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Foam Rolling at Gourmet Runner's House

Stretching is a big deal in our family. My cats are pretty excited when I bust out the foam roller and they get to play with me, but now they're actually starting to stretch at the same time. Hi-freakin-larious.

Please excuse the boxers ghetto fabulous iPhone picture. This was one of the few un-staged pics that has ever made it onto the blog--but I just had to share!


  1. Haha, cats are crazy. Mine also thinks she should partake in people activities, such as sleeping in beds, eating people food, and coming and going from the house whenever she pleases. Sometimes she tries to come with me on runs.

    Also, where does one get a foam roller? I've never seen them in stores.

  2. hilarious indeed! I find the unstaged picture a nice change of pace :)

    Do you find that rolling takes a lot of upper body strength? I read a blogger about a year ago who was new to rolling and she said she was dying with the hard word it took. I've been scared ever since. You, though, make it look relaxing.

  3. It's so funny what our pets do! I have been thinking about getting a foam roller for a while now. What do you like most about it? Do you find that it prevents cramping or soreness or does it help it for recovery or both? Why do you use one?

  4. I really want to start foam rolling, but, well, it looks like a lot of work! I guess it may be worth it...

  5. It is so funny that foam rolling has become such a trend now. I started using foam rollers years ago when I danced ballet, and it was a must after the strenuous routines. You cat is hilarious! But it is adorable.

    My dogs don't stretch like that but my wheaten terrier thinks that when I do sit up its play time. When I am in the down position, she thinks its an invitation to lick my face. She is crazy!

    Asphalt Tales

  6. Haha love this!! I wish I enjoyed stretching...I hate it!! Maybe I need a foam roller?!?!

  7. BAHHAHAHAH That made my day!! Your cats love to stretch with you! That is way too funny!!!

  8. Hahaha, awesome! My cat does the same thing. When I'm up on the roller just like you are in the photo, my cat likes to come under my arm and lay down so I have to slide off funny to avoid squishing her.

  9. You just turned me into a cat person instead of a dog person. I love this!

  10. I love this! My dog does yoga with me! Once she realizes that all the movements and sometimes funny breathing aren't part of play time, she will lay next to me and stretch and roll around. It's amazing!

  11. Your cats are soooo cute. I could never sit down without one of our cats sitting in my face. If I was on the computer the cat would sit on the keyboard or when I was studying the cats would actually sit on my books. They would even sleep on my pregnant belly.

    My brother's dog, who is a border collie, so not a small dog, would try and sit on my pregnant lap, but cause he couldn't fit he would just sit next to me and lean on me and bark at my belly whenever the baby moved. One night my brother had to go on an overnight trip so I was minding his dog and I woke up with the dog lying next to me in bed, he even had his head the spare pillow.

    Not sure what a foam roller is. I have heard of them and that they are good for stretching, but I have never seen one - looks very interesting.

  12. Congrats, you win the award for the funniest thing I've seen all day. That is awesome!

  13. haha...this is priceless! thanks for the pick-up to my night! :)

  14. Too husband took an almost identical picture of me and my cat yesterday!!

  15. YES! This is awesome. My cat does the same thing. If I stay in downward dog too long she just curls up underneath the "body shelter" I'm making and passes out.

  16. I love that your cat is all stretched out with you. Too funny!!

  17. Adorable picture! I love that you and your cat are both stretching lol! Have a fabulous week!

  18. I love, heart, live for my foam roller!

    I have a dog that is scared of my foam roller and usually hides which is good because that gives me more room to ROLL.

    Have a good week.

  19. Bahaha, that's hilarious! My lil dog loves to sit on me while I work out - esp. abs!

  20. MY CAT DOES THE SAME THING!!! hahaha love ittt :)


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