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My Very Own Private Trail

THANK YOU! The comments left on my last post were incredible. I have some major decisions ahead of me to choose which dinner I'll make tonight! Keep adding suggestions here if you haven't yet! I'll take some pictures of whatever I end up with (and of course let the winner know) in my next post.
Obviously yesterday all I could talk about was the new kitchen set-up. And yes, progressing from microwave to oven is a massive improvement. But there's one extra benefit I forgot to mention.
Where we are staying is on a beautiful BIG piece of land. I have access to built-in, private trails and a lake to run around!

I can't believe it! This will help me mourn the end of my gym membership (t-minus 10 days). Today I managed a bit of running on the trails, and some loops around the lake. Totaled 5 miles. In the beginning I was frustrated with my pace, forgetting that *hello* I'm not running on a flat road. Once I got over the slower pace (about 9:45 overall) I relaxed and enjoyed the scenery. Hubs joined me for my warm-up walk and snapped some pics of me once he was heading home.

Haha! See that last one? I'm so busted--Garmin checking! 

Yesterday I got an awesome package in the mail--a box of honey stinger energy chews from I Run Like A Girl. I haven't used them for actual "fuel" yet--but as a snack, delicious! I had to wrestle them away from hubs, they taste amazing! The flavor is lime, and I will definitely be buying these in the future. 

Alright guys, I'm off to scroll through your amazing recipes and decide what tonight's dinner will be. So excited to make good use of the oven, yes!

Where do you get your recipes/meal ideas from?
I don't own a lot of cookbooks, since I look up most recipes up online. Lately I've been drooling over blogs for meal ideas too.

What is your first choice for a place to run: a track, a flat paved road, treadmill, or trail?
I guess I would say first choice is treadmill. How bad is that? I love controlling the environment--temperature, incline, speed. Of course I don't like it all the time--long runs are best on a trail or a flat paved road. Track = not my favorite!


  1. The trails look so lovely! Stay safe when you run. I've always had a fear of being attacked since it's secluded!

  2. That trail is beaaautiful!! How exciting!!!

  3. Those trails look awesome! Fantastic bonus!

    I usually get recipes from friends. I have tons of cookbooks, but use them VERY rarely. I also just kind of like to throw things together and hope for the best (it's very scientific, I promise).

    My favorite place to run is probably a paved road, but lately I've been having a love affair with my treadmill. Sad, but true.

  4. OMG that trail is awesome! how great is it to have that right at your finger tips (toes?).

    I get meal ideas from all over the place - lately my mother has turned into some sort of cookbook hoarder. Every time I go home she's got AT LEAST one new cook book. So I steal recipes from her all the time.

    I think my fav place to run depends on what kind of workout I'm doing. Long runs - road/trail. tempo runs - treadmill (gotta control the pace!) I haven't done a track workout yet, but I'm planning on trying it out for some interval workouts this summer. We'll see how that goes!

  5. Nice score, private trails!

    I would only choose a treadmill if it was too cold or raining too hard to be outside or if I were somewhere where I thought it would be dangerous to be out alone. My preference would always be to run outside... on a beach, on a paved pathway or a trail... then roads.

    I like to make up my own recipes - do read food blogs and cookbooks but always end up making changes anyway.

    Have fun cooking.

  6. Oh that trail is pretty! Jealous that you get to run there!

    I eat honey stingers too. I have the pomegranate favor and they're so good!

  7. Gorgeous!
    And lime honey stingers?? I need to be on the lookout. The fruit punch ones are really yummy.

    I really hate running on the treadmill- the only time I wish for a treadmill run is when there's a blizzard!

  8. That looks like a runner's paradise!

    I love a good trail run occasiaonlly, but paved roads are my old stand-by.


  9. I would DIE for a trail system out my front door. I live pretty close to many trails but not THAT close!!! Lucky you. I would take a trail anyday over pavement or gym.

