Thursday, July 14, 2011

House Guests and Boiled Peanuts

My mother-in-law has been in Georgia for 24 hours and already we have completed bombarded her with Southern cliches. A stop to the local farmer's market meant a purchase of everything tasty and local,: peaches, watermelon, and boiled peanuts. We led her to believe we were boiled peanut pros, but alas this was the first time I've had them in years. Apparently I forgot how to eat them?

Excuse the fact that I have such issues eating food. The shells are soft too, I really shouldn't have these problems. The haul was pretty good, actually:

Good thing we filled up with tasty food because we had a crazy ride around with our neighbor on his ATVs. Wanted to make sure MIL thought we traveled like that all the time. Cars are for silly town folk. 

Don't worry, I think she had fun. Planning a dinner out at a Mexican Restaurant and then trivia night where we can dominate once again with our super brains. Or know random facts about pretzels. True story: I was the only one once who knew a question about the origin of pretzels. Awesome or sad?

What's the local food speciality where you live?
Peaches, onions, southern food in general. I don't know much about the southern food, but I like the fresh fruit!

Do you like having visitors stay with you?
I love seeing friends and family, and of course having them with stay. But yes, I'm as OCD about my schedule as I am with everything else. I guess I need a lot of "me time".


  1. Yummy those peaches look delicious!!!

    Locally we have strawberries and WINE :)

    Your MIL's visit looks fun. I to am OCD about my schedule. I like to plan every moment of the guests plan. LOL

  2. Sounds like a fun time.

    Here's a fact about Pretzels - most of the country's pretzels are made where I'm currently living AND I'm the health coach for the employees at the company. Now you know :) Go crush the competition in the trivia game!!!!

  3. haha glad you welcomed you MIL like a true southern girl. Enjoy your fruits and kick some trivia booty!

  4. WOW I've never tried boiled peanuts, so you're really supposed to eat the shell? Or maybe I misread that?

    Have fun at trivia tonight!!

  5. The local specialty here is probably Pot Brownies. My county grows about 95% of the country's marijuana.

    Boiled peanuts are disgusting.... Can tell you're enjoying it in the photo too.haha. :)

  6. Hillarious! My friend always talks about making boiled peanuts. She's from Georgia.

  7. Boiled peanuts?!?! I have never tried those!

    Love peaches...those ones looks so delicious! It's all about the berries for us right now. Raspberries are my fav!

    Have fun at trivia night!!!

  8. Let's not discuss how Chicago is famous for fatty things like deep dish pizza and hot dogs. Okay? I appreciate that!

  9. How funny! I love having people stay with us, but it's nice to be able to still fit in things you need to do!

  10. I always look forward to house guests!!! HM's sister is coming out in September to run the Dirty Dash with us and I am stoked!!! Boiled peanuts huh?

  11. I am very OCD about my time, so i dont mind if people come stay with me as long as they want to follow my schedule and don't mess up my running plans!

  12. I like when people visit, but they have to be flexible and there's no way I"m "entertaining" them the whole time. Oh, and they better be ready for some exercise.

    I live in New England, we eat fish.

  13. I'm in Memphis, and I think that our local specialty is "BBQ"...

    I'm glad that you all had fun!

  14. Looks like fun!!! I live in New England so I'd have to go with clam chowder and other seafoods for our local fare. I don't mind having people stay with us but it's tough after a few days!

  15. I've been living on peaches lately, they are so freaking good!

  16. Boiled Peanuts ehh...never heard of em! Interesting though...

    hmm famous food for Boston would have to be New England Clam Chowdah or Boston Cream Pie :) Love them both, can't really eat either (because they are both cream based for some TMI).

    ATVs look so fun!

  17. Boiled peanuts just do not sound good...
    In Wisconsin we are known for fried cheese curds and frozen custard. I wonder why we are one of the fattest states?
    We also produce most of the country's cranberries in northern WI.

  18. I love having people come visit. I love that you called that an ATV too. I have always called them mules, although I know that is not what they are supposed to be called! I guess that is the country girl coming out in me. haha