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One of Those Days...

On the agenda for today was supposed to be an hour of strength training and then a 6-mile run outside on a 2 mile loop nearby. For some reason, I decided to switch what I have always done and do the strength training first, followed by the run. Mistake #1. I also thought running outside when it was 77 degrees, really sunny, and crazy windy was okay--mistake #2
Those 6 miles quickly turned into 4. Of those 4, I only ran for about 2.5. The splits looked like this. 
Mile 1--9:10
Mile 2--9:23
Mile 3--12:06
Mile 4--15:18
Ugh. So not what I was aiming for. I really beat myself up about it. Conditions weren’t great, I did strength beforehand, blah, blah blah. All I could think of on the run (okay, walk) was that I couldn’t do it. We’ll blame the couple of tears shed on that sunscreen that got in my eye. I have a 13-miler scheduled for tomorrow, and I felt like giving up. I can’t run 3 on earth can I do 13 in less than 24 hours?
So this is me, officially telling myself to shut up. It’s a bad day, a bad run. One bad run DOES NOT make me a bad runner. I need to remind myself of this often. Maybe tomorrow I’ll manage the 13 miles, maybe I won’t. Either way, it won’t be the end of the world, and it won’t define whether or not I am a runner. Because I most certainly am! 

This runner is now off in search of some Taco Bell. For refueling purposes, of course. The stats for 2 of my favorite Fresco Chicken taco aren't bad:

Surprisingly, the sodium count is pretty decent. Don't mind if I do!

What do you to when you have a bad run?
Any advice on how to get yourself in a more positive mindset?


  1. hang in there! we all have those days where it just is not a great run.

    When I have a "bad" run...I usually read my favorite running book to get inspired or just remind myself that tomorrow is a new day. I also try to switch up my workout the next day...different route, different pace, different intervals on the TM, etc.

    To stay positive...I turn whatever is bugging me that day into a positive mantra. I used to HATE hills and would let them dominate me every time I ran I just say "hills are thrills that make me better and stronger." Kinda dumb maybe but it helps :)

    you will ROCK 13 tomorrow :)

  2. Sorry you had a bad run today. That happens to EVERYONE any it doesn't say anything about your fitness or ability to run 13. Good luck in your run tomorrow!

  3. Girl, shake that off! We all have those runs. My mom gave me the best advice ever when I was young (before I was a runner) and used to beat myself up about school: "Learn from it and move on. There's no sense in thinking about it anymore because you simply can't go back in time. You CAN go forward though."

    Good luck tomorrow! Just tell yourself today was an important rest day before you crush a long run :)

  4. Don't worry about today's run! It happens to the best of us. Usually my best runs are right after the really bad ones, so I'll bet your 13 miler tomorrow will rock! I just tell myself that today is a new start with new possibilities. Maybe it will go well, but if not, it's not the end of the world.

    Btw, the fresco chicken tacos are my favs at Taco Bell! Yummy!

  5. I'm sorry you had a crappy run! I had a bad one yesterday, too. I always tell myself that at least it's over with, and they can't all be good. A bad run just makes you appreciate the good ones more! I agree, too, that my good ones are usually right after the bad ones, so I hope you have a good 13!

  6. Bad runs are annoying but they're what make good runs so awesome! Hope you're 13 goes well!

  7. oh man, these days are THE WORST. my bad days happen when i over-think things. if i think too much about how bad the weather is/how tired i am/how much my legs hurt/how long or far i'm hoping to run, i always have a bad day or make excuses for why i have to walk or can't run. for the last few months i haven't been THINKING much and just go out and get. it. done. that's sooo vague. you are AWESOME and GOOD RUNNER and you can def do the 13. xoxoxox


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