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No Florence, No Sushi, but 8.5 Miles Instead

Remember how hubs and I were heading to Atlanta for sushi, a Florence and the Machine concert, and an early anniversary celebration? Well....not so much. We left a little late because of some work that needed to be done at the house, and then once on the road heard radio reports of the traffic. Um, yikes. Kinda forgot that everyone in the world decided to drive to the beach for 4th of July weekend. We would have had to skip dinner, wait 3-4 hours in traffic, and MAYBE catch the end of the concert. We turned around and headed home, and I cried just a little.

I lied. I cried a lot. There wasn't much I could do about it, so we cuddled up in front of the TV, made homemade bagel pizzas (um, yum!) and ate cookie dough by the spoonful. Instantly makes everything better. This morning I was ready to hit the road for a long run, and made it 8.5 miles in 1:20, so a 9:24 pace. My legs felt so great and rested! But just to be safe, can you guess what I did after the run?

You know after a run in 80+ degrees and near 100% humidity, I was totally excited for an ice bath. I've been watching 20 minute installments of Mean Girls in the tub each week--finally finished today, hooray! I don't know how I could stand that freezing water without entertainment. 

Craving salt BIG TIME after a sweaty long run, so I made a meal that I could douse in soy sauce: jasmine rice, baked tilapia, and roasted broccoli. Lunch of champions!

If you ice bath: what on earth do you do in there to pass the time?
In a warm bubble bath, I just sit and enjoy. In a bath of ice, I need stuff to do! Reading is awkward for me in there, so I've been setting my laptop up on the toilet (classy) and watching movies!

Rice fan? Pick a favorite: white, jasmine, brown, wild, red?
Normally I go with brown/wild rice, but lately I have been missing Asia and making lots of delicious sticky jasmine rice. Delicious!

P.S. You are all smarty pants. The answer to my trivia question was: the flag on the moon!


  1. Sorry you missed the concert, but great run today. I have yet to ice bath...but I'm thinking I would definitely need something to distract me. And I LOVE jasmine rice. Lunch looked super yummy!

  2. Aw, sorry you missed your concert! The food looks amazing. And I guess Mean Girls is one of the only movies that would make an ice bath tolerable. "Stop trying to make FETCH happen!"

  3. Bummer you missed your concert. It's funny, I just posted a photo of my ice bath. I wear a sweatshirt and scream a little when I get in. Freaks out my cat. I never thought of watching a movie. Mean Girls, also one of my guilty pleasures even though I'm probably too old for it:)

  4. I'm sorry your awesomely fun plans got reduced to tv viewing and cookie dough eating . . . boo for a beginning to your holiday weekend.
    I canNOT imagine an ice bath - seriously, my foot ice soak is a KIL-LER! Kudos to you (you don't really use the whole bag of ice do you?)
    I love the mixed brown and wild rice microwave 90 seconds uncle ben orange bag (hope it's not unhealthy - I eat it a couple of times a week).
    Have a great 4th!

  5. ahhh! I am so sorry to hear your plans did not work out the way you hoped. Atlanta traffic is definitely not my fave! sounds like you got an awesome run in though! i really gotta suck it up and try an ice bath. it is getting too hot here not to! haha! you are slowly convincing me that it is worth it ;)

    i pretty much like any kind of rice but lately i have been craving brown rice!

    happy 4th!

  6. That ice bath sounds amazing after a hot/sweaty run! I might have to try it soon! Sorry about missing your concert! That is a bummer. I love megans comment..."Stop trying to make FETCH happen. It is not going to happen!" hahahahahahahahahah

  7. That is a bun deal you had to miss the concert and sushi! Glad you had a good run though! I have never done the ice bath thing. i think I would be in there reading though

  8. Aw, that sucks! Sounds like how I would have handled the situation! Great run too!!! Since gettin back to TN, I can't find my legs! The humidity is making mychest feel like it's caving in, so mad props to u! :)

  9. No concert? Ugh my heart would be broken too.

  10. Sorry that you had to miss your concert last night...but it sounds like spoonfulls of cookie dough sound like they would help make up for it :)

    Nice work on the long run this morning. You are so brave for doing the ice baths. I've never done one, but I would prob watch TV while in there too.

  11. Awww bummer about the concert!! However the rest of your posting about that night, the food, and the run the next morning sound like they made up for it for sure.

  12. I did an ice bath once. I listened to my ipod and tried to stay as still as possible.

    Sorry your plans didn't pan out as expected. I hate dealing with traffic, especially when it messes up your plans!

  13. Oh I am so sad for you - traffic BLOWS. I would have eaten massive amounts of cookie dough too. I'm glad you got a good run out of it though! I make whoever is there come sit on the toilet and talk to me (usually hubby but sometimes running buddies - and I return the favor!) If no one is there, this sounds so weird, but usually I read because whatever book I am reading has characters suffering through much worse than ice baths so it makes me tough it out! Music is key too.

  14. Good job on creating a fun night in after your plans were pooped on.

    I love purple rice! And even love it in the purple jasmine blends available in stores. So much fun and so delicious.

  15. I love black rice, which might purple I don't know and yum sticky rice. I really need to suck it up and do the icebath but I can't get myself to do it :(

  16. I NEVER take ice baths even though I know I should. I hate the cold more than anything else in this entire world. I get severe anxiety and feel sick to my stomach when I am in an uncontrollable cold situation. Dramatic, yes...but it's true.

    All rice is yummy! I guess brown would be the type that I eat the most :)

    Nice run!

  17. You are a brave woman - ice bathing.
    Even after my marathon I couldn't face it.
    Hubby was urging me to jump in our pool (in Winter) as it would be ideal recovery.
    I couldn't do it.
    Downed champagne instead!

  18. I read a book when I take an ice bath, but usually I just stick ice packs down my pants lol.

    I'm not a fan of rice at all.

  19. I'm so sorry about the concert/dinner plans. That SUCKS. And, I would totally cry over something like that.

    Nice work on the run!! I've never iced after a run before.

    Sort of an aside on the rice, but basmati. My mother in law is Persian and she knows how to make rice. It's AMAZING. I don't even bother unless my husband is going to make it for me. :-)

  20. lolll I set my laptop on the toilet to watch movies while I bathe too! I thought I was a weirdo. haha.

    I am planning on my first ice bath today. Not gonna lie - I am scared.

  21. I'm so sorry you didn't get to go on your fun date! I would have totally cried, too. Glad you had a good run, though!

    There's not a good place to put my laptop in my bathroom, so I make my husband come in and entertain me while I ice bath :). He usually just laughs at me.

  22. I haven't taken an ice bath since marathon training last fall, but then I would just sit in there drinking my chocolate milk and reading a magazine. And cussing. Lots and lots of cussing.

  23. Cookie dough by the spoonful - YUM!! What kind? Haha. You can't leave out such important details!!

  24. Ice bath...... brrrrrrr....... I try to catch up on my blog reading.

    Gotta run.

  25. I would have cried too, I love F and TM. Congrats on the great long run and the ice bath. I'm too scared to try it myself! BRRRR.

  26. One thing about summer is that ice baths are sooo much more bearable!

    Sorry that you had to miss out on the concert! Boo long weekend traffic!

  27. The tortures on an ice bath, I read a magazine, I cant concentrate on a book while shivering.

    I like brown rice

  28. so sad you had to miss all the fun :(

    i always watch a friends episode on dvd whilst soaking in ice. they're 20 minutes long which gets me all the way through the bath. perfect.

    i'm a big fan of brown...but i just bought my first bag of wild rice. now i just need to find a good recipe.


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