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A Grown Up Baby Who Runs

This morning I decided to run pre-breakfast, which is something I never do. My mornings are carefully orchestrated: oatmeal, tea, emails, my little bathroom "business meeting", and then head out for a run. Lately, I can't get up early enough to fit all that in and still beat the heat, so I woke up, grabbed a rice cake, and headed out the door. No bueno, people. No bueno. I was this sad:

I actually shed a few tears about 2 miles in. Alone. On a trail. I'm just a big baby who needs to be fed at regular intervals and scheduled toilet breaks. Is it so much to ask? Luckily I had some Honey Stinger chews with me, and had about half the pack, which gave me enough energy to finish out the workout. 6.5 miles of running, 1 mile of walking pre and post-run. As soon as I got home, I dove head first into my standard morning meal: oatmeal with chocolate protein powder, PB, and strawberries. 

This photo was taken 2 months ago, but it looked EXACTLY the same today. Such a creature of habit!

It's really tough for my to change my daily routine, eating habits, anything! I'm going to try to let some of that go a little bit---maybe starting with breakfast? See if I can handle something different for just one day? We'll see!

If anyone is interested in writing a guest post for Gourmet Runner, send me an email! I'll be in Savannah from the 19th to the 21st on a short vacation and I'm not sure how much blogging time I'll have. It can be on any topic you feel comfortable writing about, and feel free to plug your blogs in the process!

Are you a creature of habit? Same breakfast every day?
Obviously, yes. Other meals change but the ingredients are usually still the same!

Do you blog when you're on holiday? Set up posts in advance?
I know some people post pictures as they're happening, but I'm so lazy I like to enjoy holidays and not worry about writing posts until I'm back!


  1. I'm such a creature of habit. I do the same routine every morning (little different from yours though) which is basically wake-up, workout, have a cup of coffee, daily devotional, housey things, shower, eat, work. And yes, I realize you wanted to know exactly what I did so you're welcome.

    Oh and I'll guest post for you! If you'll do one for me soon.... :)

  2. I'm definitely a creature of habit but it changes from summer to school year. I drive my boyfriend crazy during the summer since I don't have much of a routine!

    I'm going on vacation in a few weeks and have no intention of blogging. I might set up a post or two but not while I'm there! Maybe you can guest post for me? I'll do one for you!

  3. I eat pretty much the same meals everyday and used to really only run after work. I've started changing things up, though, it really makes training easier if I don't HAVE to adhere to my schedule.

    I'm going on vacation next week and I'm totally going to blog. I'm going to get up and run at 6, so I might as well blog until the rest of the fam actually wakes up at like 9. :)

  4. I don't eat the same breakfast 2 days in a row! I have to change it up or I get too bored.

    When I was away for almost 3 weeks, I set up posts on my recipe blog to auto-post, but not my running blog.

    I would do a guest post for you one day if you like.

  5. I am SUCH a creature of habit. I have to be careful. I ruined a lot of breakfasts for myself as a kid because I had them every day month in and month out haha.

  6. I am also a creature of habit, which I think is why having people stay at my house drives me insane. I don't want to be entertaining when I should be running. Looks like you got enough guest posters, but let me know it you need another :)

  7. I so wish I could run pre-breakfast but that just scares me. I am definitely a creature of habit, I eat Greek yogurt with flaxseed, granola and fruit for breakfast EVERY morning.

    Great idea on the guest post. I went on vacay for three weeks and didn't blog at all. BAD choice. I now have no readership. Wish I had guest posts or at least blogged once a week.

  8. That breakfast looks really how you mix the protein powder with the oatmeal. I've been wanting to try that.

    I actually never eat breakfast before I run in the mornings. If I do, my stomach feels like a cramp. But I need to start getting used to it with longer runs!

  9. Im a major creature of habit. Until I started my blog I had a yogurt/cereal/fruit bowl EVERY morning, but then I forced myself to change it up for the blog's sake. But my routine and daily habits are so typical and predictable.

    Where are you going on vacation?! I've never set up a guest blogger...but I think thats because I'm such a blogger newbie....maybe with time :)

  10. I am 100% a creature of habbit. Same routine every single morning. I cry like a 2 year old when I have to run at night or when I have to change my morning routine.

    And I think a break from blogging is actually a good thing every once in a while. Disconnect and have some fun!!

