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My House, My Rules, My Blackberries

I've been asked by a few readers what's going on with my house---I mention it occasionally, but I leave all the details to my hubby over on his blog. So here's the deal:

Hubs and I have ZERO experience doing something like this, but it's a dream to have our own home, exactly the way we want it, on our land in NW Georgia. We moved here from a tiny studio apartment (350 square feet!) in a highrise in Hong Kong, so this is a crazy difference.

Here'e what has happened so far:
-pre-fab panels went up
-roof put on
-siding around the house put on

...and here we are. With me getting in trouble for playing on the "important builder man stuff."

Lame. It's not like I'm ridiculously clumsy and fall over all the time or anything. Oh, wait. Right. 

Moving on....

There is no room in our house I'm more excited about than the one we can just call "the awesome and amazing perfect Vanessa room." It has a nice ring to it, right? It will be my lair. Or maybe just my gym/home office. We'll see. To make it easy for you to see where I'll put my treadmill, I demonstrated on the designated space. See?

I know, my running form is incredible.
Here will be the rules of my awesome lair:

1. To enter, payment will be 10 jellybeans. Jawbreakers are a suitable replacement if need be. 

2. If I'm running on the treadmill, don't ask me why I'm warming up so slowly when I'm actually sprinting my little heart out. That's rude. I'm no Kara Goucher, ok?

3. If I tell you I'm busy working on my computer, but all you see are blogs on the screen, don't say a word. I just needed a little break, that's all. 

We were down on the land this weekend, and I was excited to see lots of blackberries on the bushes! I rooted around for a few minutes, getting pricked my tons of thorns, looking for all the ripe ones. What did I get for all that effort?

Three. Stinking. Blackberries. 
Oh, and they were sour. 

Have you ever picked your own blackberries/strawberries, etc?
We won't even count my little pathetic blackberry experience, but I have picked strawberries before and it was amazing! One for the bucket, one for me....

If you could move ANYWHERE in the world to live, where would you go?
Well, I guess it's here! But since it's a game and would cost no money, I'll say Bora Bora. Even though 3 nights there would probably bankrupt me.


  1. hahahaha I love the pic of you demonstrating the treadmill ;-) You are too cute!!

  2. so I am SERIOUSLY jealous of your sweet lair. And those are pretty much the BEST rules ever.

    I am so excited for your house!!! eeek! sounds like it is going to be amazing :)

    I have picked fresh raspberries and blackberries before...then my grandmother makes cobbler out of them! LOVE IT!!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. love this post. i'm totally checking out your husband's blog. It'd be sweet to be able to design and pick everything out for your house. Me, I'm just excited to knock down a few walls at our house :)

  4. You guys are much tougher than me. I would NOT have the patience, but the payoff will be huge!!! Your lair is perfect!!!

  5. I too am jealous of your amazing and awesome room - love the "strike a pose" really helped with the visual. You crack me up.

  6. I have picked plenty of things... gotta just wait til they're ripe though :D Good luck on your home building adventures!

  7. Soooo exciting to be building your own house! Can't wait to see it come together. Keep us posted!!!

  8. I was just telling my kids about picking blackberries on the banks of the...ditches in Georgia when I was a kid. Good times!

  9. I like the rules to enter, good ones indeed. I have a tri cave, I have one big rule, dont touch anything. Everything has a place, so when I need it, its where i put it.

    The berry pickin reminded me of my grandparents house and the the straw and rasp wines they had.

    I dont have a "spot" where I want to live, I want to buy an RV so I can go awhere I want and if I want to move, all I have to do is take my mobile home and go where ever I want.

  10. I pick strawberries every year! My BF dad planted all types of berry bushes this year! i am excited to start picking!!

  11. How exciting! It looks like y'all are making great progress on the house! That's cool that you have blackberry bushes, too - once they get older, you can have berries all the time, woo!

  12. I used to pick black/rasp berries as a kid I was a country girl...but it was a lot of work for a small amount of fruit that back then, I didn't really like.
    Now I love...

  13. Your house looks amazing! I wish we could have a nice large house and yard.

    The fresh wild berries are such a treat. I've picked wild blue berries and raspberries in new Hampshire on a hike a few times.

  14. I love picking berries! I love Oregon berries, they are ALWAYS so sweet. My parents have strawberries and cherries right now and will have blueberries, raspberries and blackberries later in the summer!!

    oh and the patience for you to work on your house! I could not do it! good for you and hubs!

  15. WOW, that sounds awesome =)


  16. Looks like you guys are so far in your home DIY project! Good luck!

  17. Hehe. Love the rules!! Looks like the work is coming along :) I grew up in WI and we picked wild raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries all the time. It was amazing :) I really miss it. And it's funny, I think I'm actually in the place I could move to if I had to choose anywhere. I absolutely love Utah with all my heart, I miss my family, but it's an amazing state. Coastal Maine is a close second though!

  18. My family used to have a pick-your-own strawberries stand (it was my first job!)

    Now they still have the farm store, but no picking anymore :(

    I wish I could have my own personal room - lucky duck!

  19. Love rule #2- different paces for different faces, folks!

    If I could live anywhere it would have to be Yosemite, although I may have trouble because I know the nearest Target is like 2 hours a way. So maybe live there in the summers and back down in SoCal where I'm at now for the winters.

  20. That's so sad about your berries! My husband and I are heading to a local U-Pick next weekend for some strawberries, here's hoping they're ok!

  21. I have read a bit about pre-fab homes, what a GREAT boyfriend has found some really awesome ones. Anyway, thanks for the update, I'd been wondering how it was going!

  22. haha I ALWAYS get hurt picking berries... sometimes, it's so worth it though!

  23. That is so awesome that you have wild blackberries!!

    I think I would move to wine country if I could afford to, I want to wine taste all the time, hehe.

  24. Thanks for the info! I think that's great that yall are building your house the way that you want it, I think that's everyone's dream!
    But I do have a either of you work? I have been wondering about that?! lol

  25. Sorry I guess I should probably have phrased that better lol I just read what I wrote...I was just thinking how much work is involved in building a house...I was wondering if you are doing it in your spare time around your jobs? I hope that sounds better lol

  26. What an exciting adventure! Your lair looks like it's coming right along too...
    If I could live anywhere (assuming budget and finding work not an issue) I'd move to NYC in a heartbeat. Toronto would be a close second.

    If I was beng completely realistic, I'd move to Ann Arbor MI. It's so perect there it's hard to believe that its for real. And then you experience a Michigan winter. Ha!

  27. That's so exciting that you guys are taking control of homeownership. I'm a little jealous to be honest! I want to hear more about your life in Hong Kong. Sad - all that work for 3 blackberries. I think I picked my own strawberries when I was a kid, I want to go again! Anywhere in the world - I need to travel more before answering this question! Is it sad that I only want to move where my family is??

  28. i used to pick blackberries with my granddad when i was little! :) and grapes.. he had grapvines and blackberry bushes.

  29. I love your admission charges... I would add a Starbs iced coffee to mine right about now. It's HOT here!!

  30. I just had a look at your hubby's blog too ... the house look amazing ... look forward to seeing more photos. I would like a lair ... jealous.

  31. that's so awesome! i love that your treadmill gets to be in such a great room with windows. mine is currently down in the dank basement. i haven't had the heart to try to run down there. in the good news, that means that i've been motivated to face the heat outside daily...

    can't wait to see more as the house comes together!


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