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Snake By A Lake and Fluffy Unicorns

Yesterday I kept pushing off my run due to the heat, and finally headed out around 8:30pm. It was just starting to get darker, and in the shaded areas around the lake I was running, I couldn't see much of the ground. So imagine my surprise when I stood on a SNAKE, and it sprung up at me. Holy cow people. I was freaking out, and I'd only run about a mile at this point. I booked it so fast the half mile or so to where hubs and his friend were fishing. I would say it was about this big:

And it probably looked like this:


And no, of course I'm not exaggerating. Come on, would I do that?

I've been warned to "watch for snakes" since I've been in Georgia, but I have been quite happy to see very few until last week, when this guy was parked right outside our front door:

He might not look big in the picture, but when it's right outside your door every snake looks scary!

Anyway, after the snake rudely cut my run short (I was too freaked out to continue) I headed home and made up for it with 30 minutes of yoga, and then called it a night. This morning was supposed to be long run morning, but even now I'm a little too freaked out to run around the lake. On the plus side, between the snake and the prisoners, I'm definitely picking up my pace!

Do you ever see snakes where you run/live? Do they freak you out?
Just three snake sightings since we moved to Georgia, and yes they freak me out! I think it's also because I don't know the difference yet between the harmless ones and the dangerous ones, so they're all dangerous to me!

To cheer me up and stop me from being so freaked out, tell me something happy and fluffy and unicorny please!
I'm just thinking of all that Cadbury's chocolate that was hand delivered to us. That should cheer me up! Plus I bought a yoga mat, which is one million times more comfortable than the floor, yay!


  1. Yikes! Yes, we have small garter snakes in the grassy/woodsy areas here - I don't like them either but I do know they won't hurt me. Think you should do some research on the kind in your area so you will be armed with knowledge.

    Yoga on your new mat sounds like a tension reliever, and of course, the Cadbury's helps too.

  2. Eeeeewwww!! I HATE snakes. They are sneaky and slithery and give me the kajeebies! I would have booked it out of there so fast too! You did the right thing....hahaha!!

    Just eat all those Cadbury chocolates and you will feel better in no time!

  3. Ugh! that would freak me out regardless. I see mice in the winter where I run...and sometimes IN our garage!

    Your pic makes me smile--so cute!

  4. I'm not really afraid of snakes, but if that happened to me, I'm positive I would have had the exact same reaction! YIKES! Glad nothing happened and you made it back safe...when's that treadmill coming ;)?

  5. No snakes around here but we do have black widow spiders. Happening upon one of those scares the crud out of me.

    Hot cocoa is always a great relaxing agent :-)

  6. When I was running with Kara some lady told us she saw a snake and I tried to act cool so she wouldn't think I was a loser but I was secretly FREAKING OUT. Fluffy and unicorn - I'm going on a pirate cruise tonight! And I could not be more excited!

  7. Wowzers! Girl, you moved to the perfect place if you're looking to set some serious PRs!!! Snakes an prisoners would make me super fast! Way to not have an anxiety attack like I would have done!

    Eat candy to cheer you up. Works every time ;)

  8. "Red into black, venom lack; red into yellow, kill a fellow." -- That pretty much sums up my 1.5 years of living in Sweet Home Alabama with my Country Man. I doubt that saying applies outside of the US; however it's great general knowledge to have. F snakes though, just keep busting out those PR's and you're golden! =)

  9. I would not do well with a snake sighting while running. I hate snakes!!

  10. snakes are terrifying. big and little ones. I hate them and am SO FREAKING SCARED OF THEM. so i do not doubt one thing you said in this post. get outta here snakes. there are snakes all over the trails here in the summer...NO THANKS!

    I made some yummy peanut butter cookies with a reese cup hidden inside the other night...thats happy right?? :)

  11. Snakes are scary. My sister once chased me out of her house with a snack. In my defense it was a burmese python and she did insist on wearing it like she was in a Brittany Spears video. I screamed and bolted.

    Snakes = bad!!