  11. If you want me to post, I'd do it :) And I hear you about being a creature of habit. If my routine is off, I'll cry too. I have yet to go on holiday since the blog started but I'll be in Florida for 4 days at the end of the month so I guess we'll find out then.

  12. I usually don't blog during vacation, but guest blogs are a great idea! Let me know if you need me to do one and I'd be happy to! We went to Savannah last fall and had a fabulous time!!! You will love it (in case you haven't been).

  13. i need something before I go run, otherwise I just might run straight to a bagel shop! haha.

  14. I'm a creature of habit when I find something that works for me... I think college was the last time i was a real creature of habit...

    now everything is usually up in the air. I get bored easily so what most would call a habit, I call a rut. I really need to be more positive LOL!

  15. Hey I'm so glad someone else out there doesn't think rice cakes are gross diet food! Ha ha. I'm a creature of habit, but used to be much more so before I had a baby. Then I had to learn to go with the flow of the day. Couldn't ever really plan ahead much. I'll eat the same breakfast every day for months, and then I'll change it and eat that for the next few months. Right now I'm stuck on rice cakes, frozen fruit, and yogurt.

  16. Ha! I will be in Savannah from the 19th - 22nd. Crazy. I live in middle GA (just south of Macon). If I see you I'll have to say Hi, so dont think I'm a stalker! LOL.

  17. Almond butter on Ezekiel Bread and black coffee. Every. Morning.

  18. I rarely change my breakfast routine. It's a bowl of cereal 6 days a week and then toast with butter and malt on my weigh-in day.

    Holidays - I think I would probably schedule a few posts, but wait till I got back and do a re-cap or 2.

  19. I'm trying to find my perfect morning routine! I love sleeping too much to wake up early, but I know I need to fuel first which then leads to having a meeting with Mr. Toilet to avoid any problems later on. But I get it, I'm a big fan of routine.

  20. I can't handle more than a half hour run in the morning without breakfast! Glad you survived with some stinger chews. Breakfast looks perfect to me - why mess with a good thing?

  21. I am such a creature of habit, it's so sad. I literally have had the same snack every single day at work for AT LEAST two years. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Running without enough fuel is so tough, I would be crying too! I haven't been on a real "vacation" (AKA, doesn't involve sleeping on an air mattress) since I started blogging, so I don't know! But I love how worldly you sound - "on holiday"! I wish I was sophisticated too!

  22. Boy oh boy, vacation sounds fantastic right about now. I'm not much of a creature of habit because I tend to get bored easily or forget what it was that I did before... early aging? I do want to know about that protein mixing with oatmeal, do you make the oatmeal before you add the powder?

  23. I'm so jealous you are going to Savannah! When I lived in Virginia I always wanted to go there but never made it.

    I used to run first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Now I prefer mid-day runs after lunch and hate running in the morning. Not so good for races!

  24. Definitely a creature of habit. My breakfast is either oats or Puffins! When I mix up the fruit on my oats, that's when it gets really exciting!

    I went out yesterday to run before breakfast as well but I had eaten a lot before bed the night before so it wasn't too bad. My about 9am the heat starts to get really crazy though!


  25. I'm totally a creature of habit too and my routine looks almost identical to yours. The only difference is sub fruit juice for tea.

    If I miss even one part of this routine I feel very anxious about how the run will go. Especially if it's the business meeting part :(

    I'm going to try to blog while on holidays but we'll see what happens.

  26. You are so funny -- a baby! Ha! You thrive on s routine-that's okay!!

    I would want my oatmeal too if I created that!!

  27. I'm totally a creature of habit during the work week. I wake up, eat a pb chocolate protein ball w/2-3 cups coffee, go to the gym, come home, eat some form of oatmeal, go to work, eat a fruit mid-morning, eat lunch, come home from work, eat my cocoa-pb flour-cereal-yogurt combo, eat dinner, eat a bedtime snack, bed. haha

  28. I'm only a creature of habit on mornings that I run: I eat the exact same thing pre-run (pb on toast with sliced banana & cuppa coffee) I foam roll, stretch, say a silent prayer to the running Gods to be kind to me and then I begin the 10 minute fight with my ear bud's cord (down the back, over the shoulder, through the sleeve, TORTURE).

    This will be my first vacation since I've started blogging and I have absolutely zero intention of doing anything other than relaxing! Well, I might set up a few posts but I'm really looking forward to unplugging and spending some quality time with my family.


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