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This Crazy Cat Lady's French Fry Obsession

A while ago I did a post on how to make healthy french fries. Can I just say, I have been taking my own advice in a MAJOR way since then. Every other day the salty crunchy craving hits and I run to grab something I can roast up and douse with salt. Hello. Here are some recent creations:

Roasted broccoli and sweet potato wedges. The random sauce in the middle? Just another way to sneak peanut butter into dinner. It was an asian-inspired dipping sauce, with :
-1tbs peanut butter (chunky)
-1tps soy sauce
-1tps soybean oil
-salt and pepper

I melted the PB just a little so I could incorporate the other ingredients better. Yes, it was freaking delicious. But then again, sometimes ketchup is the only way to go for delicious homemade fries:

Homemade potato wedges with side salad
I'm really not normally a salt person, but I think sweating it out in this crazy Georgia heat makes me run for the sodium. Were you wondering about the crazy cat lady part? Here you go:

I don't know how this became a habit for our cats. One day they drank out of our water glass, and I guess we laughed and let them continue. Now, they won't even drink out of their own bowl. They just follow us around and meow until we give them some water in a nice glass. Ridiculous. 

No running today. Instead I'll tackle a nice stretch out session of yoga, abs, and upper body strength. 

What do you love to dip your fries into?
When I was little--honey!!! And then I progressed to honey mustard, and now ketchup. Don't laugh, but my favorite used to be to dip them in Frostys from Wendy's--try it, it's spectacular. 

What crazy/silly/ridiculous things do your pets do? I want stories people!


  1. Have you tried pb, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, and garlic? It'll blow your mind! I put it on peppers and pasta.

  2. haha omg that picture of your cat is so silly! my cat sneaky drinks out of water glasses, but only at night when the glass is on my nightstand. usually I wake up to her slurping away and I've learned to just sigh and go with's more work to cover the glass and shoo her away!

    LOVE FRIES! I love them dipped in mustard and any salad dressing. Hate ketchup! I'm so weird.

  3. Our cats do that too! We can no longer leave glasses around because the knock them over trying to get the water. They also only choose to drink out of the running water from the sink so everytime we go to the bathroom they run and jump on the counter waiting for us to turn the sink on!
    Crazy cats!

  4. so, i was house sitting for some friends and they were walking me around explaining how the alarm system works and this and that...and then we came to the glass of water that is always sitting on the counter by the sink. its for the cat. seriously. the cat drinks from a glass on the counter. awesome!

  5. Those fries look amazing, and that dip sounds freakin' incredible!

    I'm old-school and lazy with my fries, and tend to just bake ore-idas when I get the craving. But you may have just inspired me to be more creative, so thanks! :-)

    That is so cute and funny with your cats! I have always said that I would be a crazy cat lady if I weren't allergic.

  6. oh no, they have you whipped! next up they will want a cocktail. haha.

  7. Mmmm now I have a hankering for some homemade fries, extra salt. :)

  8. Link to fries not working - I think you copied/pasted the wrong text. ;)

  9. I LOVE dipping fries in a frosty...amazing! I usually stick to a ton of ketchup though.

    My cat also likes to drink water out of our glasses but he always knocks them over because he sticks his paw in the glass first...weirdo. He loves drinking the water straight out of the faucet, which is really hilarious because he has long hair and the water hits his mane and goes away from his in order to get a drink he has to "attack" the water from the side. He usually ends up pretty wet. He has also gotten quite good at begging for turkey when I am packing lunch. He knows the sound of the plastic container opening and he comes running! Kind of like me when I hear an ice cream truck...

  10. I'm an old fashioned ketchup girl. I've been consuming a ridiculous amount of fries for Alexia's "Reinvent a Classic" program...I'd love your input since your such a fry connoisseur if you have a moment to stop by. :)

    And I think Georgia is just trying to be cruel to us. I waited until around 8 pm last night to run and still came home looking like I just fell in a lake. RIDICULOUS.

  11. YES! My cat does the same thing. She even has her own designated glass (and coaster.. shhh). I broke her water bowl, who cares, she's NEVER used it.

  12. Fries in a chocolate shake :D!

    lol at your cat how cute :)

  13. My pups love when I drink chocolate milk and give me sad puppy eyes and little cries until I give them some. They know our weaknesses.

  14. Please tell me you don't drink out of that glass after...please!

  15. Ha! That's funny about the cats. My cat is a total schitzo. One second she will be lying on the couch, and suddenly she will get up and tear across the room in multiple directions, often running into the wall or chairs. It's hillarious.

    I am not a huge fan of fries unless they are sweet potato, in which case I don't dip them in anything. The peanut sauce sounds delicious though!

