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Q & A Answers: The Hubs, The Marriage, The World

I got so many great questions from you all, I thought I would address them all in general. To start:

The Hubs:

He dabbled as a rock star. Swoon.

How old is he? 31

Background? Born in England, moved to Hong Kong at age 2, went to University in London, and was teaching English at the University of Hong Kong for the past few years.

Did he know to to build/design a house? I think he qualifies as a "city boy" who has completely embraced rural Georgian life. He is crazy artsy and creative though, and designed the entire house. Plus, he researched each aspect of building a house and followed through. Superman. 


How did we meet? Rather ordinarily, actually! We were introduced by a mutual friend at a local concert.

Did you give him a ring? This one made me laugh! No engagement ring I'm afraid, but we do have matching wedding bands that we picked out together.

How long did we date before marriage? We started dating in December of 2009, and were married in July 2010. Yes, that's very quick, but I think we both knew early on it was the real deal, and we were excited to get out of Hong Kong and get started on our new life here in America. 

Wedding Pressure? Nope! Our families were pretty great about accepting our decision to have a small, casual wedding. And yes, we saved a ridiculous amount of money. It's about the marriage, not the ceremony!

Global Adventures:

Why have I lived in so many countries? My father (and also my step-father) both moved around for work. My family lived in Germany when I moved to the USA for college, and then I wanted to transfer to try out a new place. I moved to HK to be closer to family as well.

Favorite place to live? Aside from right here in Georgia, I would pick the town I lived at in Germany: Herzogenaurach. Small and quaint!

Where would I want to travel to? My dream vacation is to go to Bora Bora! One day...

Up next will be the answers to questions about me, my work, my workouts, and eating. Plus all the fun stuff (hint: superpowers and guilty pleasures are involved!)

Did you have (or do you plan to have) a big or small wedding? Somewhere in between? Why?
I'm always curious how and why people choose their wedding plans. And to all you people who had destination weddings, I am incredibly jealous!

What's your dream travel destination?
I promised one day I would take the hubster to Bora Bora, and hopefully we will get there before we're too old to enjoy it!

A big thank you to the wonderful bloggers who asked these questions: ChristinaChristyWells L.MegPamJessLindseyKatherineNikLisa, and Sammy!


  1. This is so cool! I love reading about other bloggers' life. I lived in Germany for 5 yrs. and loved it!!!! I lived in Heidelberg, which was a big city with a small town flavor. I would go back in a heartbeat.

    Asphalt Tales

  2. This is fun! I spent a summer abroad at Regent's College in London but other than that I'm just a small town Ohio girl that landed in KY. My Q&A would be really boring!

    We had a big wedding in my hometown. Having it in my hometown ewas actually the most important thing for me because so many of my "grown up" friends had never heard of it.

  3. Craig wanted a small wedding, but I think we are going to have a bigger wedding-ceremony being around 300 and reception anywhere from 400-500. Craig has a HUGE family! Let the planning begin!

  4. I had a medium sized wedding- 130ish. And I am proud to say my husband and I had saved for it and paid for it ourselves :)

    I really want to go to Tahiti, but would love to do some more traveling in Europe. Switzerland... England... Greece... I went to Italy two years ago and fell in love with the country.

  5. Love learning about bloggers lives! It makes me feel like a friend IRL. lol

  6. We had a medium wedding. While I loved it, I do wonder what it would have been like to have a destination wedding.

  7. I love the ring question:) Hey, if you know it is the real deal...GO FOR IT:) You make such a beautiful couple and that city in Germany sounds amazing!

  8. So fun to learn more about you! I totally agree about the small wedding. Save the money for life right!

    You and your hubby are adorable Vanessa.

  9. I've seen the super small, did they even invite anyone weddings, to the giant, was there a sign outside inviting people in for free food weddings. I want something in between, but with my mom's side of the family being so large, an in between wedding could easily be over 200.

    I have had a passport for just about a year now and would love to put it to good use traveling anywhere and everywhere!

  10. Love this! Looking forwarding to the next one!

    PS: I guess if I get married here in Hawai'i, that's considered a destination wedding by default, huh? LOL!!

  11. I'm loving these Q&A posts! I think I'd like a smallish wedding...I don't really like huge deals. Oh, do you speak any other languages?

  12. Bora Bora sounds like SO much fun, great idea!!

    Love learning about you, thanks for sharing :)

  13. Follow-up question: Does your husband have an accent? Because I've always thought that would be fun :)

  14. Yay for question time! It's fun learning about other bloggers!

    We had a large wedding. We did not particularly want a large wedding, but we both (especially me) have large families and we grew up in the same town, so it ended up being rather large. We had a great time even though it was a bit bigger than we had pictured.

    I think I'd like to see Tahiti one day.

    I'm excited for the next Q&A post!

  15. I love the pic of Bora Bora... it's my DREAM to stay somewhere in one of those little huts on stilts over the water, haha. Looks beautiful!

  16. That's so awesome!!! I had no idea you'd been to so many places.

    For our actual wedding, we only had 6 family members present but then a few months later we rented a room at an Irish pub and had about 90 people for cocktail hour. It was the best party I've ever been to!

  17. My first marriage ceremony took place in a Feed & Seed store in Sevierville Tennessee across the street from the courthouse. Really!

    That was 12 years ago. I'm engaged to get married again in November. We have no plans on a big ceremony. Just him & myself at the county courthouse : )

  18. yay!!! i really loved getting to know more about you! I agree...I would like to have a small wedding some day...i like what you said too that it is about the marriage and not the wedding! so true! thanks for being so open and honest!

  19. I also lived in Germany!! In Hamburg. Loved it.

    We had a super small wedding with only 40ish people. I wouldn't have had it any other way!

  20. love the backgroud on your hubby! Ya'll make a great pair!!

    Dream destination for me: Sicily-Italy. My family is from Palermo, Sicily and I've ALWAYS wanted to go there :) day?

  21. you guys sound so much like us!! we need to live closer. marmite parties!

  22. Your life is probably one of the most interesting ones I have come across - love hearing more and more about it!!!

    What you guys are doing with your house is really remarkable!!

    What brought you out to Georgia?

  23. That is a great picture of the two oy you together! Very cute!
    We had a big wedding because we live in a small town. We had most of the population there because they were family too! LOL!
    There are so many places I would like to travel! I would like to go to Ireland or Germany.


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