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Weekly Workout Recap and Run Less Run Faster

Surprise, surprise! Sunday night and we're back here again. I met my goal of 20 miles of running this week (hooray) and made an effort to again focus on cross-training. I'm really enjoying this schedule. I think reducing the days I run really makes those runs better and faster--plus I'm not as sore. And getting all limber with the yoga is pretty fun too! Here's my week:

Monday: Swam 1.7 yards trying to get to the floaty noodle in the lake. I guess this was a rest day.
Tuesday: P90X Plyometrics (60 Minutes)
Wednesday: Ran 5.5 Miles (Speedwork)
Thursday: 45 minutes of Yoga, 30 minutes of abs/upper body strength training
Friday: Ran/Hiked 4.5 Miles with hubby
Saturday: Ran 12.5 Miles of Trails
Sunday: 45 Minutes of Yoga, 30 Minutes of abs/upper body strength training

Total Mileage: 23

Hooray! Finally, this week looks the way I wanted it to. That rarely happens!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the Run Less, Run Faster program. (This book was given to me by Christina over at Lou Lou Runs Florida.) Basically, you focus on 3 runs each week, a speedworkout, a tempo run, and a long run. None of them are what I would consider "easy". BUT--the results seem to be pretty impressive, with repeat marathoners shaving 18 minutes off their finish times.

The other days include cross training, which like I said I really approve of. I may choose this plan for training for my first marathon in November!

Has anyone had success with the Run Less, Run Faster Program? Share please!
I'm really excited to see how it has worked with other runners in the past. 

How many days do you run each week? Cross-train?
A month ago, I was running 5-6 days each week, and adding in bits of cross-training here and there. Lately, I've been pretty happy with the idea of only running 3 (maybe 4) times each week, and adding in other forms of cross training as well. And of course--one day of rest every week!


  1. Hi Vanessa! I am currently using the program to train for a HM. I like it a lot, although I have to say that I have never used a formal training program before. I will see what the results are like in about six weeks. I will probably use it for my December full marathon, too. Good luck!

  2. I'm reading the book now and am going to use it for my Oct marathon. I really like the concept and hope it works for me.

  3. I'm like you - I've been scaling back a bit lately in favor of other things. But just bought the new Runners World last night, so hopefully that will motivate me to get out there!

  4. I've been tempted to use it but am not to sure if I would feel ready using it but I'm running a full in October so may have to pick up the book.

  5. if u want to race faster u gotta run faster...hehe. naw, but if u do want to get faster times doing two to three harder/faster workouts a week is wat u've got to do. so good for u! glad u're finding lots of activities that u enjoy for cross-training too.

    i run everyday but if i do hard workouts i make sure to just do an easy run the day before/after to recover. :)

  6. I loosely followed the Run Less program and took 10ish minutes off my 1/2 Marathon Time. It can be hard to take on "only run three times a week" concept, but I really liked it. I'm not using it now, but I keep a lot of the core concepts in mind.

  7. For my first half marathon I ran 3 days a week (which was perfect). For my 3rd half mary I ran only 2 days a week (not enough). For my 4th half mary, I'm taking a class and the teacher has me running 4 days a week (totally NOT my fav - too much, leaves little time for rest days and xcross). Good luck finding your ideal schedule.

  8. I'm pretty much on your schedule now. I run about 3-4 times per week, and cross train on the other days. I really like it because I feel like I enjoy the runs more and don't get burned out on running.

  9. I only run 3 times a week and am concentrating on cross training the other days. I'm afraid if I run too much, I will get burned out! I should read that book!

  10. I used it for my last marathon and loved the intensity of the runs. I got faster for sure. I was bad at the crossing training though--added one day of running instead.

  11. Yes! I used RLRF for my last 2 marathons. I think all the cross training has made me a stronger runner and the hard workouts, while fewer of the, is def an example of quality over quantity. I plan to use this program again for my next full. Wasn't comfortable implementing it for my 50k training plans tho...maybe there is a way to modify it. Good luck!

  12. This is what I am following now for my marathon program (Christina and I actually train with the same group!) and it's working so far! I have found that it's fairly intense - I rarely run to just run, which you can burn out on, BUT I like that I can fit in other workouts and I actually hurt less when than when I was running 4-5 times a week.

  13. I have read the Run Less Fun Faster method and I like the 3 days of running per week, I don't persay concentrate on each run like the book does...but it helps to remind you to do some cross training. I just did yoga this morning, it was amazing since my arms were killing me from painting all day yesterday.

  14. that sounds like a very interesting program. i'll have to look in to it. about two months ago i started seriously cross training by trading running days for circuit days. this reduced my weekly mileage by about 10 miles per week which made nervous. now i'm only running three mornings (~22 miles total) and circuit training two. i'd like to increase my running mileage but don't want to stop circuit training. such a challenge! i'm looking forward to hearing about your progress with this program.

    p.s. happy belated anniversary! loved the "looking back" pics.

  15. I like some of the concepts in the book.. like that every run has a purpose. But sometimes, at least once a week, I just want to run to run. For the pure enjoyment of it, not with any goal / speed requirements. It's those runs that keep me sane!

  16. Your workout week looks awesome! I haven't ever tried the Run Less approach, but it looks like something I would want to try. Especially because it's so hot here in the summer, so I've been preferring cross training over running a lot lately. I'll have to get that book! Thanks for the idea!

  17. A great week for you!! I usually run 3-4 times a week, then crosstrain on the others, and have a day of rest.

  18. I have heard a lot of people who like the Run Less Run Faster method, and it seems like it's effective! Sadly, I am stuck cross training EVERY DAY because of my darn S.I. Joint. Sigh. It's actually been pretty fun though, I must admit.

  19. Saw your comment on Redonkulous Runner's blog and you will do great training for the 26.2. I will not lie; everything over 15 is yuck for me BUT so worth it and it gets easier each time!

  20. I've always found that running less works out better for me and keeps me injury free. I might head to the bookstore to check out this book tomorrow!

  21. Oh my gosh, I love your wedding photos/anniversary post.

    And I also really love this book. Haven't finished it yet, but it has some great ideas so far.


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