  16. Yuum! Sweet potatoes and pb is such a great combo! Oh yeah - fries and a frosty are great!

  17. so agree about the fries/frosty combo!!! i have been craving salt like crazy this summer as well...guess I need to create some healthy fries as inspired by you!!!

    my dog does crazy things all the time. suddenly she just EXPECTS to get to lick my plate after every meal...not sure how that started ;)

  18. I LOVE sweet potato fries! They are so yummy.

    Geez, your cats are living the high life! Too funny.

  19. Oh wow, that cat thing! My parents' cat is the same way, thanks to me. I would always catch her lapping up water out of half full glasses of water left around the house, even though she had easy access to her own dish. So I started leaving her short glasses full of water. I then noticed that she started only wanting water fresh from the tap! What a high maintenance cat! My parents have me to thank for the cat following around guests carrying water.

    Ketchup is the ultimate dip.

  20. Those fries look delicioussssss!

    My cat is OBSESSED with drinking from cups/the shower/anything other than her water bowl.

  21. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Fries. Now I'm hungry! I love fries in ranch dressing. YUM.

  22. I just got okra at the farmers market and was remembering that I saw an interesting way of cooking it on your blog and thought I'd never be able to find the post! Hooray! I pretty much love any vegetable roasted in oil and salt till it's crunch too. Not a big fry fan though, and I hate ketchup - sorry!

  23. "You got some fries to go with that shake?" I used to do dip my fries in a wendy's frosty as well! Fry sauce is the best, but I've also tried barbecue sauce missed with mayo. Pretty darn good!

    I am so trying that pb asian dip you got doing on there. looks pretty good!

  24. That is HILARIOUS and AWESOME about your cats! haha! I am definitely going to try to train my mom's cat to do this haha.

  25. I like to put salt and vinegar on my french fries but I definitely used to dip them in Frosties back in the day!

  26. I love sweet potato fries!!! I dip mine in a mix of ketchup and veganaise... Spoiled cats :-) Not that I should talk my dog is picky about her water too.

  27. I LOVE French fries! My favorite food group! I like to mix mayo and ketchup together and dip them in that. Soooo good!

    My step-dad's cat (my mom refuses to take ownership) used to only drink out of the sink faucet. She's over that now I guess, since she is no longer a house cat.

    My cat's biggest quirk is that she likes to pose in this contorted position on her back. She'll hold it until you make eye contact with her. It is so adorable!

  28. Love the cat pic! I used to share white wine in a huge glass with one of my cats... a black Persian named Napalm. I would only let him have a couple of sips, but he was potentially quite a wino!

  29. I love to dip mine in Mexi Ranch. Honey mustard too! Oh no wait....have you tried ice cream!! Yep, just vanilla, the best!

  30. Our dog constantly tips over garbage cans in the bathrooms. I know whenever I hear my wife across the house grown "Rupert!!!", she has just walked into a bathroom to see garbage on the floor.

  31. Wow, really dipping them in a Frosty, that is too funny...I am not a big french fry fan ( I know what is wrong with me) but when I do eat them it is usually with ketchup.

  32. I will dip my fries in ketchup, honey mustard, and Mac sauce from McDonalds. It's the best, you should really try it :)

    Last night I made a PB&J, took one bite, and decided I didn't want it. So I tore it up into pieces and fed it to my dog. After a while I looked down at the floor and realized she had somehow peeled off the parts with the jelly to eat and left the parts with the peanut butter all over the floor. She got the peanut butter all in the carpet but I was laughing so hard at her that I didn't even care.

  33. Sweet potatoes are my FAVORITE!
    I love dipping them in an almond butter/greek yogurt mixture :)
    sometimes with maple syrup, too. Yum!

  34. Frostys? REALLY? Weirdo ;-) I'm a ketchup girl and that's about it!

  35. A lot of people I know dip their fries into frostys! I'm more of a ketchup or even bare fries kind of girl. I like the saltiness all on it's own! Sweet potatoes are good with salsa too!

    I don't have any pets but that pic of your cat is hilarious!!

  36. Several cat cat knows when we are having sandwiches. She sits and waits for a tiny piece. She also carries a beanie baby bear around like a kitten!! I wake up with it by my head almost every morning!

  37. Roasted Brussels sprouts with sea salt. Mmmm.
    And sadly, ONCE I let my cat drink out of the sink while it was running. Now, he sits by the sink just waiting for me tom turn the faucet on. Cats.

  38. Foods = awesome. Cats = amazing. You = hilarious. I love reading this blog hahah, I never know what to expect.


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