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An Unexpected 12 Mile Run and The World's Biggest Ice Bath!

Since yesterday was our first anniversary, hubby and I planned a day of exploring around where we live. We decided to see Lake Conasauga, which was pretty near (we thought) to us, and would be a great place for me to relax, read a book, and get a tan while the hubster was fishing. Didn't go quite as planned, but we did have fun!

I may have had a little too much fun. 
We started driving, on what was supposed to be a 25-30 minute journey. Half an hour in, I was excited. Music was pumping, the scenery was beautiful. Here's what we were looking at:

Another 20 minutes of driving, 2,000 feet of elevation, and subtract 15 degrees, it began to look more like this:

Yeah....I was getting a little nervous. Pretending to still be excited.....

I decided to give up on the prospect of tanning and swimming and focus on the scenery and cheering my hubs on while he caught vast amounts of HUGE fish. (He said I would get brownie points if I said he caught lots). Plus, we got a chance to walk around the lake, which was 1.25 miles around. 

Then the wheels in my brain started's nice and cool up here.....I have running shoes on....we have all day to spend....Yes! A run!

Even though I was wearing some pretty uncomfortable old shoes, I managed to get a little over 12 miles in. Each loop I would stop, chat with hubby, have a bite of something to eat, and keep going. Perfect run! Plus, a swimming in a chilly lake afterwards = the biggest ice bath ever!

What was the best thing you did this weekend?
This lake day, of course! So happy to fit in a long run somewhere unexpected. 

What's your favorite place to swim: ocean, lake, pool, river?
I lived in Hawaii for almost 10 years, and got so bored with being sandy all the time at the beach. So I would say that a nice outdoor pool is my favorite place to swim!


  1. This sounds like the perfect way to celebrate with the hubby. Beautiful place though. I can see why you would get inspired to go for a run. Funny you mentioned you prefere to swim in indoor pools. I was born and raise in Puerto Rico and got so sick of the sand, that now I am definitely a pool person. Lake? Not so never know what is lurking under the murky waters (ok, yes, I have watched Lake Placid WAY too many times) :D

    Maria @ Asphalt Tales

  2. What a wonderful and beautiful day!!! WOW - what a hidden gem "near" your house!!!! Looks like a divine place to do a 12 miler. What a fun day!!!

    my weekend was made perfect by my rock star PR yesterday! Still on cloud 9.

  3. Aw, what a perfect day! Can I come run with you?

  4. LOVE it!! What a fun day. I love that you are so spontaneous jumping in a lake and running 12 miles!!!! You're awesome!

  5. unexpected runs are awesome. and you've lived a lot of cool places! japan, hawaii... what made you guys settle on georgia?

  6. Wow...I've only seen fog like that once in my life - crazy! You made it sound so easy to just go out and run 12 in uncomfortable shoes.
    Looks like a great time!

    If I actually want to swim, I prefer a pool, but just to hang out/relax/lay out, I definitely prefer an ocean!

  7. That sounds awesome. What a perfect way to spend the anniversary.

  8. I am going to do this on our anniversary in August... thanks for the idea! (The hiking, NOT the 12 miles!) haha YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!

  9. That is awesome! Good for you and it sounds absolutely gorgeous there. So jealous.

  10. Sounds amazing! Hubby and I are planning a hike for tomorrow. Maybe I should suggest he bring his fishing pole. He would love me for that.

    I love how active you and your hubby are together. You guys are so cute!

  11. You are awesome! I totally would have ended up just bumming around watching the husband fish instead of running 12 impromptu miles! Sounds like a great day.

  12. wow i wish i could just pull out 12 miles out of no where
    what an amazing dayy!!

  13. Wow that looks beautiful! I wish we had scenery like that to run around. Great job on the 12 miles!

  14. Lovely. A great way to get in an unexpected run in such a beautiful place. Good for you.... and how big ARE those fish, anyway?

  15. Seriously, nothing better than jumping in a lake after a run! Lucky you, and I like how your roll!

  16. wow! if i had been planning on tanning and swimming, not sure i would have been able to switch gears that quickly and gone for a run. good work getting the run in!

    i love a lake for relaxing in. i wouldn't say that i actually "swim" anywhere....just fun noodles and good company :)

  17. Your lake day looks so fun! I haven't been able to spend enough time at the beach to get sick of it, so the ocean is still my favorite place to swim :). But all bodies of water are awesome to me!

  18. what a great way to spend the day!! i must say, those foggy pics do look like they are out of a movie where something bad is about to happen haha

  19. What a beautiful area that yall live in (besides the fog lol) it's super foresty! Is that a word? oh well I just made it one!

  20. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a wonderful day, what a great way to celebrate your first year together!

  21. Has anyone ever told you that your husband looks kinda like Rob McElhenney from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'? Pretty cool. Looks like it was a blast regardless of the fog.

  22. What an awesome Sunday!! The best thing that I did all weekend fell on Sunday as well--I paddled 20 miles!! It was awwwwesome! And of course my favorite spot to swim is in the clean, clear, brisk, and alive Hawaiian Pacific Ocean!

    PS: The consensus about the stripper is that she a) was one of the best/most beautiful (debatable?), b) has seniority, and c) because she can!

  23. Happy anniversary!!!!! (I know I'm a few days late but I feel it's still worth saying!)


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