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What Season Is It?

I'm seriously confused.
Outside = a gazillion degrees (approximately)
Inside = freezing cold and I need to wear socks and hoodies all the time

Inside, I'm in denial. I'm still eating popsicles because it's summer, dang it.

All the cool kids open popsicle wrappers with their teeth.

30 calories & sugar free means you get to eat 6 at a time, right?

But it just seems a little bit silly to be eating popsicles when you're wearing these on your feet:

I have to wear socks inside because it's freezing. Therefore, on laundry day, I'm wearing the christmas socks with separated toes. Why yes, tomorrow (June 21st) IS the first day of summer. How appropriate!

I clearly need more socks. Donations to Gourmet Runner's Warm and Seasonally Appropriate Sock Fund can be made. Thank you. 

Today's workout was a run on the trails/around the lake. About 1.5 mile warm up/cool down walking, and 5.5 miles of running. 

Who decides the temperature in your house? Are you always warm or cold?
Hubs is pretty kind in all other areas, but seriously I am always cold! He runs about 10 degrees warmer than me. If he's comfortable in shorts and a tee, then I'm in pants, socks, sweater, and maybe a little blanket action!

What frozen treats are in your freezer right now?
Since I don't get to have a fro-yo dispenser at home (what's up with that?) I have the freezer stocked with tons of sugar-free popsicles. Hubs has his supply of ice-cream sandwiches too!


  1. I'm giggling that you said that about the popsicles because I JUST had that conversation last night with my husband when I noticed all the popsicles were gone. He thinks the same way :)

  2. LUV the toe socks!! ya, my freezer is rocking some ice cream sandwiches too. oh so good. :)

  3. I pretty much decide the temp, since I'm home more and my husband doesn't know how to work the thermostat. And, since I'm cheap and hate high electric bills I hold off on the AC as long as possible. Hello short shorts and tanks! Your socks are making me sweat :)

  4. oh man my work is always freezing so I feel you on the bundled up layers. Although its not particularly warm in seattle yet the highs are still in the 60s which is fine by me for running and frisbee.

    i love sugar free Popsicles, they make me really happy. I really like the ones with corny jokes on the sticks so good

  5. Glad your electric is back to normal and you get to enjoy the beauty of an air conditioned home.

  6. Sweet socks! I am ALWAYS cold too! What's up with our men and their hot bodies? (hehe)

    I don't really keep any frozen treats at home only because I would devour them too quickly. Plus, it gets me outside and makes me walk to get fro-yo which takes about an hour (there and back). So I kind of rationalize that it cancels out the fro-yo calories.

    Thanks for sending your pic! I will totally put the post together as soon as I get a few more!

  7. haha I used to have toe socks like that! they were the most fugly shin-length striped socks, and I wore them with flip flops wayyyy back in high school. Yours are actually cute, and seasonal! I'd wear them. :)

    Our house stays about 74...any colder and I put on sweatshirts, and then my husband gets mad and we battle about the temp.

    The only frozen goodies in my freezer are fruit!! And some fish, and some veggies...and a 32-pack of hot pockets for the husb. Nothing like popsicles!!

  8. I am the exact same way!! I wear hoodies inside all summer long. People think I am so weird!!

    I love me some skinny cow icecream sandwiches!! And I am so jealous of your socks!

  9. Nice socks!!!

    We keep it sorta cool in the house but not too cold. I have pants and a t-shirt on right now and am comfy.

    We have mini Ben & Jerry's cups in our freezer. Yum!!

  10. I hear ya, that is one horrible thing about summer. It can be 90 degrees outside and I have to put a sweatshirt on just to into the store because it is so cold.
    Crystal Light popsicles are the best!!

  11. It's actually fairly normal temperature-wise here now. Last week was almost unbearable though.

    I don't have any good treats in my freezer, but I did put some chocolate chip cookies in there last week and eat them straight from the freezer. Surprisingly delicious.

    Mike and I are cheap, so the temperature decision is more based on $$ than preference lol.

  12. OMG I LOVE COMFY SOCKS! I'm obsessed with them because I'm always cold. Tangerine and Cream popsicles are in my freezer. Also some skinny cow ice cream sandwiches :)

  13. Everyone I live with loves it cold. So I wear hoodies and flannel pants year round. I can't tell what the weather is like outside anymore, because it's either a lot hotter or just a little colder.

