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Black Bears, Kayaks, and Weekly Workout Recap

I think we should start circulating "Bad Blogger Awards," because I would definitely get one for my lack of documentation yesterday. Here's what I missed by not bringing along a camera:

-amazing scenery kayaking along the Hiwassee River in Tennessee with friends
-Dinner at a great local restaurant: veggie burger with sweet potato fries baked in brown sugar
-a black bear cub in the woods

Yeah, I think that's my most exciting day in a long time and I have no proof it even happened. Bummer.
Instead, I'll give you a random old picture of me being posing with a green water gun, bright blue beret, and skeleton shirt. Because goodness knows I'll never be able to segue into using it any other time.

You're welcome.

Here's the round-up of the week's workouts:

Monday: 45 minutes of Yoga
Tuesday: 4.75 mile Run (tempo run)
Wednesday: 30 minutes Elliptical
Thursday: 5.5 Mile Run
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 9.25 Mile Run, 2 Mile Walk
Sunday: 2.5 hours of kayaking

Total Running Mileage: 20 Miles

I'm pretty happy with the week, but I didn't get in any core work or my recent favorite, P90X Plyometrics. Next week! I would really like to up my long run, getting 12+ miles next weekend.

What's the most exciting thing you've done and didn't manage to document?
Before blogging, I would never take pictures of anything. There are entire vacations I don't even have proof happened because I didn't bring along a camera. 

Have you ever been kayaking/canoeing? Love it?
I have kayaked on the ocean before, but this was so much fun in the river--especially when we would hit the (admittedly small) rapids. I loved it so much, and already we want to buy a kayak so we don't have to rent one. 


  1. I totally forgot to document my weekend as well and was just starting to feel bad about it. Glad I'm not the only one! :)

    We own a canoe and love it! We also have kayaked but that ended in my husband falling out into a really murky part of a lake and losing his wedding ring. So we stick to the canoe now!

  2. GOOD JOB fitting that picture in. worth it.

    also, you are a freaking beast with your workouts. you make me wanna be hardcore. :)

  3. I have been kayaking a few times. It's pretty fun, though somehow there always managed to be water in the kayak. One time, my hat flew off in to the ocean and we had to race over (in kayak) to get it. lol

  4. WOW, that sounds like such a fun day! Kayaking is something that I've always dreamt of doing, but have never tried. It's on my bucket list, but really, do I need to be dying before I try it, NO. :-)

  5. I love kayaking - it is such a great upper body workout.

    Lol, great picture :-)

  6. I always say I am the worst blogger ever because I forget to take a picture of my meal until I have already eaten half of it! Nice random picture!

  7. I"m terrible about taking pics too. But your adventure sounded fun regardless! I love kayaking--I have my own and am really digging it. Glad you didn't see the mama bear!

  8. So jealous of your kayaking I love to do it but don't get to often in the desert. I have the opposite problem with 2 parents that are photographers we have OVER documented our lives!! Great workout week good job!

  9. I LOVE kayaking. It's so much fun. I haven't done it this year yet though. I should get to it! I have taken a lot more pictures since I started blogging, that's for sure!!!

  10. You missed a black bear? Please tell me you watch the office! Bears, beets, battlestar gallactica!

  11. i say this every week but i love the variety in your workouts! something I aspire to :) i was the same way before blogging...NEVER took pics. It took me a while to get into the swing of it even when I started the blog...haha!

  12. haha i was the same way with pictures. They are slowly creeping back into my life thanks to the blog. And I love that I have something to do with them. I used to hate taking pictures and then just storing them...

    I wish there were more places to go kayaking around me, it aways seems so nice.

    Love the pic by the way

  13. LOL I love that pic! You are so goofy -- in the VERY best way :)

  14. I somehow managed to spend 2 months in Sevilla Spain without taking any pictures. When my wife came out we got one day of pictures in Granada before our camera stopped working on top of a mountain during an 8 hour hike.

    I got a kayak this year but consider it my most expensive toy. The boat can be the cheap part considering you need a paddle, PFD, roof rack, and carrier. Depends on your vehicle, it was expensive for me to turn a two door sport coupe into a kayak carrying vehicle. On most great days for paddling I find myself running or cycling so don't get to use it as much as I would like. Paddling is fun though, good cross training.

  15. i love kayaking. Sounds like a fun day. I failed at blogging this weekend when i went on a gourmet food tour and took not a single photo, yup good work me haha

  16. Nice work with all the miles plus the yoga/kayaking cross training!


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