  12. Snakes don't bother me that bad unless it is a rattlesnake and it surprises me. I see a lot of snakes, but most of them are harmless variety.

  13. Ugh, I just hate snakes! I would have ran home screaming/crying if I had stepped on a snake. Some of our neighbors have found some decent sized (harmless) snakes in their yards Luckily I haven't come across any yet or I would become a hermit that doesn't leave the house!

  14. how scary! I saw one at the lake a few weeks ago and screamed infront of some passing bikers...they all laughed at me

    happy: i have a stuffed elephant that I still sleep with (ok, maybe thats embarrasing, but hopefully it made you think of something not slithery)

  15. Just reading that gave me the heebie jeebies.

    I looooove Cadbury chocolate. When I studied in London they had it in the cafeteria and I ate a candy bar EVERY day! That's embarassing to admit now.

  16. OHHH NO - snakes would FREAK THE S(*# out of me too - girl, I'm impressed you didn't pee yourself (I probably would have if I had actually stepped on one . . . wigging out just thinking of it I admit!).

    Unicorny - wow, that's not a usual kind of bloggy request. Well, today my mom and I went to visit a pet rescue and saw their puppy room - ohh my goodness sooo cute. There were like maybe 20 puppies - all maybe 3 months old or so. There was a beagle, a sheltie, a golden retreaver, a puggle, a chihuaua (sp?), a pug, oh and lots of others I can't remember. THey all had cute names too. How's that? Unicorney enough? No? They all had super fluffy fur and were sleeping - one had a little blanket that he flipped into his food bowl and then used his bowl as a pillow -!
    Hope that helps!!!
    Oh and to help your snake running fear - just remember your super awesome room being built in your home complete with a jelly bean entrance fee and a treadmill. :)

  17. Somehow, the other day my friend and I ended a conversation by discussing Lisa Frank unicorn birth control... 210% magically effective. Just imagine bright colored unicorns in your uterus. If that doesn't make you stop thinking about bad things, then you have bigger problems.

  18. eeek that is scary! Snakes freak me out!

  19. Oh my gosh, I totally just saw a snake yesterday on my ride. He was just kicking it in the bike lane. At first I thought it was paper but then I got a little closer and saw it was a SNAKE. Kind of scary considering all he had to do was lunge up to bite me since your foot really isn't that far off the ground when you pedal.


  20. Oh I hate snakes! Me and my husband's cousin came up on one together about 2 years ago when we were running. Then I came across a dead one but I didn't notice it was dead right away. That gave my heart an extra start mid-run.

  21. Snakes don't bother me but my Dad is TERRIFIED, haha. We hardly ever see them around here though...

  22. Eeek! Yuck! I don't mind tamed snakes in a zoo, but no wild ones please. The other weekend when I was at a wedding, we had to walk through some grass and a snake slithered right in front of me... I'm sure seeing a girl in a dress and heels screeching and high tailing it out of there was quite the site.

  23. Oh man I would totally freak out if I stepped on a snake!

  24. OMG I am SO afraid of snakes!!! I actually encountered a snake (in the HOUSE) when I was visiting my friend in Atlanta this summer! We were a pathetic mess and had to get a neighbor to rescue us. (here's our "recap in the form of a play" that we wrote afterward, if you're interested in reading it!!

    Glad you survived your snake terror!

  25. Yikes! I can totally understand why you'd be "rattled." Hope ot wasn't a rattler, do y'all have those? Still, a snake is a snake is a snake. Yuck.
    had to step over a snake a few weeks ago while I was running, but he was a little bitty thing. I wouldda squished him had I landed on him!

  26. Rattlesnakes and copperheads are all you really have to worry about it Georgia. The easiest way to tell is their eyes- they have slits for pupils instead of round ones. If you can't tell from that, notice it's head shape. If it has an arrow shaped head or a head that doesn't just look like part of it's body- it's best to assume it's probably venomous!

    Good luck avoiding them in the future!!

  27. Oh good lord, I would have died if I had seen a snake like that....


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