    I have a fascination with Christmas socks, so I wear them year round. So, I can't donate! But I can send some other holiday socks to switch it up. Maybe Halloween? St. Patrick's Day?

  14. My husband and I both prefer it to be cold, but the money it takes to run the air conditioner is insane. We would love to set it at 76 or below, but instead settle for 80 or 78 if we feel like splurging! Temps here in Central CA are supposed to reach 109 on Wednesday. It just makes life in general difficult to withstand.

  15. That is so funny - the Popsicle and the toe socks.

  16. i think most guys run warmer, I've run in to that problem a few times. Love the christmas socks!

  17. I just stashed like 8 ice cube trays full of vitamin water in the freezer haha. Sooooo good after a long run in the hot, humid summer air! But also the reason why, like you, I'm always cold!!

  18. Ugh I am almost always cold, unless it's real hot outside. If someone turns the AC down while I am asleep, I will always wake up freezing and have to grab another blanket or socks or something.

    Frozen treats in my freezer are gluten free muffins! Yum!

  19. I just bought a container of Heath ice cream. Heaven.

  20. My dad would devour all the ice cream in a short period of time so I bought healthier ones for him.

    We usually keep the temp at 82° ... and we live in Texas. /: We only turn it to 78° when we go to bed. It is always hot in our house.

  21. umm....freezies in my freezer:) and used to be that I was always in my 30''s changing..I even get hot flashes! what the **???

  22. 30 calorie popsicles? I need those now!!

    It's too hot in this house. It's a million degrees outside (stupid Texas) and nearly a million degrees inside. I sleep with 2 fans and still wake up all melty. I need my own apartment again.. but once I move out, I bet I'll be all stingy with the AC lol.

  23. I get to control the tempature at my place, mine s/o hates it, I like it cold, its easier to layer up then it is to strip down.

    Costco had a coupon for popsicles made with real fruit. so that is what I have right now.

  24. haha, I'm loving your socks!! It's so cold in the house, yesterday I was walking around in slipper and a hoodie, which makes it that much more difficult to get adjusted once you DO venture outside!

    Sometime I'll bring a little cardigan when I go grocery shopping since they keep the stores soooo cool!

  25. Hubs and I agree on the temp of the house and it's COMFORTABLE but at work I freeze all day!

    Mmm popsicles!

  26. ahhhhhhhh!!! totally know what you mean! i am usually okay at home but my work is FREEZING. seriously??? i need to get some popsicles in my freezer! those look delicious!

  27. I can totally relate to this. My work is FREEZING!! I always keep a warm jacket at work and then walk outside and it is blazing hot.

    Love the toe socks girl. :)

  28. My office is an ice cube because it's in the hospital. . .which they keep at a balmy 62 degrees in the summer. I usually do laps outside around lunch time b/c my lips are blue and my fingers feel like they might snap off at any moment! welcome to southern summers!

  29. same thing at my house! its beautifully warm outside, but my fiance hates the heat and cranks the AC...he'll be in shorts and a t-shirt and i'm stuck in sweats and covering myself in blankets. but i guess we're similar, bc even when i'm piling on the layers, i still eat some ice cream :)

  30. haha, LOVE the socks! Yes, it's about 200 degrees outside with all this humidity and indoors, we stay a nice 76 degrees! I usually control the temp now that I stay home with my boys, BUT if it was up to my hubby, it would stay at 50 indoors :)

  31. Now I"m seriously wanting popsicles. Yum! And, cute Christmas socks - you're so festive. :-)

  32. I hate when its hot out and then everywhere you go is freezing - can't we find a happy medium?? In the winter, businesses don't blast the heat so its 85 degrees! Luckily my hubby is easy to please so we keep the house to my preferences - WARM because I'm always cold!

  33. OMG I am always cold (I am sitting in my office right now with a jacket on and a blanket next to me) I am definitely a windows down instead of AC kind of girl - but with the humidity in the south, I don't know how I would stand the temp changes!!

    I like the socks...have a pair of Christmas toe socks myself - rock on!

  34. I love cold. It's really easier to dress up than it is to strip down.


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