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Kitchen Envy

I have kitchen envy. It's been getting worse and worse and those of you who post delicious recipes that require ovens are killing me. I want to bake cookies and stir-fry veggies and roast sweet potatoes! In the meantime, I drool over my future kitchen plans. Fingers crossed, I should have a working kitchen in 4 weeks or so. Our future house is coming along nicely and I'll keep you posted on the big new developments. Hubs and I decided it would be really nice if we kept Ikea in business since they're such a small company and clearly need lots of our money. (Is there a sarcasm font I can use or something??) There is actually a great deal going on where you can save 20% on your kitchen total. That is a HUGE amount when you think about the cost of a whole kitchen. Here's a sneak peak:

Some stuff is obviously missing, like a microwave and faucets and things, but basically this is it! We'll call it my domain. Has a nice ring to it, no? Once I'm set up, these are some of the first things I'll be making (courtesy of you lovely bloggers, thanks!)

--Guinness Cake Brownies (Cotter Crunch)
--Orzo Stuffed Tomatoes (Hungry Meets Healthy)
--Spring Ptitim Salad (Jenn's Adventures)
--Perfect Whole Wheat Bread  (Lunges and Lashes)
--Strawberry-Lime Shortbread Cookies (Sweet Treats and More)

In the meantime, I'll keep getting creative with the old microwave! 

Today's workout was a long run of 10 miles in 1:35 (9:30 pace). The oddest thing is happening right now though. I DON'T WANT TO EAT. I pretty much always want food. Always. So to not have an appetite is pretty strange. Hopefully it will pick up so I can reward my belly with post-long run goodies. Like the ginormous box of Nerds my amazing hubs bought for me this morning. 9 months of marriage and he's totally picking up on the fact that for me, sugar = love. 

What's your favorite kitchen appliance? Tell me tell me so I can get it and be as happy as you!
Um, the microwave. Because that's my whole kitchen. Unless you count the counter by the sink as the kitchen. I really want to get a breadmaker though. Fresh baked warm bread please!

Post a link to your favorite recipes (can be from your own blog) so that I can get a great collection going and dream of the first things I'll cook!


  1. crock pot. hands down. It makes life 8 million times easier!

  2. favorite kitchen appliance...that is so hard!!! eek. I really now want to get a breadmaker after reading Holley's post about her bread recipe. But I love my fryer...bad but good because I LOVE to make sesame chicken. At least it is only an every once in a while thing you know? :)

    Great job on your run!! I cant wait to see your kitchen all finished! I cannot wait to have a HUGE kitchen to accommodate all of my cooking nerdiness :)

  3. My blender! I use it multiple times a day. To blend food for my 10 month old, smoothies, hummus, pesto, and I like to pretend I'm Starbucks and make frappecinos:)

  4. Crockpot all the way! Makes life so easy with 3 kids! A close 2nd place is my dishwasher. Never had one growing up so I've become spoiled by never having "prune" hands.

  5. No oven? I would die! But my favorite kitchen appliance would have to be my food processor! So freakin handy!

  6. Awwww, I'm so excited for you and your new kitchen! The best part is loading up your new cupboards with FOOD!! And favorite appliances, of course. Mine is my electric kettle because I drink 28408098 cups of tea each day...

  7. Sometimes when it starts warming up I start losing my appetite too, however that isn't happening here in Montana so I comfort eat. I bet you can't wait to have a full kitchen. I wouldn't even know what to do with a microwave! My favorite recipe ever is my mom's homemade mac n cheese, sadly it is not my tummys favorite food anymore....

  8. oh teh guiness brownies!! those will go perfect in your new kitchen. I have kitchen envy now.....someday. *sigh*

  9. "sarcasm font" bahahaha. i need that too.

    i love new houses/interior design so keep us posted about your new place with lots of pics! :)

    My favorite kitchen appliance is my pizza cutter...can you tell i don't like to cook? lol

  10. awwww your new place is going to be so exciting! I think you might have to be "Gourmet-Out-To-Eat" runner for a bit :).
    Congrats on the long run - good job!

  11. The new kitchen will be fabulous! We redid ours about 5 years ago and I still love it. Makes all the difference!

  12. It'll all be worth it when you get that dream kitchen! It has got to be tough without an oven, though.

    I have weird post-running lack of appetite sometimes (not often). Usually, I'm a bottomless pit the next day when that happens.

  13. You know I was thinking about your current kitchen situation. I don't have any great microwave recipes, but you could do a lot more if you got a few more appliances. Like a toaster oven or a crockpot or an electric skillet would all give you a lot more flexibility. But on the other hand, you'd have to pay money for all those things and might not want them at the new house. But on the other hand again, I use my toaster oven daily and you can bake cookies, roast veggies, even broil fish in one of those! Just a thought if you're really feeling desperate.

  14. it's so amazing how much a kitchen remodel can cost. and how much they say it should cost! but if you love to cook, then you have to love your kitchen.

  15. my kitchenaid mixer has got to be my favorite appliance. I don't know what I did without it!

    good luck on the remodel. I like to keep IKEA in business by eating tons of their cinnamon buns!

  16. My favorite appliance is the crock pot!!!!

  17. I didn't realize all the cooking you were doing was only in the microwave! Crazy impressive. And I thought I was bad off for not being able to set a temperature on my over (it's not broken. there's just not a temperature device. craziness.)

    My favorite appliance is definitely the immersion blender-- perfect for soup!

  18. looks like you're going to have a great kitchen! and you should feel good about yourselves since you're helping a struggling company in the process ;)

    a lot of times i'm not hungry after a long run, but i force myself to eat something anyway (4:1 carbs and protein asap when i'm done) and then save the nice big meal for later when i can stomach it. if i don't eat anything after a hard run i end up feeling really nauseous for the rest of the day.


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