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More About Me...(You Know You're Curious!)

If you missed the first half of my questions and answers, you missed out! I talked all about Mr. Gourmet Runner, how me met, and where I've lived in the past. Today: the rest of the questions. What I do, all about my workouts, and tons of fun questions!


What do I do for work now? I'm pretty lucky to be able to work from home as a content writer. Yes, that means I get all the perks like no commuting and setting my own hours, but on the downside it can be really tough to focus and really get down to business with all the distractions (*ahem* your blogs)

What did I do in Hong Kong? Hmm...I guess I've never had an official "profession". In the past four years, I was an English teacher, part-time bookkeeper, intern at the Clinton Global Initiative, and fitting model for La Senza and Victoria's Secret. Obviously they hired me for my ample bosom. Oh, no, wait. Maybe not.

Food and Workouts:

What's your ultimate guilty pleasure food? I really love raw cookie dough! I don't feel guilty because of the calories, but I know I shouldn't because of raw eggs...but oh my gosh it's so freakin' tasty!

If you weren't a runner, what other sport or hobby would you pick up? I would probably turn to swimming. I love to just be underwater and zone out, but I am certainly not fast!

Where do I get inspiration or workout ideas? Honestly, so much of what I think of comes from other blogs! I also get running workouts from Runner's World (magazine and the web site). I also try to create some basic strength training workouts from what I remember when studied to get certified as a personal trainer.

Why did you start running? I have run off and on since I was about 14, mostly as preparation for sports. A couple of years ago it was to lose weight, but now it's because I have such a passion and love for it!

The Fun Stuff:

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? Obviously, I would run at super speeds! Don't worry, I would slow it down a little to give everyone else a chance to catch up. Maybe 5 minute miles? That seems fair.

When am I coming to Montana? When can we meet up? Haha! To everyone who ever wants to meet up, you know where I am! I love meeting new people when we have things in common. I'm planning a meet  up soon nearby--anyone interesting in the GA/TN area?

What animal would you be? I guess I would have to be a little kitten! I love my fur babies, and they have the best life ever. Sleep. Cuddle. Eat. Repeat.

Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? Harry Potter! Except I love the books, not the movies. The movies scare me, actually! I'm not a scary movie fan--even ones technically made for kids!

Your turn! Answer one of these questions so I can learn more about you too!


  1. my guilty pleasure food is brownies / brownie batter / brownie crumbs on froyo...pretty much brownies.

    why i'm really commenting - - -> i have a picture with that same statue. he's great to pose with :)

  2. I like Harry Potter AND Lord of the Rings. I think I like Harry Potter more, though. Couldn't get through the Lord of the Rings books.

    That was the nerdiest thing I've ever commented... on anyone's blog.

  3. guilty pleasure food: mozzarella sticks forget the sweet stuff just give me friend cheese ;)

  4. The raw cookie dough no-no is such bunk. The risk of contracting anything from raw eggs is incredibly small - smaller than it is from raw vegetables.

    If you're really paranoid, you can make cookie dough and substitute 2T greek yogurt for each egg. It wouldn't bake well, so you have to commit to eating 100% of it. Tragic, really.

  5. If I could have a super power it would be teleportation. I would save so much gas money :-)

  6. you have the coolest life. hahah

    I also love cookie dough! mmm.

    If I had a superpower, I'd want to have that awesome regeneration power that wolverine has. Hello! no recovery time needed! run run run!

  7. I love raw chocolate chip cookie dough too! I make my own using a vegan recipe (so there are no eggs) and store it in the freezer. I can then treat myself whenever I like!

  8. Ultimate guilty pleasure food....probably a brownie sundae with tons of toppings and whipped cream. Except I don't feel guilty when I eat them. I started running because my college roommates told me to come on a run with them....I wanted to see what it was all about, and I was sick of fighting over the four ellipticals at the gym. Obviously, I got hooked!

  9. My guilty pleasure is definitely Nutella!!

  10. Loved reading this. What kind of writing do you do? What a cool job!

    My ultimate guilty pleasure is mexican! Yummo! And funfetti cake. I just can't leave that one out. :)

  11. My guilty pleasure is anything friends and I used to make brownies from the box mix, but leave out the egg so we could eat the batter straight...

  12. These posts have been a lot of fun! Thanks for answering the questions and keeping a sense of humor about it!

  13. harry all the way. i love these posts. you are too cute and i am way jealous you work from home

  14. loveeeeeeee the harry potter books
    and girl the movies are so so good!
    haha i love it you are so a kitten!

  15. I LOVE cookie dough too!! It is so yummy and addicting. When I buy it, it's gone in only a few days! :-/ Your job sounds amazing, what great perks! I'd love to stay home with my fur babies all day! :)

  16. My favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe has no eggs- so I get to eat cookie dough guilt free :)

  17. I love cookie dough icecream!! I don't eat the regular cookie dough because of the raw eggs but I might be brave and try it out! LOL!

  18. How awesome! I love learning more about the bloggers I follow! I definitely agree with you on Harry Potter!

  19. I'm so with you on the cookie dough! Only I make it vegan (no eggs!) so I don't have to worry about that...

  20. raw cookie dough is totally my weakness!!!!! haha! I may drive down to TN while I am home to meet up with some of the bloggers there...maybe we can find a way to make it even more centrally located so that you can come too? I still need to figure out my schedule but I hope maybe that something can work out!

  21. My hormones were calling out for sweets and since I didn't have any, I attempted to make cookies. And by attempt I mean, I made cookie dough and then gorged myself on it. About five hours later, I finally baked them off. But the dough was the best part!

  22. Interesting post.Let's see.

    I love tootsie rolls.I enjoy watching old videos on YouTube of Steve Prefontaine for motivation.

  23. Harry potter for me too, hands down.

    If I could have one super power - I see into the future.

  24. Cookie dough is the BEST stuff...I can't care about the raw eggs because it's just too good.

    That is so awesome - if we move to TN we'll have to have a meetup!

  25. Lord of the Rings! And I'm in GA... :)

  26. I would love to join an adult soccer league but am afraid I would make a complete fool of myself after a 12 year break :-)

  27. My ultimate guilty pleasure is always and forever ICE CREAM! Preferably in the form of a DQ Blizzard...


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