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A Swift Kick To The Rear

After yesterday’s rest day, I had no excuse not to be working out today. I woke up early to try and beat the heat, but instead was greeted with 75 degree temps and 100 percent humidity. Definitely not ok before 7 am. I started talking myself out of it. I got a cup of tea, and decided that maybe I would just read a few blogs first. Twenty minutes later, and the run was looking as likely as me winning Boston. 
Cue the inspiration. I read a post on Running For Trevor, and by the time I was done commenting I was ready to head out the door. Go check out the post if you haven’t yet, it’s called “No Excuses.” Here was my comment:

It was the kick in the butt I desperately needed. I told myself to just get outside, run one mile, and then go from there. Was it the perfect run? No. I covered 6 miles, but at least one mile was walking. The humidity meant I was instantly wet, and my legs were covered in nasty bugs by the end.

The humidity make my Garmin start beeping out of control so I did my new trick to get it to shut up--take it off my wrist and strap it onto my waterbottle. Genius. 

It's a lesson I've learned a thousand times, but I keep forgetting. When I run, I feel good. No excuses! You might regret a missed workout but no one ever regrets a run they took. 

Plus, I got to refuel with this bad boy and it was all worth it. Greek yogurt/homemade granola/peach/strawberry parfait. 

How do you talk yourself into a run?
It's all about getting out the door. Once I start, everything is fine. I bargain in my head--10 minutes--1 mile, that's all. Of course, I rarely stop at 1 mile!

Do you get inspiration from other blogs?
Oh yes. It's amazing how much reading about someone's race recap can make me want to get my butt out the door. And I'm always inspired by people's recipes and food too!


  1. I get about 90% of my motivation from other blogs. Just when I think I'm ready to call it quits for the day I'll think of SOMETHING that SOMEONE wrote and suck it up and do it. And you're totally right - you only regret the missed workouts, never the workout itself!

  2. Peaches! That looks delicious! haha. That's not ALL I took from your post, but definitely what made me most excited! : )

  3. I love it when that happens! My fellow bloggers & daily milers have helped out with this on more than one occasion!! I love the running/triathlon community and the support we all give each other...

  4. I make excuses too many times - I was busy making excuses about heat and humidity Monday, but my I realized I would be standing up a friend at the track - so I went out and I did the whole track workout (almost entirely by myself because I was late to meet my friend, shame on me). So I guess I have help talking myself into those tough runs...

    I definitely get inspiration from other blogs! I feel lazy sometimes reading the incredible feats these people accomplish!

  5. I LOVED that post by rachelle. now that it is summer it is so hard for me to get motivated. but I just know how good I feel after so that is usually what gets me going. Plus I KNOW once I am at the gym or whatever I am just totally focused. It is so hard to take that first step but once we do we feel oh so much better. I totally had the bug look after my run a few weeks ago...not cool. haha!

    you are amazing for getting those miles done in the humidity!

  6. way to go on the run! Also that post run snack looks amazing!

  7. haha love the bug picture. Super gross, but still awesome.

    If you lock the bezel on your garmin it won't beep like crazy like that. :)

    Nice job getting out there. Blogs definitely get me out there in moving. They are part of the reason I run as much as I do to begin with!

  8. Wow, those bugs are sort of gross! You are a rockstar! I did a race once on this island in the great salt lake and by the end, I had bugs stuck in the whispy fly sways of my hair. Your pic brought back flashbacks of that terrible day!

  9. For me I just need to put on my sneakers and watch and they will get me out there.

    Thos bugs are nasty, good for you for still running!!

  10. Great job getting out there! I ALMOST bagged on my run yesterday evening but knew I'd feel like crap if I did.

    The parfait looks amazing!!!

  11. I'm great at talking myself out of runs, but not so great at talking myself into them. I talked myself out of running this past Saturday with the excuse that I was going to start marathon training monday. It wasn't a smart move because I was already up!
    I get tons of inspiration from other blogs... there are so many runners out there that I'll never be as fast as or train as hard as, it's completely motivating and inspiring.

  12. Awww your comment made me so happy when I woke up this morning! Thank you so much for the shout out and I am so glad you got that run in as hard as it was. I truly believe that these awful Summer runs make us so much stronger.

