Monday, April 18, 2011

Shovelin' Mud

Well Boston was pretty interesting, wouldn't you say? Such a fast marathon, for both the men and the women! I was streaming it and genuinely started crying when it didn't work at first. (Please don't judge me) It took me about 30 seconds to think straight, sort it out, and start watching. Somehow, I survived. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a ton of screen time for Kara Goucher, but she was 5th for women and her fastest marathon time ever! The wheelchair racers were incredibly inspiring as well. Both the men's and women's winners were from Japan, which was emotional for them given the recent events in their country.

I was supposed to do upper-body strength training today. Well, I did. And then some. Hubby and I took turns with a shovel on the land shoveling mud out of trenches. It's ok to be jealous of my life. This stuff was crazy tough. Here is hubs digging away:

At one point my legs started feeling really heavy. I thought I was just tired until I looked down and checked out my shoe:

I think the 5 pounds of mud and rocks may have contributed to the weight, don't you think?
I smiled at the end since we were finally done:

If you read this post and all you want is to own one of these stellar hats my hubs and I are modeling, don't fret. They are $3 from Wal Mart. Hurry to get yours now!  :)

Anyway, now I'm dead dog tired. Somehow I thought it was still a good idea to sneak in a run this evening but it was slow. Did a slow 3.5 miles and then a nice walk for one more. My plan for tonight is to relax and ask the hubs very nicely for a massage. Pretty please?

What did you think of the Boston Results?
If I'm honest I wanted Kara to win but an American woman was 2nd and that was incredible. Plus, a record marathon for men!

When you're sore, do you try to push and fit in a workout or take the day off?
It depends. If I'm really sore I'll take the day off but sometimes a light workout and a good stretch makes me feel better!


  1. So bummed Kara didn't win but DANG they are so fast but I am more proud of all the bloggers that were able to do so great!

    If I am sore I really try to workout because I am almost always less sore afterward!

  2. My thought on Boston -I think it was incredible that Ryan Hall got third and an American was second for the women!! Like you though, I like Kara!! Glad she did well!! I didn't realize you could stream it live.. DANG IT!!!

    When I'm sore I usually just do an easy workout.. Either a short run or some kind of cross training!

  3. The Boston speeds are incredible!!! I am always cheering for Kara she's a rockstar!! When I'm sore I judge the amount and if I can handle more or not!

  4. I was hoping Kara would have done better too, but man 5th place is still great! Amazing results!

  5. Light workout and a good stretch are the answer for me every time! That looks like it would be an awesome workout! Bet you are glad to have it done, though :)

  6. I didn't get to watch because of work but I checked the website obsessively! I can't believe the winner was only 3 minutes slower than my 1/2 marathon time yesterday... CRAZY!! I'd be interested to hear how the top finishers are feeling tomorrow...

  7. You look adorable even after shoveling mud! WOW! So pretty!

    I was totally cheering for Kara and Ryan--this is the first year that I knew anything about Boston and now, I have so many bloggy buddies to cheer for!

  8. Such an exciting Marathon!!! I cannot believe how fast some people blows my mind.

    Haha I have a hat from the dollar is too stylish :-)

  9. LOVE that rockin hat :) you are hard core for shoveling through that mud all day!

    The marathon sounds like it was crazy exciting. dang it stupid work for making me miss it. blah.

    I used to push myself through runs all the time regardless of how I was feeling. Now if anything feels off I just take the day off and focus on strength training or something else.

    Have a GREAT night!

  10. Boston was way intense! The last part of the woman's, yes I was rooting for Kara but Desi did an amazing job! It was a great race. What a great workout, I say this because when you do something totally different then the norm, like shoveling mud it works your body in new ways :)

  11. Thank you! I love that you stayed up reading Kara's book on a Saturday night :) Definitely made me smile.

    Congrats on signing up for your first marathon!! Yippee!

    Boston had me on the edge of my seat for all 2+ emotional and amazing! I wish Kara would have won the whole thing, but she did amazing with that PR and I'm thrilled Desi got 2nd! And look out Ryan Hall! What a terrific day for everyone.

  12. I DO want one of those hats. You're looking good!

    That is a ridiculous workout and a run. Nice work!

  13. It depends on HOW sore I am, whether or not I take a day off!

  14. I agree! It totally depends on how sore I am. I find myself being lightly sore almost always because I'm constantly trying to push myself to do better or mix it up. But when I'm super sore, I let my muscles rest!

  15. I was rooting for Kara, too. But I still think 5th is amazing, especially considering her baby is not even 7 months old I think she said. Wow!

  16. Good luck on your goal to run a marathon this year. My hubs and I bought some land that we are saving to build on too. I just wish I could blink and have all the work over with! :)