Monday, June 13, 2011

Are You the Winner? And Weekly Workout Recap!

Oh, did you want to know if you won the Gotein giveaway? Guess you'll just have to read my weekly workout recap first.

Monday: 40 minutes of yoga and abs, walked 2.5 Miles
Tuesday: 4.5 Mile Run
Wednesday: 5 Mile Run, 2 Mile Walk
Thursday: 5.5 Mile Run
Friday: 3 Mile Run, 1.5 Mile Walk, 35 minutes of yoga and abs
Saturday: 10 Mile Long Run
Sunday: 9 Mile Hike

Total Mileage for the week = 43/ Running Miles = 28

I'm happy I incorporated a little cross training in there this week (walking, hiking, yoga, abs) but I still need to remember about my upper body strength training. This week, my goal is to hit around 30 miles running and to get back on the 100 Push-up Challenge!

And the winner? helped me to pick #97....

Why yes, that is a picture of her running with the 4th place winner at this year's Boston Marathon (Caroline Rotich). You have to read about her experience here! It was also her birthday yesterday (so can we pretend this Gotein is your birthday present?) so wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

What are your fitness/health goals for the week?
Keeping up the running mileage of course, but also focusing on my upper body a little more.

Have you ever met a famous runner or athlete?
No! I haven't really raced in any of the "big" races either, so my chances to meet them are much slimmer. I'd love to run a big marathon where the elites run, that would be so awesome!


  1. Congrats to the winner!! & Happy belated birthday to her!!!

  2. You're a running machine girl! My goal this week is to go to both of my spin classes and kickboxing too! I have 2 hours til spin today and I need to make sure my lazy butt goes!!!! =)

    Hope your week is off to a fabulous start!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Congrats and Happy Belated Bday to the winner!!!

    My goal - to get in all my runs (my training buddy is gone all week so it's 100% up to me . . I really struggle with solo runs and this week there is a 4, 5, and 8 miler. The 4 will be okay, but the 5 is a hill workout in the big city and the 8 is a boring ol' country run . . . huge sigh! - wish me luck!)

  4. OOOh my gosh you just totally made my day!!!
    And thank you thank you for the gotein, I REALLY have been wanting to try it so I can't wait.
    Thanks for including that awesome Caroline Rotich photo, she is such a wonderful, humble and talented runner! So lucky to have that opportunity to meet and run with her.

  5. I haven't "met" any famous athletes, but I did get Mia Hamm's autograph on a soccer ball. That was kind of fun.

    By the way, I'm really impresssed with your mileage. Keep it up girl! :)

  6. Hey, that's an awesome week of running!

    I haven't met anyone famous, but I did run the Chicago RnR 1/2 Marathon when Kara Goucher won, and that was AWESOME! First time I've ever been in a big race won by a woman.

  7. I've never met a famous runner or athlete... well one time I sold running shoes to a guy from the NHL... does that count? Haha.

    Your mileage for the week is unreal! I've been mostly walking/hardly running lately and I need to switch that around this week...

  8. my fitness goals for the week are to successfully start my marathon training, which should be pretty easy since the first two weeks are my normal running schedule :)

  9. My fitness goal this week is to move for at least 45 minutes every day, which will include weight lifting and lots of cardio :D.

  10. My goal is to just take it easy before my race! Which sometimes is actually hard because I get so anxious;)

    I have seen famous runners like Kara, Paula and a few others but only from a distance. When I ran the NY Womens Mini 10K last summer both Kara and Paula were there pregnant cheering us on!

  11. My fitness goal for the week, well really for the month is to keep increasing my running mileage 10% each week until I get a solid 20-25 mile base in that I could possibly start a marathon training plan with :)

  12. Awesome workouts Vanessa! I think it is incredibly important to add cross training, especially during the Summer when it is wicked hot.

    Never met a famous runner but I did hear a rumor that Kara Goucher has been training in Utah a lot this Summer. I'll keep searching for her. :)

    Have a great week girl!

  13. Great week of workouts! You are inspiring me to get back on track with my mileage!!

    My fitness/health goals for the week: try to eat healthy and workout out close to normal even though I will be away on a work trip (conferences = junk food, too much booze and little time for a run - so I want to reverse that!)

  14. You are a runner machine! Nice week of workouts =) I am like Sarah and taking it easy this week. I plan to swim, bike and run some but not too much. I love YOGA, although Saturday I went and i was SOO tight I could barely do hardly anything.....

    Have a great week! =) -Jen

  15. You are a lean mean running machine!!! :) Wow.

  16. That's a great week of workouts!

  17. dont mind me commenting from my running blogs site - for some reason it wont let me comment from my usual 'innerpeacehealthytreats' blogsite? idk weird! but thats so great that you are starting up that challenge again! i want to try it! how long does it take to get up to 100?! and for my last half i ran the first 11 miles with 1968 boston marathon winner Amby Burfoot! listening to his stories the entire way was so inspiring! and he now works at Runner's World Mag - not a bad life if i do say so myself

  18. Fitness goals for the week - 5 workouts & getting my eating back on track after the weekend
    Never met any famous athletes!

  19. I can't believe that you did a 9 mile hike....that must have taken forever!!! I just finished week 4 of the 100 Push-Up Challenge. I think I need to repeat a grade!

  20. great job on last week's workouts!! you'll def be rocking 100 push-ups in no time. ;)

    i think my goal for the week is to hopefully start feeling better in my harder workout days! been not feeling all too springy, so hopefully them legs will start waking up. ;) have a great rest of ur monday!!

  21. You had an amazing week! Cheers! Good luck with the push ups. I might start that too.

    I met Meb a few years ago after the rock
    N roll san Jose half marathob- which he won. He was so nice to take photos after the awards ceremony. I nearly spilled my beer on him and he just laughed. He is a true class act and super humble.

  22. I have meet professional baseball, football, hockey and baseball players, but I have not met a professional runner or triathlete, my closest claim to fame for endurance sports was when Professional Triathlete left a comment on my blog, I admit, I was alittle star struck when it happened

  23. Yay to neon.
    Sooooo impressed with the 9 mile hike. Holy crap!

    I. Hate. Hiking.
    You. Rock.

  24. Nice for her to have a birthday win! Hurray!

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  26. Congrats to Neon! a 9 mile hike is legit!! Well done! I'm getting ready for an impromptu HM next weekend!

  27. congrats neon blonde!

    I met Kara Goucher :)

    Great job on a week of workouts!

  28. Yay for the winner! That's always fun!

    My workout goal is to just keep active. Today I went on my first ever hike and LOVED it! Hopefully I can up my milage on the running shoes as well.