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Changing Locations and How to Win a Pukie Award

Hello there lovelies! The super fit, super cute, and super pregnant (34 weeks!) Liz over at Pojo Fitness asked me to do a guest post for her while she is away this week. Of course I was happy to do it, so head over there so she doesn't regret having me on the blog!

I talked about pre-race nutrition. Here's the quick version:



Bad (Get Ready for a Pukie Award):

And there you have it. Pretty basic, right? If you want more, check out my guest post!

What's your go-to breakfast before a workout?
Oatmeal! (Surprise, surprise, I know...)


  1. Oh my gosh. That is awful!!!!!!!!!!!! Pancakes always make me want to die. Could it be the cube of butter I put on each cake? Or the syrup that hits my veins within 5 nanoseconds of touching my tongue? "Pancake coma" is a common phrase in my house.

    Shredded wheat and a fruit smoothie was my breakfast of champions today.

  2. haha love it, I'll have to go read hers.

    my go-to is nut butter and toast, or a banana and nut butter

  3. Ugh, I can't imagine walking let alone running after that huge meal. Bleh

    I'd much rather have the bagel with peanut butter and banana anyway :-)

  4. I usually go with oatmeal for breakfast before a race too. However, the night before I've been very successful with banana pancakes with strawberry protein powder in them and turkey bacon. I LOVE breakfast for dinner!

  5. My go to is an Amazing Grass smoothie with Amazing Grass Amazing Meal choco infused, banana, chia seeds, and a handful of blueberries and sometimes a little spinach or kale...oh and duh, almond milk. DELISH. ;)

  6. for short runs i just grab a banana in the morning. Even if i'm going for long runs i tend to eat a banana and just carry cliff shots. Before races i can eat pb&j sandwiches if i have an hour or two beforehand.

  7. Hahaha, I once ate a steak dinner before a run. Luckily, I managed to not be a pukie, but it was a close one.

  8. Love bananas and peanut butter. Tastes super good wrapped in tortilla too!

  9. I almost had bananas and pb for dinner tonight...then I got lazy and just had a bagel and yogurt.

    Oatmeal is my goto breakfast no matter what!

  10. A banana. I cannot handle too much food before a run. But sometimes I wake up very hungry and I have a whole wheat toast with natural PB and some raw honey... ok, I think I may go and have some of that

    Maria @ Asphalt Tales

  11. pukies are awesome! I have won two so far and I couldn't be prouder. Before a workout I like an egg sandwich or something with eggs. Eggs keep me full for a long time and don't bother my stomach :)

  12. I love bagel thinks with a little bit of peanut butter and half a banana.
    I usually have a clif bar with peanut butter for marathons. Not sure why but it has worked for me so I don't want to mess with that.

  13. You can literally see the grease all over that second plate... yuck! On a lighter, less pukie note, I tried proatmeal! (if that's what it's actually called). My protein powder is vanilla flavored so it added a little extra oomph to my regular instant oatmeal... soooo good.

  14. that BAD meal looks totally gross!

    I always go for oatmeal or a quick egg white and grain breakfast! Something filling that tastes great too :)

  15. I'm an oats girl too ... yum.

  16. I usually run early in the morning, so I usually have a banana as soon as I wake up. It does the trick!

  17. Ya that would probably do it, I hope someone wouldnt eat that before a race.

  18. Ohhh that breakfast looks disgusting and delicious all at once!

  19. either a wheat bagel or toast with either a little bit of pb or cream cheese and banana, I am a simple gal when it comes to racing - I feel super sick if I eat a. too much and b. too much pb

  20. Hey! I do really like those laces... I was kind of surprised. I wore them for a 3 miler yesterday after my swim/bike and I thought, hmm. these are kinda nice. So today I just left them on for 9 miles and had no problems!

    Also, I agree about pre race nutrition =) Love the pics. I feel like I wanna switch up my morning ritual...


  21. oooh yum. haha. Nice run! (from the previous post!)

  22. I usually can't eat anything before a race, I get too nervous and my stomach does not like me. Now after... that's a whole other story! Love bananas on peanut butter!

  23. That bagel with peanut butter or almond butter and banana slices looks AMAAAAAAAZING!!! Yes please!!!


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