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How I'm Going to Gain Ten Pounds...

I kid, I kid. But seriously, It's hard to not partake in all the tasty things heading my way right now. First, check out the picture my hubby emailed me today:

That's right. I used to have to drive a good hour away to get frozen yogurt. Now, it's about 25 minutes. I foresee daily trips to get fro-yo, followed by monthly trips to Old Navy to keep getting my jeans one size larger. Totally worth it. 
P.S. How awesome that my hubster knows this is so important to me that it's worth an email in the middle of the day?

And then, just to remind me that Canada is amazing, Laura sent me what was supposed to be a little bag of smarties. (Not the American kind. The kind that taste like M&M's. Heaven) Except that she decided instead to send me a ridiculous FEAST of goodies. Seriously amazing. 

That gorgeous postcard of the lake? Happens to be where she grew up. Girl after my own heart! Thanks again, Laura! Go visit her blog Never Not Beautiful if you haven't yet. She makes what might be the most amazing smoothies I've seen. Delicious!

On top of all this, my wonderful Mother-in-law arrives tomorrow night. She will be bringing some of my favorite English sweets and chocolates. God help me. Self control might disappear for a week or two, but it will be back. Probably. 

How often do you "treat" yourself?
Obviously often! I love sweet things, so I have something tasty every day. When I was trying to lose weight I would have something smaller, like a bite of chocolate or a low calorie ice pop. 

Do you feel like you have a lot of willpower?
I think I do. When I tried the sugar-free week a while back, I didn't have too much of a problem cutting out junk. And I think I'm ok about getting in my workouts as scheduled. But all those chocolates in the "junk drawer" are calling my name right now....


  1. I used to be really good at portion control/moderation but I've somehow gained 5 lbs in the last month or so... I guess 4 birthhdays and a vacation will do that...
    I have willpower except when I'm "trying" to have willpower

  2. YUM YUM YUMMERS!!!! I think it's important to treat yourself at least once a day! Simple pleasures like you said, nothing outrageous.. I think I have ridiculous discipline.....when I want to hahaha! It sounds like you're that way, too, so just indulge for a week, girlie!! =)

  3. I love sweets. I eat them too much, I'm pretty sure of that haha!

    I have will power, but most of the time, I allow myself the treat.

  4. Canadian Smarties are the best! But we don't have self-serve fro-yo with toppings ANYWHERE around here. Enjoy and have some for me!

  5. I have no will-power so I basically don't ever buy sweets. Too bad my office is STOCKED with candy...

  6. Not sure what canidian sweeties are, never had them or heard of them.

  7. Awesome! All of that candy makes me hungry. Love treats! And I definitely go on spurts-I am an all or nothing kind of girl.

  8. ZERO self-control here...I can always come up with an excuse for a treat. haha. SO EXCITED for the fro-yo news!!! woo hooo!!!!

  9. Well, of course Canadian candy is delicious! :)

    Enjoy the goodies your MIL brings -- so glad you have a nice one... MIL that is!

  10. NO self control but I do buy smaller or "healthier" candies that satisfy the craving. Then I reward myself for long runs. Typically on Saturdays I let myself have a cupcake or a dessert! I am not going to run 100+ miles a month and not enjoy the sweeter things in life.

  11. LOL! I have zero will power. ZERO!! There is always a reason for celebration and eating sweets! Oh, it's Monday!? Let's go out for ice cream!!!

  12. Ha ha. yay for fro-yo! There's one about 5 minutes from my house and the only thing that keeps me from eating it everyday is the price! Itreat myself pretty much everyday. My sweet tooth is out of control. I feel like I have a lot of will power in the exercise department, but not so much in the eating department.

  13. When it comes to sweets I have negative will power. I am too lazy to leave the house for sugar, so as long as I don't buy much I'm okay.

  14. Mmmm that all looks so good! I really like sweet treats and stuff like that. I'm pretty good about willpower other than candy/soda but I've gotten a lot better!

  15. Yumm! I have a lot of fro-yo around me, I am lucky - but Tripp will never go with me :( He doesnt understand...

    I love candy and that package is just drool worthy - enjoy every bite!!

  16. I have at least one small treat a day as well. I am so excited for you and your new soon to be fro-yo addiction!! Holy Smartie bonanza! That is A LOT of chocolate! I heard they are different in the weird. Apparently the US version are vegan and the Canadian ones are not. I do my research haha. I cannot believe you lived in Hawaii for 10 years! Can we go back there together and SURF all day pleeeease?!

  17. will power, none. hard day. thinking pizza and icecream or sushi and cupcakes lol

  18. I just tried self serve fro-yo for the first time yesterday. It was good!

    How often do I have treats? Probably daily. That being said- I think I have a lot of willpower. When I need to exercise it, I do. But that doesn't mean I can 't have a treat every day :)

  19. To answer your questions - treat myself way too often (obviously, see my photos) & not a lot of will power.

  20. Oh yummy treats! I treat myself when I have something in the house. Or when I get thinking of something and just have to have it! Like last night I mentioned Creamsicles and today I found them on sale at the store. Sweet!!!

  21. Those are really interesting questions. I'm like you in that I really like to have at least a small treat everyday, and a "cheat meal" about once a week (usually long run day :). At the same time, I do feel like I have a decent amount of willpower most of the time because I can usually say no when confronted with something I haven't planned or that won't fit well into my day. I don't even have a lot of trouble with office treats. My co-workers think I'm really weird :)

  22. Canadian smarties? Those sound awesome!

    I treat myself enough. I don't often have a sweet tooth so I would say i have pretty good self control - except that time of the month )of course) when i want to shove every piece of candy i can find into my mouth. I sent my hubby to the gas station at 12 pm last month for starbursts and airheads...haha!

  23. Loove those smarties from Canada, so yummmy!

    I have pretty good willpower, my boyfriend calls me a robot sometimes because when I set my mind on something, I go for it.

  24. Oh my gosh, you are so sweet! I'm glad you liked the stuff and I hope you enjoy the feast!! Don't forget to eat the red ones last ;-) (if you don't know what that means, google the Smarties song!)

  25. Yuuuuum! If I really set my mind on it, I can have great willpower. But I have to commit my mind to it!

  26. not a lot of will power for me if I have treats in the house! When I am running a lot I treat myself often but if not, like now, I still treat myself often so I need to be careful if I don't want to look like I'm prego with a fourth child. :)

  27. i'm completely interested in these smarties!! i wonder if they are like my fave sixlets...

  28. nice! I'm super jealous of all the goodies that you got. Im really curious about those M&M smarties too....

  29. my gosh I cant believe how spoiled I am!! I have a choice of at least EIGHT different fro-yo joints within 5 miles of my apartment. Literally. California is nuts. I would guess there at least 300 locations in the los angeles area too.

    I eat a lot of sugar every day. a lot. today was two See's lollipops (they are big), some black licorice, a large frozen yogurt, a hot chocolate packet mixed with a little coffee...hmmm what else...oh, a mini snickers from a co-worker. A fruit leather (does that count?). Raisins (does that count?).

    so yeah. I eat a lot of sugar.


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