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Super Speedy Nerds!

Here's just one more reason that you should NOT look to me for fashion advice: I buy my snacks and clothes in the same place. Haute couture? Not so much. Thanks Wal Mart, for providing me with both juvenile t-shirts made for teenage girls and delicious colorful candy.

I think they might have been the real secret to my 87 MPH workouts, because I was flying through my speedwork today! Yes, "flying" is relative, so you 6-minute milers can just skip this next part. Here's what the workout looked like:

1 Mile Warm-Up (10:00 pace)
1.5 Miles at 5k Pace (8:20 pace)
800 Meters at Mile Pace X1 (7:40 pace)
400 Meters X2 (7:00 pace)
200 Meters X2 (5:45 pace)
1 Mile Cool-Down (9:30 pace)

In between each was recovery jogging/walking. If it looks similar to a workout found in Runner's World this month, that's because I tried to remember it as I started my warm-up...most of it is the same. I normally do my speedwork on a treadmill, so I was pretty excited that I managed to tough it out on the roads, even with some small hills. Must have been last night's pasta dinner:

Sauteed onions and chicken breast cooked with fresh sprigs of rosemary, and then cooked with tomato puree and some fresh tomatoes from the farmer's market--all served over my new favorite gluten-free spaghetti! Hubby likes his with lots of mozzarella, and I take a sprinkle of parmesan. 

Do you carbo-load before long runs?
I do try to take in lots of carbs, but I just eat the same food as normal. Maybe a little extra in the form of rice crackers, cookies, etc. late the night before. 

Do you ever buy clothing from untraditional places?
I didn't before moving to such a rural area. I guess a couple of tees from Wal Mart, and I even scored a $1 shirt from Wal Greens once, and I promise it really is cute! I like hunting for older stuff at secondhand stores, but I haven't seen any near me yet. 


  1. Looks like flying to me :) Nice work!

    And I kind of love that shirt. Back in the day, the Nerds Blizzard was my favourite DQ treat.

  2. Awesome job speed racer!

    I eat lots of carbs pretty much everyday, so I don't really do anything special for long runs.

    Once I bought a t-shirt off a guy's back at the airport in Philly on a dare. I mentioned to a friend that I liked a guy's shirt that I saw so he dared me to see if he'd sell it to me (and he fronted me the money), so I did. I still have the shirt actually, Mike wears it. I bought it in like 2005.

  3. Looks like a fun workout! I like speed workouts with reps of different lengths/speeds. Makes it seem not so daunting.

  4. Nice speed workout!

    Love love love that shirt super cute. I want to go to Wallyworld and find it now.

    The pasta looks delish! If I like the shirt at a little stand when we are traveling I'll buy it.

  5. your speed work is seriously amazing!!! and even more amazing that you did it outside. I have not ventured outside for speed work yet...too scared that I won't push myself as much as I would like. haha! crazy fast on those 5:45s!!

    that food looks delish as well! I do not always eat carbs but sometimes before really long runs I will. Lately I have been feeling the need for my carbs though with all the heat!

  6. Looks like a good treadmill workout! I need to do one tonight, so maybe I'll try this one. My carbo loading before long runs is more like me eating too many snacks while watching a movie and justifying it since I have a long run the next day. ha ha.

  7. Wow, crazy speed workout. Nice job with that! One of my favorite things about running is the carb loading part...hee hee!!

  8. I tagged you on my blog today--go check it out! :)

  9. Not a big carb loader

    I love looking for deals on the clearance racks

  10. I wouldn't say that I am huge into carbo loading. I just try to eat the same all the time! But I do like to eat pizza the night before a big race!

    I will shop at random places. It just depends on it I think its cute or not. If I like it enough I will buy it!


    PS dinner looks great!

  11. dinner looked FANTASTIC!!! I'm coming over!!! =)

  12. that is FLYING to me! I frequently wear goodwill purchases, and sometimes Walmart has good clothes too. Name brands are overrated.

  13. I just got rid of a whole bunch of funny shirts that I had. People don't believe that I'm almost 30 and when I wear a School House Rock T-shirt, they really think I'm a child! heheh

    I score nice clothes at Costco! WHOO! Other than that I buy 90% of my clothes from TJ Maxx or Target.

  14. I love buying random tees or tanks from favorite though is to go to Goodwill or other thrift stores to find random cute workout tees.

  15. I think I carb load all the time. Considering my top foods are cereal, fruit, veggies, and pizza, I never seem to have a problem during long runs :)

    I will buy my clothes from anywhere! I've never shopped at any second hand stores but I've got tons of friends that find some really awesome things there!

  16. definitely lovin' the matching candy & shirt!

  17. Woot, awesome job on your speedwork! Nerds are so good. Buying a matching shirt is completely acceptable.

  18. Nerds? Yummy!!! I love the matching shirt & snack!

  19. I would if I had to but fortunately there are lots of choices around me. Though I can't remember the last time I bought something that wasn't Lululemon!? Yikes...

  20. T-shirts seem to multiply on their own in my closet.

    I always have a carb heavy meal before a long run. It really seems to make a difference (for me at least).

  21. Carbs are the cornerstone of my diet, I don't add any extra because that would be impossible :)

    Great speed workout!

  22. Love the Nerds t-shirt! You look adorable as usual!


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