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Free Goodies!

I need to preface this post by admitting something to you all: I heart free stuff. Seriously. I will take free ANYTHING. I spend 5 minutes each day searching for free stuff I can get in the mail. I'll sign up for the toothpaste, the free tampons (no joke--got a sample box of these 3 days go)--whatever. But free snacks? This gets me excited. About 2 weeks ago I figured out that I could get a free Atkins Starter Kit. Now, I've never been on any low-carb diet nor do I intend to start. It's just that the starter kit came with 3 free bars. FREE, PEOPLE! I was a little wary of accidentally signing my life away or something, but no credit card info, no "plan"...nothing. Just this little box of goodness that arrived today:

**Sorry, I had to scrub out my mailing address. My mailbox couldn't handle all the fan mail I'd immediately start to get and who wants that drama, you know?**

Inside was a letter, some recipes, a notebook of carb counts in various food....blah, blah blah. The free food! 3 bars, each a different type, all with chocolate. Hello, I'm interested. Admire my loot:

I tried one already and it was yummy! Basically a glorified candy bar (at least the one I tasted) but overall I'm pleased! If you want to waste 3 minutes of your life but gain 3 free bars, go here and click on free weight-loss kit. To prove to you that I was not hired by Atkins to promote a low-carb lifestyle, please check out my next photo. None of this is low ANYTHING

So much Cadbury!!!

We may not get to have our Easter baskets and family with us this holiday, but we will certainly have our candy! Don't worry, only one bag of mini eggs is for this weekend. The rest are officially "stockpiled". Please don't laugh at me, but I divided 2 of these huge bags in half and designated them for each month. 

And yes, I wrote on each bag what month they were for. Hubs has already started on about some "sleep eating" nonsense but I don't believe it. Those bags are saved for a reason! As soon as easter ends I get sad because of mini egg withdrawal so this time I'm prepared. 

For July ONLY!

Do you go crazy for free samples? Ever made a meal out of them at grocery stores?
YES! When I used to shop at Costco I would hit up every free item at least 3 times. I also sign my life away online for a 1/2 ounce sample of detergent. 

Which holiday treats do you miss most post-holiday?
Mini eggs obviously, but also candy corn after halloween. Luckily, you can find candy corn almost year round now!


  1. My boyfriend LOVES those mini eggs...he goes crazy at Easter time and I had never had them before I met him...They are so addictive!

    This is too funny, I will have to show him!

    I love free stuff too...always on the search for getting things in the mail that I don't have to pay for :-)

  2. hahaha you are adorable. "Atkins didn't hire me!"

    Thanks for the info!!

  3. There is NO WAY I could only eat that much throughout the month. I love mini cadbury eggs...I'm eating some as we speak (or type)

  4. I love FREE to! Everyday I get something in the mail...shampoo, tampons, lotion and I stock pile it too right nest to my free hotel things! Those bags wouldn't lat 2 days at my house. I love chocolate.

  5. I am OBSESSED with free samples. seriously. I get all giddy inside when something is free. haha. also...I miss the reese eggs. I realize that there are reese's other times of the year but just not the same as the eggs.

  6. You are too funny, girl! If you're into free stuff, you should watch that show "Extreme Couponing". They could teach you a thing or two about scoring plenty of free stuff!!

  7. Don't even get me STARTED on Easter candy. I am obsessed with Cadbury eggs. I could eat a dozen right now. Good thinking on stocking up! I'll have to head to the store tomorrow... but I worry they won't last a month! Maybe I'll hide them from myself..... :-)

  8. You are too funny! I love free stuff, but I havn't sought it out like that for years.

    I'm not a huge easter candy fan, but I live off candy corn around Halloween. Yum!

  9. The free samples at Costco just make me hungrier, and I end up getting food at their restaurant. Yum!

    Your mini egg baggies look so good! I want some now!

  10. Seriously, I mourn the loss of all things pumpkin post-thanksgiving. It makes me sad.

  11. Omgosh this takes me back!!! I was obsessed with free stuff in middle school. This post makes me want to take the habit back up!

  12. I tried stockpiling Girl Scout cookies this year but they still didn't last. Seven boxes gone in three weeks.

  13. Stock-piling would never work in my house because my BF is a candy fiend!! I wish those tasty little cinnamon hearts were available year 'round...

  14. I've ate many a lunches in the Costco aisles during sample times!!! They are generous! ;)

  15. How funny, I love it!! I totally agree, anything free = awesome. That candy looks so good!

  16. Gotta love free stuff!! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  17. oh gosh, candy corn is my FAVORITE! but for some reason i only tend to have it around halloween, tisk tisk. but easter is just as fab bc of all the dark chocolate bunnies my mom knows i love!!

  18. Love free stuff too! I'm all about the free samples. :-)
    And the Cadbury eggs? Handsdown my all time favorite. My rule is that I only eat them on Easter day. Only that day of the year. That way I can semi-contain the damage. :-) Love your baggies!

  19. I LOVE freebies too! My husband makes us grocery shop on Sundays because that's when they do the samples :)

  20. You are so funny! I have never really looked for free samples, but I definitely will now! I love the peeps at Easter, yum!

  21. My fav easter candy is jellybeans. Pure sugar

  22. Ha! I am such a sucker for free things too! I totally just ordered the free atkins bars. And I love getting free lunch at the grocery store!

    I'm not a huge fan of Easter candy, but you better believe I hit up the clearance aisle the day after and stock up on 50% off candy!

  23. I lovvve free stuff and I love Mini Eggs! So jealous of you right now

  24. hahaha oh my gosh-- this is by far the best idea ever! LOVE MINI EGGS!

  25. the mini cadbury eggs are my FAVORITE easter candy. i need to go stock up before they're all gone!


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