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Bloggers To Brag About....

Last Friday I asked you to leave a comment telling me about a recent AWESOME workout that you were really proud of. Way too many of you have this whole "modesty" thing going on (don't worry, I haven't caught it. I'm amazing) and need a chance to brag a little every once in a while. So, without further ado, here are some people you should give a little round of applause for, ok? I don't care if you're at work. Just clap.

CupCake@ Bigger Girls Can Run Too: I did have a rather kick butt cross training workout a while ago. 2 solid hours of dancing. I love dacing, I'm just not all that good at it haha. Yeah you did! 2 hours of dancing is a crazy workout!

ChristinaMy favorite workout of the week was my speed day on Wednesday! Fun! I don't call speedwork "fun" because I'm a wuss, but you clearly aren't!

DEMMy workout that impressed me the most this week was my run to the gym and spin class in a new gym with a new instructor - it went really well and I felt awesome afterwards! Yay for new classes and new instructors!

MalloryI am most proud of the 11 miles I did on the treadmill yesterday!! I felt so hardcore.You should be proud--that is a long time to be on the treadmill!

Erica I'm most proud of still teaching pump at 9 months, 1 week pregnant! How can you compete with that? AWESOME.

Emily @ Sweating SugarI will never miss an op to brag- I did a speed workout the other day and I went faster than normal and felt super human. AWESOME. Love those runs! And good girl for not missing a chance to brag, haha!

The Hungered OneMost proud of my 5k this week. hooray :) First ever 5k right here. Great job!

Lisa {}I have almost no recent exercise achievements since I've been recovering from a stress fracture. I suppose making it 6 weeks without running and NOT going crazy is my accomplishment!! Seriously, not going crazy is beyond hard to do. I'm so impressed!

Christina @ The AthletarianI'm proud of the partner yoga class I did yesterday! It was so much fun and some of the moves were pretty tough! So cool! You have to go see the pictures she just posted of this class---crazy poses!

LauraI just got back from a 5.5 mile run... and the first 3.5 miles were uphill! EXHAUSTED!! But proud.. .Tackling hills definitely deserves some applause. Nicely done!

LindseyThe workout I'm proud of is running 7.18 miles yesterday - that's my longest one so far! A distance PR is so, she's running this in Tanzania! Suddenly sounds more hardcore, right?


Thank you all for letting me know about all your recent achievements. It's so great to be celebrated for all the wonderful things in your lives!

I want to try something fun in the comments: leave a word of congratulations or encouragement to one of the bloggers mentioned here in the post. Keep the love rolling, people! You all deserve it! Then---go ahead and tell me something you're proud of, fitness-wise. Go!


  1. Great idea, V!

    To The Hungered One - congrats on your first 5K! Awesome stuff!!! More to come, I'm sure!

    AFM, I am feeling pretty pumped that I was able to incorporate tri training. A little over a week ago, I would have told you I will bever do a tri. Here I am signing up for three and hitting the pool & wheels 3x per week. LOOK OUT!

  2. Great job to everyone! Great job not going crazy and listening to the doctor's orders, Lisa! I had a stress fracture once, it was terrible. Good job taking care of YOU.

    Something I'm proud of... I'm proud of having exercised the last 10 days in a row! Woo-hoo!!!

  3. Congrats to everyone! Those are all amazing achievements!

    @ Mallory- How do you run that long on a treadmill without losing your sanity? I can usually go 3 miles at most... and that's only with the help of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

  4. Aww! Thank you! You're so sweet and now I feel all special. :D Some of these workouts sound awesome!

    @CupCake - Jeopardy makes everything better!

    @ Marlene - thanks so much!

    Everyone did so awesome! Great job!

  5. Freaking awesome! Love this. Congrats to everyone on all of your fitness accomplishments.

    @Erica- You are a ROCKSTAR!!

    @The Hungered One- Congrats on your first 5k! So awesome!

  6. I can't just pick one so congratulations to everyone!!

    I was so excited yesterday when I was able to help the husband move the washer and dryer. Seems like weight training is paying off! :)

  7. Love it. Congrats to everyone on your achievements. And the ability to brag. I am working on that one.


    We can begin to feed...

  8. omg that picture is amazing. that sign has absolutely nothing to do with running yet would be SO awesome to see during a race. It would def make me run faster and smile :)

    Congrats to everyone above, but if I have to pick one...ummm Erica? Really?!? That is beyond belief and simply awesome.

  9. Congratulations to all y'all! But Mallory- 11 miles on a treadmill?!?! I can barely handle 3!

    I'm proud of getting out and running 10 miles alone on Saturday when I was expecting to have company. It was hot, but I just put on some podcasts and got 'er done.

  10. YAY for CUPCAKE! I am not a good dancer hahaha so I totally get where you're coming from! You go girl :D Keep it up with the cross training!!

    Pride for me?... Last week I bench pressed 100lbs 4x and did 3 unassisted pull-ups from a dead hang :D

  11. @ Erica - teaching PUMP and about to have a baby?!?! HOLY AWESOMENESS! What an inspiring girl!

    I know it sounds so minute, but I am proud of being able to do 10 push ups. I know it's not a lot but it is a huge accomplishment for me!

  12. This is lovely! And that sign is awesome.

  13. this is awesome!! We have to realize how amazing we are, great way to highlight it

  14. 11 miles on a treadmill makes me tired just imagining it!!!

    I had to comment on the pic of the sign up there..when I ran a half marathon last year, someone was standing on the sidelines with a sign that read "Hello Complete Stranger, You Inspire Me" The guy holding that sign made my run.

  15. @Running to Music- that's an AMAZING sign! That would have made my run as well. To the point where I might have paused mid-run and hugged him haha

  16. What a great post!!!! It's a great reminder to celebrate the great workouts as much or more than we get down about our hard ones.

  17. Great post!! A big Congratulations to all of you!!

    I am most proud that I have been getting up every day for the last few weeks and doing some form of exercise. It's been a looooooooong while since I've done that!

  18. Congrats to Cupcake! I love being a bad dancer too :)

  19. Woo-hoo!!! Amazing job ladies!!!

    Erica: You are officially my hero...and congrats on your new baby!!

    I am proud that I am finding ways to conquer the mental aspect of Marathon training...I will attempt my first 26.2 in 3 months!!!

  20. This is my first time visiting your blog, and already I'm in love with the inspiration!

    @Mallory... 11 MILES on a treadmill? I can't force my brain through more than 6. YOU ROCK! :)

  21. Wow everyone is so inspirational!! The running community rocks so hardcore it's unbelievable!

  22. Thanks so much for mentioning me - whoa, now I'm almost famous! ;) Haha! These people are awesome!

  23. Man oh man, y'all just made me feel AWESOME!!!! I had never done 11 miles on a treadmill before but it's been so darn hot and humid outside that it is the only safe way for me to get a long run in!!! I LOVE the running community for all the support!

  24. Mad props to EVERYONE! Can I get an amen? Anyone that is getting out there and moving deserves some applause!!!
    Mallory, 11 miles on the treadmill, WTG!


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