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Fruit Salsa and Fur Babies

Last time I had a post about fish, they were live and swimming around in a plastic bag (and then a pond). Today, the only ones I'm talking about are good and dead--and in my belly! I bought a 3 pound bag of tilapia fillets the other day, and I wasn't entirely sure how to go about cooking them. I decided to play it simple and bake them with some olive oil, a little vinaigrette, and some salt. Good, but maybe boring. The exciting way to spice it up?

Fruit salsa! Such a refreshing addition to fish. This particular one was made of diced mango, cucumbers, bell peppers, and strawberries. I tossed it with some vinaigrette (just a touch) but I think a squeeze of lemon or lime would be even better. 

I got two meals out of this one. 
1) Tilapia with wild rice, corn on the cob, and fruit salsa:

2) Baked tilapia tacos! All the same ingredients (minus the rice, + corn tortillas)

That fruit salsa made me feel so tropical, so I can pretend I'm relaxing on a beach somewhere tropical. Feel free to just eat it with a spoon too--it's that good!

Today may very well be my last visit to this gym, ever! My membership expires on Saturday, but we're living maybe 45 minutes away, so I only go if there's a reason to be in that area. Today, that reason is because we're buying faucets. Hooray!

One last picture for you guys because my fur babies are the cutest things in the whole world. Promise. Also, I may be turning into crazy cat lady. But they're just too stinking cute!

What's your favorite seafood? 
Everything! Honestly, I love seafood. Sashimi is my favorite though, still looking for a good place nearby. And if there's shrimp at a buffet, just back away slowly and you'll be fine. 

Are you a member of a gym? What percent of your workouts are in a gym (vs. outside, at home, etc.)
I am, but obviously not for much longer! I used to work out almost exclusively in a gym, but now it's less and less---maybe 20% right now?


  1. YUM YUM YUM! love fruit salsa! i am not a huge seafood fan but I love coconut shrimp...does that even count?? haha!

    I have a gym membership and I go through spurts where I go all the time. I have not been in like 2 weeks though. oops. I would much rather be outside!

  2. Mmm! Your fish tacos look amazing....I am loving the mango addition to the salsa! My fave seafood hands down is crab, but I obviously can't afford that on a regular basis...haha!

    I belong to Gold's gym and I'm with you...probably a 20% of my workouts take place there! I have a feeling it is about to be a lot more because it is getting hotter!

  3. heheh - your kitties are adorable. And I promise you, my post tomorrow will show you who the real crazy cat lady of blogger is ;)

  4. YUM! Those fish tacos look amazing. And with corn on the cob? PERFECT MEAL!

    Your furbabies are precious. :)

  5. I love tilapia, but my favorite is probably grilled swordfish - love fish tacos those look fantastic!!

    I have been considering stopping my gym membership because I run outside a lot in the summer and I hate being indoors, but I know I will need it for cross training for my marathon (I will only run if I dont have the gym as a card in my workout deck). Plus it is down the street from my office, and there are more locations I can use in Boston around my apt. so it is easy access.

  6. I love me some shrimp and if I'm feeling extra unhealthy I'll go for fried clams. I belong to a gym but usually only use it for 2-3 cycling classes per week...I wish I cared more about lifting weights because I'm sure I'd get more use out of it then!

  7. I am trying out fruit salsa with fish tacos tonight - it's all marinating in the fridge right now! Hopefully I like it as much as you. I am even serving it with corn on the cob! My gym is right across the street which is awesome but most of my workouts are outside - I mainly use the gym for body pump, yoga, or swimming. I do like to zone out with a magazine on the elliptical every now and then though. Have a good last workout and get some awesome faucets!

  8. Seafood is not my thing *gag*...I guess that's what growing up in the Midwest will do to you! That did sound pretty good though!

  9. I love fur babies! I'm trying really hard not to let my blog become a cat lady page. I don't eat meat anymore but when I did I loved basic tuna sandwiches. I do belong to a gym right now, but I'd say only about 10% of my workouts happen there. Prob should do something about that...

  10. I love a fresh fruit salsa especially with seafood :) LOVE the bright colors.

  11. Your dinner looks incredible! I love seafood of all kinds, but tilapia and swordfish are delicious.

    I used to belong to a gym, but the schedule for classes (the only reason I joined) kind of went to hell so I couldn't make it to any of them so I quit :(

  12. Wow that fruit salsa looks delicious! I like tilapia, white roughy (it has another name, but I don't remember it), mahi, and salmon! So yummy.

