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Thai Soup and Protein Balls

I'm running out of creativity here people. The title says it all. I literally just listed the things I'm going to post about today. I need some inspiration!

Today's run was outside, took it easy on my legs because they were feeling pretty heavy and I wanted to save them for tomorrow's long run (14 miles planned). I did 6.25 miles in one hour, 2 minutes (9:55 pace) but I walked for at least 1/2 mile of that. Nice and warm outside though, was so lovely!

Lunch time rolled around and I wanted to use a packet of Thai Kitchen soup. I have had it lying around for ages but never ate it because the sodium content was sky-high. But the flavor was Lemongrass and Chili, and I wanted to try it so badly so I decided to cut down the sodium a bit and increase the nutrition. Here's what the ingredients looked like before cooking:

The bowl of spinach obviously did not come from that little packet. I added it to brighten up the soup. I added the whole oil mix that came with the packet, but only about 1/2 of the powder. That was where all the salt was, anyway. It actually had TONS of flavor using only half the packet. The smell of lemongrass was no nice. I miss asian food now that we're living in Georgia. Here's the final product:

I added a side of green beans to the mix. Of course, since this whole meal was carbs, I was hungry 2 hours later. I saw this post recently from Lunges and Lashes and knew I needed to make her PB Protein Balls. Since I needed some protein and fats after the carbo-lunch, it was perfect. I tweaked her recipe a bit because of what I had laying around. Here's what I used:

--2 scoops of protein powder (Chocolate)
--1 1/2 tablespoons of PB
-1/2 tablespoon of Nutella
-1/2 Packet of instant oatmeal
All bagged up

Basically, just rolled them into balls and devoured them! This made 6 balls, which was perfect for me. (You know I ate them all today. Uh-oh.) These were really delicious and so easy to make. Plus, I got to use all the protein powder I never get around to using. 

What were your Monday Workouts?

What are some ways you up the nutrition in packaged foods/meals?

Share some recipes with me--I want to use my protein powder up in tasty recipes!


  1. Thank you for your sweet comment Vanessa! You made my day! Your balls look amazing :)

    I did mile repeats today and my legs actually felt good!!! Have a greart day!!!

  2. sounds great!!

    I usually only use my protein powder for smoothies... throw some powder in a blender with frozen strawberries, maybe a banana, maybe some PB... yummers!

  3. I really need to try and make protein balls. It's all the rage!!
    fun fact- I've been to Hong Kong!! My mom used to travel there for work all the time, so when I was a junior in high school, we toook "family" trip there!

  4. Monday workout was a little bit of everything...I needed to switch it up a bit and my feet/hip was bugging me. blah!

    I really need to try these yummy protein balls! they sound so delicious!

    I like huge salads with EVERYTHING to pack in the nutrients :)

    hope you have a super fabulous night! Know you will ROCK that LR tomorrow :)

  5. I love the idea of those protein-packed balls. That sounds like a great thing to eat right when leaving work before heading to the gym (when I always seem to be starving!). Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. It looks like you'll be having OIANJ soon! I just bought some Nutella today and am looking forward to having some OIANJ soon :) And that soup looks delicious - I LOOOOOVE anything with spinach!

  7. I sneak in extra nutrients in lots of things! Protein powder to pancakes, chia seeds to peanut butter and banana sandwiches (favorite ever!), and I puree broccoli into my mashed potatoes. That last one might sound weird but it is SO good.

  8. wow, protein balls! what an awesome idea--I'm so trying that out tomorrow! Also, if you want, check out my blog's "Food For Thought" section--yummy healthy recipes there:)

  9. Those look way good! Trying tonight!

  10. I've seen so many posts about protein balls recently...they look so good! I'm going to make some tonight!

    I try to add fresh veggies and some protein (usually tofu or chicken) to packaged foods to add some nutrients, and I do the same thing you do - if there's a packet of seasoning I'll only use half so I don't get a salt overload.

    Monday's workout was Bikram yoga...I think the same for today and then tomorrow I'll finally be getting back to doing weights at the gym!

  11. I need to use up some protein powder. Thanks for the idea! I ran a little bit and FIANLLY made it to spinning Monday.

  12. Those protein balls look good and that soup looks divine! Thanks for the ideas. I like my protein powder in hot chocolate after a cold run. But I throw it in pancakes too.

  13. girl, I have that same protein. I use it to make protein balls with grounded up cereal. We think alike, love it!


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