Wednesday, April 6, 2011

26 Reasons I Run

  1. So I have a reason to carbo-load
  2. I sleep better at night
  3. Because everything is better after a run
  4. Running clears my head and lets me focus
  5. It makes me stronger
  6. It makes me faster
  7. It gives me a reason to spend time outside
  8. It’s perfect to do when I need time to myself
  9. So I can be as cool as Janae and eat bags of candy to restore my glycogen levels
  10. Monster calves are awesome
  11. I just moved to a new area, and races are a great place to meet new people!
  12. Running stabilizes my mood 
  13. It’s good for my heart and lungs
  14. Even though my hubby is awesome at everything, it feels good to run further than him :)
  15. You can watch bad reality TV while on the treadmill and not feel guilty!
  16. You can do it anywhere.
  17. Only 0.1% of people have run a marathon. I want to be one of them!
  18. Running clothes/shoes = more reasons to go shopping. 
  19. I explore so many more places looking for places to run. 
  20. I can track my progress and see improvement
  21. It has to be more productive to look at running websites than celeb gossip ones
  22. Hanging up your running medals looks awesome and impressive
  23. Passing people is a major self-esteem booster :)
  24. How else would I take sexy sweaty post-run photos?
  25. I get to make so many running blog friends
  26. Because it’s awesome!

Ok, there you have it! I am signed up to run a half-marathon in about 6 weeks, but I have it in my head to run a marathon this year before my birthday in November. I haven't signed up for one yet, but I'm in the process of picking one and I'll post when I'm registered. 
Me and hubs running a trail race

Today's workout was 5 miles in 47 minutes (9:24 pace) and felt good to run after yesterday's long run. Another beautiful day of weather here, it's so beautiful!

What are your reasons for running?

What motivated you to run your most recent race?


  1. I agree with all your reasons! I especially love exploring new, pretty places to spend time outside. My main motivation for my last race (my first marathon!) was just to push myself a little more. And I love long runs!

  2. Love this! I run because it just makes my life better!

  3. I'm in ga too! Your blog is the first I've found from Ga. I'm a little south of you in kennesa. What half are you running? I wanna run it too:)

  4. thanks for entering my giveaway!! so excited about it :)

    LOVE your reasons to run...I pretty much could choose any of those and make them my own as well :) I LOVE to run because it makes me feel good, clears my head and I LOVE being outside. Plus I am excited to be one of that .1% hopefully this June! My last race was a training race but I was also shooting for a half it by 15 minutes! I still think about that race for motivation to get back out there post-injury! Have a GREAT night!

  5. I LOVE your reasons. Very motivating and just what I needed for today!! THANK YOU. Some of the reasons I run are the same as yours... actually a lot of them are!!! What motivated me for my most recent race was wanting to beat my old 5k PR and I did!! I have another race in 24 days... a half. I'm hoping to beat my previous half PR!

  6. Great post idea!!

    I think I'm gonna borrow this idea for today's post!

    And I totally relate to #14!

  7. Love this!!! I think that I need to come up with my own list!

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