    I belong to a gym and I'd say probably somewhere around 1/2 of my workouts are in the gym. I do most of my running on the treadmill (for now), weights, stretching, and various other machines/cardio equipment there. But I swim and cycle outdoors. :)

  13. I love tilapia. If you like spicy stuff try baking or grilling with some cajun or blackening seasoning also great with fruit salsa.

    I belong to a gym, and my work pays for it. Its one of our benefits its great. I go to yoga there all the time, but dont use it for much else in the summer. In the winter i'm there all time.

  14. Not a seafood fan... like, not at all... but the salad looks great! Very summery!

  15. Fruit + tilapia is SO good!! Lately I've been adding a little mango juice to guacamole and putting it on my tilapia fillets :D YUM.

    My fave fish (to eat) are..... shrimp, tilapia, cod and of course SALMON!

  16. Awww, they love each other. Too cute.

  17. I wish I could get my cats- Mitt Romney and Ruby, to sleep and cuddle together!!! Your cats are too cute and I will never be one to complain about pet pictures on a blog...obviously!

  18. Yum! That fruit salsa looks delicious. It just screams SUMMER!

    I am admittedly a gym rat and work out at the gym about 75% of the time.

  19. I love fruit salsa on my fish! That looks way good. I think my favorite fish would have to be tuna steak. I could prbly eat it almost everyday if I had too. I wouldn't but I could :)

    No gym membership for me, all my workouts are done at home or running outside

  20. Ya know, I have been so scared to try fruit salsa on anything other than salads. I don't know why. But your meals look SO good that I just may have to break down and try it.

    As for the gym, I used to live there. Now that I have my own treadmill though... well now I use a lot of free weights and only go to the gym for yoga/pilates classes and the occasional foray into XT via the elliptical or stairmaster

  21. Those tacos look good! I'm thinking I need to make fruit salsa. Nothing beats salsa in my book

    fav fish-salmon, I'm on a salmon kick right now and am really lovin' it.

    I'm not a paying gym member, but the hospital that I work gives me access to a gym that I use about half of the time, the other half I try to do outside

  22. That looks freaking delicious. Fish tacos always kinda gross me out bc of the random white sauces in it, but instead you have an awesome looking salad!
    I just workout in our apartment gym. It's good because usually almost no one else is there. That way my 'clomping' on the treadmill won't annoy the world :).

  23. seems like everyone in bloggy world is on a seafood kick and i love it! i'm a huge fan of grubbing on all things that live beneath the sea. shrimp is on the menu tonight in fact! :)

    and yes, i'm a bit of a gym nut but i need to start getting off the treadmill and outside more!

  24. Aww those are some cute fur babies! I can't wait to get a kitty when we move. Keep the cute pics coming I say.

  25. In the summer only about 40% of my workouts are at my gym, in the winter and cooler months my percentage is more around the 90-100% range.

  26. Tilapia is one of my favorite fish! Us Filipinos eat it ALOT! Fried mostly, with rice and a tomato mix on the side! YUM!

    So, hubby went deep sea fishing this weekend and caught us 15 big fish!! So exciting except for the part where I had to scale and filet it myself, neither of which I know how to do. I stabbed myself way too many times. GRRR. Regardless, I LOVE any type of seafood.

    As for the gym, I don't care for it so I'm not a member. Besides it being an expense I don't need, it makes me feel insecure and out of place there.

  27. What a great idea to have fruit salsa on fish! I actually have a bag of fruit all chopped up for fruit salsa in the freezer- this gives me an idea of how to use it! Thanks!

  28. I LOVE seafood...but don't really like to cook it. Actually...I don't cook it properly so I rely on the hubs to bbq my fish so I don't burn the crud out of it.
    I gave up my gym membership last year and don't regret it for a second.

  29. Your cats are adorable! We have 2 too and they couldn't be any less friendly than they are now... jealous!! I haven't been a member at a gym since I worked at a YMCA ohhhhhh about 3 years ago now. I do miss it though! I'm just cheap.

  30. I love Salmon, I had the best this weekend...fresh caught and we grilled it with pineapple.
    Most of my workouts are at my gym because I work out super early before work. I would prefer to do some of my workouts outside and then come home to lift, but I don't like working out when it is still dark out.

  31. There are TONS of amazing sushi places down here in the city! You'll have to make a trip down sometime!! We just went on Sunday night!! Mmmmm!

  32. I LOVEEE FRUIT SALSA! um your tacos look absolutely delicious!
    i def do most of my workouts at the gym because basically i am a wuss and the heat is no fun!


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