Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Workout Recap #3 (and a few reflections along the way)

Another week down! Today we had a different kind of Sunday morning activity. We have had tons of rain lately, which filled up the trenches for the foundation of our future home. I don't know much about house building, but even I knew this was bad. So we bought some buckets, drove to the site, and started bailing. An unusual workout, but not an easy one. I reflected on something while squatting, lifting, and throwing---THIS IS WHAT OUR BODIES WERE MADE FOR!

 For me at least, I get into a cycle of wanting to improve my body with workouts. So that I can be stronger for more workouts. So that I can run further, or faster. Which is great, and of course comes with health benefits. But at a certain point, I forgot that it feels good to keep your body strong so that you can use it for productive things. Like carrying babies, or moving furniture. Or even bailing trenches!

The past week's workout looked like this:
Monday: 6.5 Miles (9:55 pace)
Tuesday: 14 Miles (9:38 pace)
Wednesday: 4.75 Mile Walk
     --20 minute yoga video    
     --Strength Training w/resistance bands: chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back
     --abs: various
     ---Push-up Challenge (Week 4, Workout #1, Column 2)  
Thursday: 6 Miles (9:23 pace)
Friday: 4.5 Miles (9:13 pace)
Saturday: Strength Training w/resistance bands: chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back
     --abs: various
     --Push-Up Challenge (Week 4, Workout #2, Column 2)
Sunday: 6 Miles (9:10 pace)--4 miles in middle at tempo run

So did I meet the goals I set for myself last week? Not all of them. I only included 2 upper body workouts again. I am trying again this week for 3!!! I did manage the 14 mile long run, and the mileage I wanted (42 overall, 37 running miles). I will plan on reducing my long run for the upcoming week. I have been building up the mileage for a few weeks so I'm ready for a cutback week please!

Do you ever dream about food when you're going to bed? Sometimes I think about what I'll eat the next day. I'm odd like that. Today I made what I was dreaming of last night--an upgraded PB & J. I made them open-faced on fresh rye bread, with organic PB and instead of jelly, sliced strawberries. Such a nice summer sandwich and so easy! On the side was some sesame sauteed kale (courtesy of our Whole Foods trip yesterday) and a side of green beans.

This is perfect because I can pretend I am a grown-up but nobody knows it's just PB&J!

What are your fitness goals for the week?
I'm reducing my mileage on my long run, so I am shooting for at least 30 miles of running. 3 upper body workouts and 2 yoga sessions, even if they're short!

Will you be watching Boston? Who are you rooting for (elites and friends!!)
I will do my best to watch! Not sure how to watch it best, if anybody knows of any good streaming links please let me know! I'll also be tracking fellow bloggers who are running. And Kara Goucher, because I love her and may have stayed up late last night finishing her book!


  1. Wow what a great week you had! I"m trying to lift myself out of my funk.. I'll start strength training tomorrow. Your food looks way yummy!

  2. Great week on your workouts!! even if you did not meet all your goals you still managed to fit a lot of activity in :) I definitely dream about food and I love every second of it! haha!

    Definitely rooting for Kara. And my fitness goals this week are to take it easy until I head to the doctor on Thursday. Hoping for an okay/positive outcome that I can keep training toward the marathon!! eek! have a great night :)

  3. Yummy!!! Fanatastic idea for PB&J!

  4. I just found your blog and loving it! I'll be following!

    My fitness goals include a couple runs, taking it easy because i'm recovering from a stress fracture and 4 days of strength training!

    I WILL be streaming Boston online from my office! So much for productivity! ;)

  5. I don't know if I dream about food, but I do plan out dinner almost as soon as I'm awake and look forward to it all day :)

  6. I love that healthy delicious PB&J. Good for you, you seem to be in great shape!

  7. Nice mileage stats! Digging holes sounds like some rough work. Your adult pb & j looks awfully scrumptious!

  8. This week's fitness goal for me is just like the past week, I'm trying to get 4 days of running but also get in strength/ab/weight training at the same time.
    I will be at work during the Boston marathon, but I'm gonna try to check it out!

  9. 37 miles is awesome!! Sounds like a killer week of training tome. And the grown up PB and J is the best, isn't it?


  10. Sounds like you did great this week! Your PB&J sounds soooo good. Don't worry, you're not alone...dreaming about food is a big part of my life :)

    I met my incredibly modest goals this week :). I probably should shoot bigger next week!

  11. I'm reducing my miles this week, too. Time to taper for my half!! I'm excited to cut back and have a bit more time for things other than running.

    I was trying to figure out how to catch bits of the Boston marathon online tomorrow too. I am totally rooting for Kara Goucher!! I love her.

  12. I am flipping out, drooling over your revised PB&J!! I am so making that this week.. I just need to get strawberries! Mmmm!!

  13. Mmm...strawberries + PB sounds delish! Will definitely replicate (maybe with nutella?)

    Goals for this week: 2 good tempo runs (I'm still trying to learn what "comfortably hard" feels like...I usually end up over or under doing my tempos!) and some SERIOUS stretching. My body needs to stretch.

    I won't be watching Boston (not sure if I can stream it in Suisse!) buuuut definitely definitely rooting for Kara and all the fantastic runners in blogland!

  14. That looks amazing, I'll have to try that.