Saturday, April 2, 2011

Buffet Time!

Since it was really resembling springtime here today, a run outside was definitely a priority. I soaked up the sun big time on a 2-mile loop nearby. Each loop has one hill about a half mile long that kicks my butt every time. Even though I wanted to run longer and stay outside in theory, my legs were not feeling it so I cut the run short at 5.5 miles. Managed at just under 52 minutes (9:22 pace).

After a little foam rolling, lunch was served. I made a salad with a whole baked sweet potato and a balsamic vinaigrette with grapes on the side. Since I can't get enough peanut butter, I added a half slice of bread with some on top. I don't know why I never thought to put sweet potato on salad before. Yum. 

Tonight we had a date night on the schedule, but the details weren't set. I have only just moved to this area, and my husband has never lived in America at all before. So we never really know what the restaurants are like, even the chains. We decided to try a buffet style place nearby and even though the food quality wasn't amazing, it was still pretty good. Basically, I don't really care what the real food non-dessert courses are. I just eat with one eye on the dessert table. I started well with a nice salad and most of a bread roll:

The next plate was random, but I got one rib, a huge piece of baked chicken, half a sweet potato, and some steamed cabbage. I ended up only eating half the chicken and the part of the rib that was covered in sauce. This plate was basically just the one I felt like I had to eat until I was reasonably allowed to get to the good stuff. I was actually in such a rush to eat my first dessert I forgot to take a picture. It was a soft serve ice-cream cone with sprinkles. I decided I wasn't really all that excited about the cone, so the next dessert showcases a new way to eat soft serve:
Yes, thank you, I am a genius. It is about a gazillion times more fun to eat ice cream on a cookie. Especially when it's topped with sprinkles, peanuts, and oreos. After the meal we rolled ourselves over to the movie theater to watch The Source Code. I wish I could say I liked it...but I'm still undecided. It was a little bizarre for my tastes. Anyway, all in all a lovely night and a fun Saturday. 

Tell me about your Saturdays! Any good workouts?

What is your buffet M.O.? Please let there be someone out there with no self control!


  1. yayyy. my saturday workout consisted of a 9 miler...felt good to get back to running :)

    I have 0 self-control at buffets. It is like a free ticket to eat until I cannot move because my stomach is SO full and heavy. I maybe eat more dessert plates than I do real food...haha!

  2. Well done on the run!! Your running pic looks wonderful and I'm immensely jealous of your weather!! :P

    Buffets are the best--lil bit o everthing!

  3. I don't even let myself go to buffets because I stuff my face with EVERYTHING and feel sick for days. I'm not very good at moderation :)

    Nice run!!

  4. Buffet M.O. for me...well my husband can tell you about our Senior Prom. He took me to Captain Georges which has an all-u-can-eat seafood buffet. We shut the place down and they were vaccuming under our feet while I devoured several plates of crablegs. We still go there once a year...but my metabolism has caught up with me. And sadly, I cant eat as many crablegs. LOL. I dont really care about the rest

  5. I should not be allowed to be around soft serve ice cream and toppings-I go crazy! Love love sprinkles. Favorite thing EVER.