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All Deered Out And A "Short" Long Run

Somehow Saturday managed to be the world's busiest day. Two state parks, a little hike, an antique mall, a picnic, a visit to a deer park, and I still finagled in a P90X Plyometrics workout in just before 9pm. You would not believe how proud I was of that. 99% of my body wanted to lay on the couch and maybe help myself to some of my delicious coconut ice cream, but that 1% was nagging me and so I just got it done. Since the state parks were repeats for me, I didn't take many pictures. But the Deer Park was awesome! Of course, I just fell in love with the guard dog. I basically paid the $8 admission fee to cuddle up with the world's biggest dog:

That poor little deer just wanted some attention and I was enamored with the puppy. I know that after about 100 pounds dogs can't be called "puppies", but whatever. I did feed the deer as well so they wouldn't feel left out:

As did the hubs....

To top it all off, I saw a deer hopping across the path on this morning's run. Normally I get so excited when I see deer, but after the overload yesterday I was all deer-ed out. Speaking of the "long run"---well, it wasn't so long. I only got out there at 8:15, so it was too hot to go very far. I ran out of water after 7 miles and just headed on home. I haven't officially started a marathon training plan yet, so I won't worry about one week without a long run. 

How long do your marathon training plans last?
I'm looking through them, so I'm curious how many weeks the average is. I'm 18 weeks from my first marathon, so I know I'm behind--need to get started soon!

Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Even though I'm in love with the dog in the picture, I'm definitely a cat girl. They're just so adorable and cuddly! Yes, I'm going to be one of those crazy old cat ladies with like 17 cats.


  1. I trained for my first (and only) full with just a 12-week program... got started a bit late. I wish I would have done at least 14-16 weeks. There's always next time! :-O

  2. I have done a 12 week training program as well. With a good base you can handle it. I am 100% a cat lady!

  3. What a very busy day indeed - way to get the workout in!

  4. awww those deer are so cute! that coconut icecream sounds amazing!

  5. Aww the deer park looks like a lot of fun! I am definitely a dog person, I have a pekepoo who is such a sweet pup! I like cats but I don't have one.

  6. I am so much a dog person. I grew up with a horrible mean cat and told myself I would never get one again. Great job on fitting in the p90x, I think it is always harder to motivate yourself to workout after a long day.

  7. Most of my marathon training programs have been 18 weeks. I wouldn't sweat not doing a "long" run in the first week. It's not like you're out of shape!

  8. I think when training for my full last year I followed a 16 week program. You have been running a lot so I think you will be ok if you start late!

    I LOVE cats AND dogs. I prefer cats as kittens though ha. They are so dang cute.

  9. When I was training for NYC Marathon last year (before my surgery), I was doing a 18 week program. And as someone mentioned above, you have been running consistently so you still have plenty of time.

    I used to have a cat years ago but I am definitely a dog girl. And I don't care how big they are; like you I call them puppies. :)

    Asphalt Tales

  10. I think you're in good shape, especially with your base - I believe I've done one 18 week plan (my first marathon) and only 15 weeks for the second. You've got loads of time! I'm honestly not an animal person at all - not as pets, not as dinner, I just try to avoid them altogether. Looks like you guys had a fun day!

  11. I am a dog person! I have two small dogs.

    AS for training plans, I have no idea...I did 12 weeks for my first half and I am tryinng to figure out when to start my second half.

  12. I can't say how long my plan was exactly, but just be sure to do at least one 20. I think I did 4 in my last rotation. The more you do, the less likely there will be a wall at mile 20. :)

    I'm a cat person too. Dogs are too much work!

  13. Dogs are puppies for their entire lives!

    I had one cat growing up and it was the meanest cat ever. Even though I've met some wonderful cats since then, I'm still emotionally scared. If you haven't guessed from my blog, I am most definitely a dog person. My dog is my life and I have room in my heart for thousands more!

  14. The deer park sounds so cool! I love when I see deer trail running. They're so beautiful.

    I'm totally a dog person. But I'm always tempted to get a cat whenever I see a kitten :) My dog would kill me, though, if I ever went through with it!

  15. YAY for cat ladies! I think my marathon training plan is around 20 weeks but that might be because it is my first one and I need more time to build a base.

  16. What a fun day! Can't believe you did P90 after all that - MACHINE!


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