Sunday, July 31, 2011

Captain America, Fro-Yo, and My Long Run

Yesterday when I woke up I was NOT in the mood for a long run. After my snake incident  on Friday night, I was genuinely too freaked out to run on the trails around the lake. So, I stayed inside, doing a circuit workout instead. Hubs, our houseguest, and I set off around noon to visit Five Guys. Now, I've been there before, and love the burgers. But I wasn't feeling meat, so I settled on the veggie burger.

Heads up--there's no actual "burger" in the veggie burger. Just veggies on a bun. It was actually really tasty! I loaded mine up with grilled onions, grilled peppers, lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, and mustard. Yum. It is weird that I honestly thought it tasted like a hamburger? I guess I like the toppings more than the actual meat itself. Anyway, paired with some peanuts it made a great lunch:

I had some coupons for for free fro-yo that obviously needed to be used immediately, but the boys wanted to see some silly comic book movie. Thankfully, Captain America is ridiculously, um, strong. Let's just say I enjoyed the movie. I got to use the coupons afterwards:

Which made my frozen yogurt come to a grand total of $1.38. That's a price I can be happy about! My concoction of white chocolate mousse, vanilla, and caramel mocha:

Good thing I had some fro-yo yesterday, I needed it to fuel my long run today. I was up and out the door by 6am, to try and beat the sun! Thankfully my whole run was done before it got sunny, although the humidity made the air like soup. All in all, I'm pleased with my 9:24 pace, especially on the gravel hills and lake trails!

What's the last movie you saw? 
Captain America, but the one before that was Horrible Bosses. 

Do you ever eat veggie burgers? What's your favorite type, brand, etc?
I am a fan of most kinds of veggie burgers, as long as they're covered in ketchup! I have always liked the original Garden Burger brand though. 


  1. I saw Friends with Benefits a few days ago. It was actually a lot funnier than I thought it would be! Next up is Crazy Stupid Love. I think that's on the agenda for tonight!

    I love veggie burgers! I don't really have a favourite. I will eat them from anywhere. There's a brand I buy here (not sure if they have them in the US) called Amy's burgers. They're all natural - only made from veggies and grains. They come frozen and cook super fast! I would love to try a burger bun stuffed only with veggies though! That sounds tasty!

    Jealous of your cheap froyo! It usually costs me about $6 every time!

  2. I love veggie burgers, in fact I actually haven't had one that I didn't like.

    I just recently saw Horrible Boss and Friends with Benefits... both hilarious!

  3. Many veggie burgers have gluten in them, so I don't eat them. Before, however, I found that Gardenburger was better than most other varieties. I don't go out to the movie theater much because it's soooo expensive.

    Glad you got in your run and foods :))

  4. Up at 6am? Morning runs are my personal kryptonite!

  5. I honestly can't remember which movie we saw recently. My husband will go watch all the ones he wants to see on his off days while I am still at work. I am not huge on movies so that is fine with me. I will watch some when his netflix movies come in.

    I don't think I have ever tired a veggie burger, unless you count what they used to serve in the school cafeteria as veggie. I think they use soy for that but I don't know if they have any meat prodcuts in it.

  6. 5 guy and no burger - that's sad - they are so unhealthfully delicious! Though if there was ever a place you could have a lot of flavor and non-burger options for your bun, 5 Guys would be it. No fries either? Girl, what are we going to do with you???? Tsk Tsk Tsk! Ha!

    Fro yo sounds awesome in this crazy heat!

    Sadly I can't even remember the last movie I saw in the theater - it was Oh yeah, it was Bridesmaids.

  7. Yay nice job on the run! And yes I hate hamburgers so I will always just pile it up with veggies and cheese. :)

    Have a fabulous Sunday Vanessa!

  8. we saw Captain America tonight... Loved it! :D

    I think the new Planet of the Apes movie will be our next one (it plays here in a couple weeks).

    Yeah, we're nerds. lol

  9. Boca makes a really good flame-broiled burger. That way, if you can't grill it, it will at least taste grilled. I'm a big texture person and this one has the best texture for me.

  10. I have a confession. I didn't read your snake post. I couldn't do it. I would have nightmares. I imagine it was horrific right? LOL

  11. Nice pace! I only eat veggie burgers, no meat for me. We get the boca burgers at costco, which is good for a quick meal after a long day at work, but when I make bean burgers myself, it's so much better. I don't think just toppings on a bun would do it for me. Nice pace on your run! I had to start mine at 6am too, and it was still hot. I THINK the last movie I saw was Water for Elephants?

  12. I have always been kind of 'meh' about veggie burgers. If I am going to have a burger I have a meat one otherwise I would just go for a hotdog.

  13. You had me at Fro-Yo!

    I have never had a veggie burger but have always been curious

  14. Veggie burgers, fro yo and running. Sounds like an awesome weekend!

  15. I do the veggies on a bun thang whenever I go to someones house and they serve burgers, not knowing I don't eat meat. It's way better than people think it would be, isn't it?!

  16. Veggies on a bun sounds way better than an actual veggie burger! I kind of want to try that!

    We just saw Captain America on Friday! Loved it!

  17. i'm SO glad you ate veggies on a bun and thought it tasted exactly like a veggie burger. i always drench edamame in salt and then think they taste exactly like french fries. i guess your imagined taste is more legit/plausible, but still....