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What Julia Roberts and I Have In Common....

I know, I know. You all guessed our winning smiles and close relationships with Hugh Grant. (Did I say relationship? I meant I saw Notting Hill 12 times.)
Anyway, our common link is this:

Julia Roberts used this phone booth in a movie called Something To Talk About, which was filmed in Savannah. Yeah, sorry. Pretty anti-climatic, huh?

Now that I have your attention, I'll tell you all about my amazing sushi experience on vacation. If you're new, you'll need to know I LOVE sushi and have a hard time finding any here in rural Georgia. I got this amazing plate in Savannah last weekend:

Come to mamma. Shrimp and eggplant tempura, tuna sashimi, tuna rolls, and "seafood salad," whatever that is. After that, and some appetizer called fried bread which I'm pretty sure is way more Southern than Japanese, I was stuffed. But there was a fro-yo place right across the street. Decisions, decisions. 

Obviously I went, even though I was the only one who felt the need to get dessert. PLUS the fro-yo place had rock em sock em robots! Hubs and I played a few games, got way too competitive, and then called it a night. 

While I was in Savannah, I met up with the lovely lady behind Kat Runs Like a Girl for a Starbucks trip and in one hour she managed to convince me to sign up for another marathon. Yikes. The one I'm thinking about would be in January, 2 months after my first 26.2 miles. Craziness or good planning?

Has anyone ever run marathons close to one another? Any advice on running my second one so close to my first? 
I'm a little worried I'm being overly ambitious. Did you want to train much after your first marathon?

Favorite Julia Roberts movie. Go. 
I love Notting Hill of course, but can't forget about Pretty Woman. I've seen that way too many times!


  1. Sounds like fun in Savannah!

    I'm not so sure on the second marathon so close to the first... After my first full at the beginning of May, I took a full week off running, then slowly introduced 3 mile runs again. I for sure wasn't ready to be training hard-core again until about 2 months after! Now I've got the bug again and am still not ready for another full, settling for two halves this fall instead.

    But everybody's different! If you think you could handle it, go for it!

  2. I love running two marathons close together! It is the perfect way to get the most out of training.
    My general game plan would be to recover with easy runs for a week, then get back into longish runs - get a 20 miler in a month to two weeks before the next marathon and taper like usual. You already have a base so it should be a great race for you!

  3. No advice on the marathon front - I have never done one let alone two so close together :) Good luck though, I'll be here to support your efforts . . . and check you into the psych ward if need be :)

  4. I was afraid it was going to be a Runaway Bride experience that bonded you to JR! Glad that wasn't it. :)

    I love most of her movies. Notting Hill definitely one of my faves... the only one I can really say I hated was The Mexican.

    That sushi looks amazing!

  5. I haven't run marathons close together, but I have run 2 half-marathons 2 weeks apart last year, and this year I have run 4 half-marathons in 4 months. I like running them close together, that way I don't have to start training from the beginning each time.

    I definitely take a few days off from running after each race, and dont do a long run for 2 weeks. In between races my longest run is 10 miles. No need to run further since I know I can cover the distance.

    When I did the 2 halfs 2 weeks apart, my first one was kind of a "dry run" and I made some mistakes, and the second one went much better because I knew what to do differently. This year, my "goal" half was in May, and after that I've just been doing them for fun, so I don't stress about training for them. So maybe you could make one race your "goal" race and the other one more of a fun race?

    I know the full 26.2 is a lot harder than a half, but based on my experience with halfs I think it would be ok to run 2 marathons 2 months apart. But maybe wait awhile to register? That way if you burn out or get injured you don't lose out on the $$.

  6. It's definitely a tie between Pretty Woman and Notting Hill. But I DO love Erin Brokovich...ahhh can't pick just 1 Julia Roberts movie--I love her!!

  7. Pretty Woman!!! love that movie. So my uncle took us to a "good" sushi place in the ATL last time I visited. It was a little "off the beaten path" type of place. I put good in quotes because he could not make me like sushi. I just do NOT like it but everyone else thought it was the most amazing place we had ever been. In fact the night we went was "happy hour" and most of the sushi was $1. craziness apparently. I should probably try to figure this place out for you. I know you aren't too close to atlanta but you know...for next time you are visiting.

    so i know nothing about running marathons close together but I have my 2nd in October and my 3rd in December...ummmm yeah. I got a little over ambitious. Hoping this works out for you should just sign up for yours and we can be ambitious together!

  8. Love pretty woman, but also Oceans 11 (not really for her, though) and definitely Erin Brokovich

  9. I like fish, but haven't had sushi before. The food does look good.

    Regarding doing 2 marathons in 2 months time, my response is-it depends. I don't think you can run two hard marathons that close together. Keep in mind that it's just not about the physical part. The mental part can give you problems. If you do try it, I would treat the first one as a warm up for the second. I agree that rest is very important after the first one.

    I wouldn't do a 20 miler though as suggested by Gracie. No hard feelings Gracie, but I think it would be a mistake. I would run marathon pace longer runs though in the 12 to 15 mile range.

    Good luck with your training!

  10. I don't think I've ever tried sushi. Good luck!! I think you'll be able to handle it no problem! I like Runaway Bride!

  11. I love Pretty Woman but I really, really, really love Stepmom too! The little boy in that one is SO CUTE!!

  12. I've never done close marathons...I doubt I could. I have done a month of:
    2 half marathons, 1 30km training run and 1 30km race and survived... I actually liked the movie Duplicity.

  13. Looks like a fun day!!! :) I ALWAYS have room for dessert. I don't trust people who don't ;-)

  14. That sushi looks amazing!! I haven't even run my first marathon yet, so no advice from me :)!

  15. I love Julia Roberts in Oceans 12 (not technically a "Julia Roberts" movie)... but where she plays a role that pretends to BE Julia Roberts. Too Funny.

    I must say, 2 months sounds like plenty of time to recover a little then pick the long runs right back up before you get rusty!

  16. I love Something to Talk About....I have seen it 100 times :). It took me 10 years to run a second marathon (3 pregnancies helped make it such a long time span) but have done 3 since and I am registered for 4 more....I am just going into the second ( third and fourth) with the mind set that I might not feel as good as the first

  17. Umm, that tuna sashimi needs to get in my belly now! I love sushi/sashimi/all of the above!

    On the marathon decision - I have heard (now I am no expert because I have yet to run my 1st) that you need a full month of recovery (which can be active recovery) before you should start training again, but that 2 months post race should be fine, because your fitness is up to par from the first marathon - if that made any sense...

  18. I got a little nervous when I saw my boyfriend's name in your post. I have been in a long, well, very long distance, as in I might as well be living on another planet, relationship with Mr. Grant. I have loved him since Four Weddings & a Funeral and have lost count of the number of times I've seen Notting Hill and Love, Actually. Wait, What was the question? Julia, who?

    I have a friend who ran a marathon and less than a month later did a 50 mile ultra. Anything is possible especially if you're physically & mentally strong.

  19. I love Julia Roberts, she is fantastic! There are so many great movies, but I think My Best Friend's Wedding could be one of my favorites!

  20. I have still never run a marathon. Working on a half marathon for October though.
    I am planning on looking into a Savannah, Georgia vacation eventually but we may instead go to Pigeon Forge, TN before the end of the year.
    I am so behind on Julia Roberts movies. I want to catch up on a ton of them. One of the first on the list that I want to watch is Pretty Woman. Such a shame that I haven't seen some of her best ones!


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