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You Know You Have A Problem When... pre-pack your breakfast foods on vacation. Yes, there is a breakfast buffet in the hotel. No, I'm not excited about sausages, biscuits and gravy at 7am. So I packed my own pre-portioned breakfast in ziploc bags. Instant oats, chocolate protein powder, flax seeds, and almonds.

I'll definitely be enjoying meals out for my other meals, and I'm not worried about the calories or fat of my morning meal. I'm just a little OCD and need my breakfast, on my schedule. Remember that ridiculous routine? Anyway, I'm setting off for a quick 3 day-2 night trip to Savannah, Georgia today. I wanted to leave my neighbors a little sweet treat because they are so kind. 

1--Make really simple muffins from a package. Misread label. Pour in too much milk. End up with dense chocolaty rocks. 

2. Try again. Make simple butter cookies that end up not sweet enough, and pretty bland. 

3. Lightbulb moment: Dip them in melted chocolate. Genius. Cover them with candies, including some milk chocolate rocks you bought on a whim. 

4. Eat 7 just to make sure they're really ok. Yep, they're ok.

Do you bring your own foods on vacation?
I've never brought breakfast before, but I do usually bring along healthy snacks and bottled water. 

Are you a taste-tester as you bake or cook?
Um, yes. It's ridiculous. I lick the spoon, the bowl, eat the dough, eat the finished product before it's patience at all!


  1. I regularly bring spinach for breakfast, depending on where we're going.

    I think you're smart to plan ahead! :-)

  2. I will bring munchies for late night snacks so that I don't hit the vending machine down the hall late at night.

    I taste test endlessly when I cook. And yes, half the time I have already eaten my portion (still steaming hot) when it comes time to take photos :-)

  3. Those cookies look delish :) and I think you are smart to pack your breakfasts!!

  4. Have a great vacay!
    I always bring food along (mostly for the car ride)
    I'm a total taste tester!
    When I was preggo I baked constantly and Hubby wouldn't let me mix the bowl bc of the raw egg! It was a tough 9 months.

  5. I totally lick the bowl, spoon, whatever is available! I've never taken food on vacation before, but maybe I's cheaper and probably healthier. :) Hope you are enjoying Savannah!

  6. def bring my own breakfast on vacation! i am so into starting my day on a right foot and that usually includes oats that keep me full! everything else is whatever wonderful eats i find on vaca!

  7. that's awesome! I need to start bringing my own breakfast. I normally like to eat very healthy in the mornings. it makes me feel good the rest of the day.

  8. i love that you packed breakfast! :)

  9. I like to enjoy my usual breakfast while away - none of that fatty greasy stuff to start the day. I prefer to enjoy that later. ;)

    GENIUS with the cookies! Yum!!

  10. I bring my own snacks and water bottle too, only twice have I brought my own salad for the plane ride, but that was because a. airport food is expensive and b. i needed to use up the veggies in the salad before I went away!

    I taste test everything i make - and i am really guilty of licking the bowl and maybe not making that last cookie, because I had to make sure the batter was ok to bake....

  11. Have fun in Savannah! We loved it there and only spent a day. I imagine there's a lot we missed!

  12. those cookies look absolutely amazing! how creative...way to adapt :) have a blast in savannah! i love that area!

  13. I have to have Lucky Charms (I've had disaster races when I don't have them!!) the morning of a race, so you'll usually find me in the hotel lobby eating from my own bag or box of cereal while everyone else chows on donuts. Silly, I know, but it helps me prepare. :)

    I almost always fly with my own food. Airport food is too crappy and expensive. Flying alone bothers my stomach, no need to go and make it worse by eating my weight in Cinnabon beforehand. I bring a sandwich and a treat that I normally wouldn't buy, just to keep me feeling spoiled and I don't go for that Cinnabon anyways.

    Bon Voyage!

  14. Love that you pre pack your own breakfast! I totally would do the same thing but probably would be too chicken to admit it. HAHA! I mean it IS the most IMPORTANT meal of the day right?!

    Get Up & Go

  15. Yes, I do take my own food on trips. I am insistent that I have my own food whenever and wherever I want it.

    Have a great trip.

