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I'm a Winner! But No Beer and Wings For Me...

So, I did it! My challenge for myself yesterday was to suck it up and take some pictures at my weekly trivia night, and not stress so much about what people thought of it. Success! And might I add, it was clearly our good luck charm because we won first place!

There's some weird earring thing going on there, but I'm pointing to our first place prize--$30 gift certificate! Woo-hoo! That should last me about 6 months because every time I go I just get a diet coke. Beer and hot wings are the popular food/drink of choice, but I just get crazy hopped on caffeine with free refills of diet coke. I gotta stay focused on the intensity of the game, you know?

His "thinking" pose. Totally unstaged.

We also may or may not have gotten ripped off. Last week the first place prize was $40--last night it was $30. What's up with that?

I'll still take it.

Yesterday's workouts were 45 minutes of yoga at home, followed by 30 minutes of upper body and abdominal work. Felt great! This morning I did P90X Plyometrics again--felt it a little more this time! It's definitely a good way mix in lower-body strength with high intensity cardio intervals. Loved it!

Pretty excited for tonight--hubby and I are celebrating our anniversary a week early because we needed an excuse to see Florence and the Machine in Concert! We'll head somewhere for dinner too--still undecided but I'm leaning towards some sushi. 

Here was one of our interesting questions of the night (no one got it right): Which American flag is never raised, lowered, or saluted?
No answer yet guys, guesses please! Show me that my readers are all geniuses!

What is your go-to drink when you don't want to have alcohol--because you don't drink, early run, calories, etc?
I know it's not the healthiest, but I can easily down 3-4 diet cokes in one evening. I just make up for it with lots of water. Better than beer, right?


  1. ooo I have wanted to try P90X! Good for you!! My go-to drink when I don't want to drink alcohol is just water with lemons. It kind of looks like you are drinking an alcoholic drink so you don't get as many questions....
    um and I have no idea about the flag joke!

  2. Last night, I was at an 'alcohol' event, but I just drank water because I was going for a bike ride afterward. It worked out just fine and everyone was pretty amused. I didn't feel felt conscious or anything, I knew that I was going to be feeling much better than any of them the next day haha.

  3. Hmm... no idea on the flag thing. I'm sure some of my history-savvy friends would know, though. Can I phone a friend? haha.

    I'm also a diet soda person. I know it's bad for you, but to me, it feels like a better option than regular soda or alcohol or whatever other options you might have.

  4. Congrats on the win! That is really cool.

    I don't drink soda anymore so when I'm out maybe I'll have 1 beer and a ton of water if I'm planning on running the next day. Otherwise I'll just have iced tea or lemonade.

  5. I also love diet coke! but I'll also do seltzer with lemon or lime. I have 0 clue on the trivia question!

  6. Congrats on winning

    The answer to the question is the flag left on the moon by Apollo 11 astronauts. Yes, I knew the answer and no, I didnt use google, and yes I am a history nerd

    I love Cyrstal Light Wild Strawberry, that is my goto drink. I like to reward myself every once in awhile if a Dr Pepper or Mountain Dew

  7. New follower. I've really enjoyed reading your blog.

    Congrats on winning! I really want to try P90X. The flag question: The flag on the moon.

    I have a weakness for lemonade. But I try and stick with just water.

  8. I too am a diet coke lover. It's a habit that I've tried to break in the past, but I'm pretty much over it now. I look at it like there are way worse things that I could be doing. Good job on the not drinking, sometimes that can be really hard. Especially when you are the only one and everyone around you is trying to get you to join in!

  9. Sounds like fun - I might go to trivia next week due to this post! I'm the same way, I don't do the beer and wings. One time I brought cupcakes and snuck in a thermos of milk. I'm cool like that. No idea on the first question, second question I have a real problem because caffeine keeps me up at night, so usually I just have water - I may look lame but at least it's cheap!

  10. I'm a Canadian- I can't answer that question :)

    My go-to is soda water or seltzer with lemon or lime. It definitely used to be diet coke (and sometimes I'll still have some) but I'm trying to get away from as much of the fake sugar as I can.

  11. Someone already guessed the flag on the moon, which was way better than my guess of the POW flag! When I can't drink the sauce, I drink a metro mint or make my husband put just juice in the shaker and give it a good shake. I can still drink it out of the fancy glass and have the ice crystals on top!

  12. congrats on the big win!!! sounds like a blast! dang it...i am so bad at trivia. i have no idea on the question!

    my go to drink is ALWAYS soda...except I am not such a fan of diet...oops. :)

  13. How fun and so awesome that you won! Love that.

    Definitely a big fan of DC! I don't drink it often but when I out!

  14. Hmmm... generally I'll always have one beer or glass of wine, even if I'm getting up early... but if not, I'll have water or an Arnold Palmer.

    Enjoy the concert!!

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Good for the win and the $30 gift certificate! P90X... I got it last year and not sure why but Tony Roberts just annoys the heck out of me. So I stopped using it. I found other ways to exercise that does not include looking at his face. :D

    Maria @ Asphalt Tales

  17. I don't drink so my go to drink is anything diet. Whether they carry coke or pepsi I drink both. But if it is there I am all about coke zero!!

  18. I love trivia nights! So much fun! Congrats on winning!

    I like diet coke and diet ginger ale (that's my fave but most restaurants don't have it)...butttt I'm trying to cut out artificial sweeteners, so I've been drinking lots of selzter with lemon/lime. Yum!

    Have fun celebrating your anniversary!

  19. I love plyometrics and how I feel after I finish the video :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. way to kick some butt at trivia!! i suck at trivia games so u have my total awe and admiration! plus, ur happy face at winning is priceless. :)

    i don't drink so i usually go for water (how boring am i?!?!)

  21. oh man i love florence and the machine i saw her live in concert about a year ago and she is so amazing. So jealous have fun!

  22. Oh also i drink diet cokes when out, sometimes i ask the bartender to put it in a tiny glass so it looks like i have a real drink, like a rum and coke. That way some of my drink nazi friends stay off my case

  23. yayy for winning! boo for getting cheated out of 10 bucks

  24. I ran into this question a year ago, but somebody else already answered. There's no one on the moon to raise or lower it!!

  25. I have p90x at home and I am doing my first workout tomorrow!

    Gratz on you plyometrics workout.

    My goto drink is unsweetened iced tea. And yes, I do end up all hopped up and jittery by the end of the night:-)

  26. I have NO idea about the flag!!! I'm stumped.

    Yay for celebrating the anniversary early!! Have fun! :D

  27. Love Florence and the Machine!

    When I'm not drinking I'm all about the Diet Coke. Bad, bad, bad habit. I justify it by saying I'm not a smoker or an alcoholic and I always wear sunscreen.

  28. I can't guess at the answer 'cause I totally just saw it in the comments ... and what a cool question/answer! I'm a total space geek, so that's right up my alley!

    Congrats on your win!

    My go-to drink would be Pepsi. I'm a Diet Pepsi girl if it is in the can, but out of the machine I like regular. To me they taste the same that way. I might have wierd taste buds.

  29. plyo always kills me the next dayy!!

    and i am a water or kombucha kind of girl
    and no idea about the flag! hahah soryyyy

  30. hmmm Im going dry for july and have just given up diet coke ... will just be water water and more water for me.

  31. thats a tough question. I think the flag is never saluted??

    I always go for diet coke (even though I really don't drink it) or shirley temple. hehe.

  32. Ahhh I'd probably go for the diet coke too! Or water with lemon and lots of ice!!

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