  10. Ive never ran on a trail and that looks so fun!!!

  11. I would love to run on trails but I don't live near any. But that would be my first choice. I love the pic of you garmin checking haha! I would totally be doing the same thing :)

  12. Wow - so pretty!

    I adapt a lot of my recipes from cookbooks and stuff I find online. I never make it exactly like the recipe (unless I'm baking), but I do like the inspiration!

    I LOVE Honey Stingers. They are best sports chew in my opinion!

  13. Very awesome trail! I def know that I do NOT prefer the treadmill. I have a paved and measured trail near my house that I run on often just for the sake of knowing exactly how far I've gone. Otherwise, for what I have available, I generally just run on the streets and it suits me just fine.

  14. I would definitely pick the trail.

    I am curious about what you are going to cook for dinner tonight.

  15. It looks wonderful out where you live! I live out near the country and I LOVE running on the flat roads, it is so peaceful.
    I get most of my recipes from either blogs or They have alot to choose from, easy to make and healthy! Good luck on your dinner, I can't wait to see what you make :)

  16. I've got a great recipe for you that I used last night.. Cauliflower mac and cheese - not so much a summer food but it's yummy! Posting recipe today!

  17. I get my recipes from blogs and magazines primarily. I made my own cookbook compiled of magazine recipe I found... I plan to post it soon, maybe even today :)

  18. Lucky you to have access to that beautiful trail! I have a pretty standard set of recipe favorites (my kids aren't very into experiments at this age), but I find most of my recipes online, with a few Williams-Sonoma cookbooks thrown in for baking.

  19. Beautiful trail! I'm jealous! I'm stuck running through boring residential neighborhoods unless I want to drive somewhere, which usually I don't. I know you're really going to enjoy running out there!

  20. I bet that trail running will make you faster on the road. You'll challenge your muscles something fierce.

    I love for recipe searches. Tasty, healthy stuff

  21. Love those pictures, it looks gorgeous there!

  22. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. It looks so incredibly peaceful there. :)

  23. Oh my, so jealous of your running trails! I like my paved roads, but a good trail run is always fun! wow, that rhymed.
    These days I find most of my recipes on blogs! Blogs are the best things EVER.

  24. SUCH a gorgeous location! Love it. I get most of my recipes from blogs or just ideas I come up with. I like running outside whenever possible

  25. Looks like a great place to get your run on!

  26. I love that trail!! Great views

  27. That will definitely be a nice replacement for your gym pass! I love looking at blogs for recipes too!

  28. I havent tried the lime, thanks for the heads up. Love honey stinger anything

  29. that trail is amazing!!! and hello, girl, don't even start bagging on yourself about a slower pace them hills/trail terrain is bound to do that! all about the same perceived effort baby. trail running will make you stronger too.:)

    but i'm busted too, i'm gonna have to say that i'm a treadmill junkie. i used to be the total opposite but now i really like being in control of the pace...hmm, do i have control issues? lol. but i also like the track, i think it's because i can also track my splits. ;)

  30. I usually pick some ingredients that I really want to use and then look at blogs, recipe websites, and cookbooks for inspiration

  31. so jealous of your personal trails. Looks awesome, must be so calming!

  32. what a beautiful place to run!! one of my goals is to to make sure that I have more moments of stillness and reflection when I run instead of it always being a non-stop dance party, finding a place such as this might just be the ticket :)

  33. What a great place to run, it is so beautiful! I use for a lot of ideas, or page through my cookbooks. I really hate cooking though, so usually I stick to standard fare.

  34. i like a soft surface but not a real trail...

  35. I guess I would have to say the flat road is my fav, but I've never run on a trail before.

    I get recipes from books and of my fav online sites is The ratings are very accurate :)

  36. Lucky duck. Trail looks awesome!

  37. Wow! Gorgeous! How can you not be inspired with a trail like that?

    I have many cookbooks and I try to look through them every week to find ones I like. Many times I merge two or three I like and make something unique!

  38. That trail is perfect scenery! I'm with ya though... treadmill, then flat, paved road, then trail, then track. I just want all of my runs to be easy and stress-free, haha.


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