm now scared to have people take pics and I remembered why I don't live in LA.

  23. I have no problem that everyone I know know about my blog, but unless they have one I really don't want to discuss it face to face with them. Weird, I know.

  24. Hehe, you're first picture cracks me up! I like the challenge of hills but my thighs...they don't like them at all!

    I get embarrassed to take blogpictures sometimes, especially because I don't want to seem vain. I also feel bad when we're in a dimly lit place and I have to use place. Don't like to bug people. I should get over that.

  25. ahhh hills
    i used to do them once a week but i recently have been experiencing IT band problems and have had to stop the hills

    hills suck but they deffff are worth it in the end!

  26. I've never been a big picture taker when it comes to documenting parts of life. So I just don't remember to take pictures of things. I've been out the past two nights with coworkers and it never once occurred to me to take a picture. Maybe I'll take part in your challenge and try to remember to take a picture somewhere, even if it's just on my phone.

  27. Hahahaha you crack me up! Love the pic! I have learn to love hills because there are quite a few in my neighborhood...but the only thing I don't like is for a hill to be at the end of the race or smack dab in the middle, I like'em in the beginning, get'em over with!

  28. Ugh. Hills. I do em because I have to.

    Love the picture of you on the hill though. I go in picture taking phases- sometimes I take a lot, sometimes not so much.

  29. My neighborhood has ridiculous hills wherever you go, so I've learned to coexist with them. I don't love them, but I don't cry anymore either. So unless I want to drive like 20 minutes away, I'm running hills. I can always take pics with friends, but work or the gym scares me...I don't want coworkers knowing about the blog for sure!

  30. I love hills in training - something about powering up them and smiling at the top - but I hate seeing them in races....

  31. Those photos are EPIC! You are all types of awesome girlie:)

  32. Those pics are priceless! I have a love\hate relationship with them. They're super hard and slow me down, but I feel so good after tackling them. If I run and don't do them, I'm disappointed!

  33. oh gosh i totally feel you, hills conquering me everytime!

  34. I don't love hills but if I want to run in the city which I usually always do I have to go over the bridge which is like a hill. Blah! I just try not to think about it and just do it.

    I get embarrassed sometimes taking pictures in restaurants. I am getting better but still feel kinda stupid doing it.

  35. I've honestly never run "Hills". On treadmills, yes. On an overpass during a race, yes. But never an all-out HILL. We're in south Texas and hills just DO NOT exist here. But I'm sure they're tough and I'd probably hate running them if we had 'em!

  36. I think everyone is used to me and my goofy picture taking. I'll do it anytime, anywhere. I have no shame. lol

  37. Doing hill workouts during training don't appeal to me much, but in races I don't mind them that much... it's where I pass the most people. Count me in on that challenge!


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