    Your cookies look good!

  16. We always bring a lot of our own food on vacation and pick up other things that need refrigeration when we get ther. I always pack snacks with me whenever I know I'll be out of the house for more than 2 hours so that a) I'm not tempted to eat junk and b) I don't have a meltdown. If I ever go more than 3ish hours without eating at least a little something (can be as little as a PB cracker), I have serious meltdowns (whiny, no energy, ridiculous). My husband always makes sure I have my "meltdown-prevention medicine" with me whenever we go somewhere. And I definitely always taste test as I'm baking/cooking!! I wouldn't want to get done making something and have it turn out horrible ;) Have a good vacation.

  17. When we went to Disney for the marathon Bri's parents drove so we had our own food. We also made sure we had a kitchen where we stayed. So we had home made meals almost every night and the morning of the half marathon and full marathon.

  18. I also like to pack some of my foods when I go on vaca, but I gotta admit we do eat out a lot too!
    Send those cookies to me...NOW! haha!

  19. Those cookies look yummy! I remember having to fly to DC all the time for work and the first time I went I packed a whole weeks worth of food into an expandable lunch box. You should have seen the look on the security guards face when she had to open it! Then I discovered places I could shop there and still manage to cook with only a microwave..

  20. I like to pack breakfast or snacks because it helps me stay on track! Your treats look delicious!

  21. Great idea on packing the oatmeal. I'm never happy with what the hotel has for contenental breakfast either. Bleh!

  22. no shame in packing ur food...i kid u not WAY too much of my luggage is taken up by the foodage i'm packing. it's not fun tho when u have to go thru security and they ask to search ur bag and tons of random snacks pop out! ;)

    ummm, and all that baking ur doing is getting me hungry...looks SUPER tasty!!

    PS-i just posted part II of my little Yogurtopia story and guess who has made an appearance?? ;)

  23. I almost always bring snacks with me on vacation. I never know where we'll be and when and I like to have a healthy snack with me...

  24. I always bring food on vaca!! Even more so often breakfast, I never know if the hotel might have a breakfast available or not..I can't live without my morning oats :)

  25. I actually enjoy those powdered eggs breakfasts! :)
    I like how you had to eat 7 to make sure the cookies were ok. I like your thinking!
    Enjoy your trip!

  26. BAHAHAHA!! This post made my day!! I am notorious for bringing my own loot as well. I was raw/vegan for awhile and it was pretty ridiculous on roadtrips. OH and I toooootally sample while cooking -- the best chefs do, girl!! ;)

  27. I always bring a few things along on vacations, just to be sure I will be at least 75% satisfied. On a recent three day trip, half my carry-on was fruits and bars of sorts. I also bring lots of tea bags, just in case I don't like the flavors available.

  28. I always bring food on vacation...#1 I am always hungry, #2 I can't count on vegetarian protein sources! Especially not at the seedy motels we usually stay in. haha.

  29. I always bring bars with me when I travel... and Sharkies... and sometimes candy!!

  30. It depends where we are going but I try to save some cash and bring some snacks and stuff. Definitely load up on water bottles tho! I can't tell you how many times I slap myself for having to bust into the minibar for a crazy expensive water!!

    I am definitely a nibbler while I cook too! I have always been against licking the bowl when baking cakes and stuff (paranoid) until recently when I discovered chocolate cake batter...holy moly! SO GOOD!

  31. Haha, that's great! I did that other night when we ate out - I brought a salad, because I knew the place we were going to eat wouldn't have any.

    I do the same thing when I'm baking - lick spoon, eat dough, it goes on..

  32. packing healthy food on vacation is the best idea ever! I always try to make something healthy at hotel breakfast buffets.... and I get crazy looks by all the donut eaters! have fun!

  33. Not a bad idea to pack breakfast. Plus, after one day, you'd be tired of the hotel buffet.

    I LOVE Savannah! Have a great time! Try Mrs. Wilkes boarding house for lunch if you get a chance...the best southern food EVER!!

  34. I totally do the same thing. I travel up to 50% for my job....packing my own food is MUST...even room service gets old (and uber unhealthy) after awhile! Not to mention airport food. Blech.


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