    I am 100% inspired by other blogs and seriously don't know if I would have stuck with running if I hadn't started blogging.

    Enjoy the rest of your day! :)

  13. That temp/humidity is gross. gross gross gross.

    Getting myself out the door (or out of bed) is the hardest part, but once you're up you're up. And yes! I get inspiration from blogs!! Often it's recalling posts just like this one that help me to get out of bed in the morning! ;)

  14. I get most of my inspiration from other blogs.

    That, and the knowledge that life is easier when you feel completely confident and I always feel much more confident after finishing a workout.

  15. Good for you. Rachelle's post was inspiring to me as well.

    Your parfait looks great. Love fresh peaches. Can't wait till they are in season here.

  16. That looks yummy! I had a similar bug encounter the other day : (

  17. I love getting motivation from other bloggers! It really helps me get out there and run!

  18. I also get alot of motivation from other bloggers. I loved that post on Running For Trevor also. I always remind myself that I have never gone on a run I have regretted but I have regretted not going for a run.

  19. I loved the line "When I run, I feel good. No excuses!" Thanks for those words of wisdom.

    I'm struggling through insane heat and humidity, too (welcome to Florida?), but even the most sandbagged/run-walk run makes me feel better than being a couch-potato does. ;)

  20. Ya there is no such thing as "just reading one blog" for me, in the morning, I am banned from the computer until my workout is done. I love the reminder of "run for those who cannot". Whenever I want to complain about a workout, I try to remember that there are many people who do not have the choice to work out, and I am lucky I do! I just got a kid in my summer class who has seizures if he overheats - how sad, running outside will never be an option for him, so I shouldn't be taking it for granted!

    That bug picture is haunting me.

  21. I had a humid run like that last Saturday and think that I probably walked at least 1 mile. Thanks for the garmin tip, mine has been unusually fussy lately and I also think that it because of the humidity...mixed with my sweat of course.

  22. i always say that its just one mile...thats just a few minutes. its nothing...and i keep goingggg

    and i love looking at all those amazing runners out there in blog world cause they inspire me to do my bestt!

  23. This week has been my get back on schedule week! Lately I have been really bad about not getting runs in, but I am trying to get motivated!
    So many blogs motivate me, everyone is such an inspiration!

  24. that looks like the perfect breakfast!!! i had two peaches this afternoon... they are so yummy this time of year!!

    your leg is what i always imagine my head probably looks like after runs lately! :)

  25. great job for kicking ur tush into gear! the same trick is my go-to: i lie to myself and say that i'll just do a measly mile and if i want to stop then i'll stop. of course after that i just say one more...etc. it's all about those first few steps! :)

  26. that parfait looks YUMMY! Ewww all those bugs! GROSS! Good job getting into gear and I usually look to other running blogs(like YOU) to find inspiration when I'm not feeling motivated...and it always works!!!

  27. Thanks for the link to the other running blog, I love that post! Congrats on the inspiration and getting out to run... I'll bet it felt great when you were done.

  28. I do the same things to talk myself into a run. I do always say that I'll regret it if I don't go, but if I go, I'll feel fabulous when I get back! I definitely get inspiration from reading blogs!

  29. gar ... the physio told me that I basically can't walk or run for two weeks and to really give my legs a break ... scared that after that I wont have the motivation to get back on the bike!

  30. I loved that post by Rachelle! So inspiring. Yes, other peoples blogs totally inspire and motivate me. Yours has done that for me! I talk myself into a run by telling myself how good I will feel when it's over!

  31. I get tons of inspiration from blogs, esp from you and Rachelle. I've got a 14 miler coming up on Saturday, so I need all the inspiration I can get! EW BUGS!

  32. Your post just helped me decide what to have for breakfast, that looks amazing!
    I also bargain and force myself to go out for "just one mile."

  33. Look at all those bugs! Hope your mouth was't open when you went through those! For someone who didn't want to go, 6 miles is quite a run - good job!

  34. I agree - race recaps are amazing motivation. Angela at Oh She Glows did a post once about running mantras and hers was "I run for those that can't" or something like that... I tell myself how LUCKY I am to be able to use my legs, and then I feel a bit guilted into going!


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