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McDonalds is More Dangerous Than I Thought!

This morning we went to the homesite to have some lumber delivered, and were chatting to the man who delivered everything. He lives about 30 minutes away and was asking questions about how the recent storms and tornadoes had affected us and our area. Luckily, we were completely fine and even our land was almost untouched--no trees had fallen down or anything. He told us a story about Wednesday night that truly SHOCKED me:
A woman was going through the drive-through of a McDonald's in a nearby town (Ringgold, GA) during the storm, and reached out the window to hand the cashier her money. At that moment, the winds must have gotten stronger because her car rolled over and the man at the window got sucked out of the drive-through window. This is obviously horrible and I hope both parties are safe, but why on earth was a) the McDonald's serving customers, and b) anyone needing a french fry fix that badly?! I'm taking this as a sign to avoid fast-food. It's hazardous to your health in more ways than one.

I'm attempting my first long run in the new shoes today, wish me luck! I would like to do 15 miles, but if I'm not feeling it after the hills yesterday I'll cut it back and not stress too much!

If you were planning on eating McDonald's for lunch today but are now re-thinking it, here's a super easy (and completely microwaveable) fake "stir-fry". 
In the mix:
1 soy sausage, sliced
1 cup broccoli florets, steamed in microwave
Microwave brown rice (I used about a cup or so)
1 serving egg beaters, microwaved separately 
2 cups baby spinach, wilted

I nuked the eggs and soy sausage, then the rice with broccoli and spinach. Mix together, and bam! Super easy stir fry without the oven, in less than 5 minutes. My kind of meal. The pictures has no condiments or sauce on it, but I imagine it would be a little more Asian-inspired with some soy sauce. I topped that bad boy in ketchup since I was feeling a little crazy. 

How long does it take you to "break-in" a new pair of running shoes?
I honestly feel like my new shoes are already perfect, but I'm scared to try such a long run (for me) quite yet. How many runs would you do before you tried a race or a long run?

Fave fast-food restaurant? (I promise I won't be angry if you say Mickey D's)
I think hubs and I frequent Taco Bell the most. I used to love Sonic but I haven't been there in years and don't know what to order-anyone have a favorite thing to get there?


  1. I HATE fast food. I dont remember the last time I ate it to be honest with ya. I need new shoes, but I just got some in like Sept/Oct and really didnt use them much during the winter so I may just wait a little longer(have more money) before I get new ones.
    That is so awful about the people at the McDonalds!

  2. I don't know about the running shoes, I'm hoping to get new ones for mother's day! *fingers crossed*
    Have you heard of "the stick" I think it's kind of the same concept as foam rolling.
    The only fast food I eat now is chick-fil-a. I love there salads and wraps.
    I'm not against fast food on occasion but I know so many parents that literally feed there kids fast food daily and I don't want my son to get a taste for it!

  3. That is a crazy story!! I would have to say it is a toss up between arbys and taco bell. But I hardly ever eat fast food, maybe once a year. Kinda grosses me out.
    Not sure how long, I always buy the sames ones so I hardly know the difference anymore.
    Good luck today!!

  4. I loathe fast food. Not for me.

    What are the new shoes? curious.

  5. I don't even know what to say about that story!! Sounds CRAZY!

    Hubs and I are big Sonic fans too! We even named our dog after that place :) I'm also a big In-n-Out fan! Double Double Animal style! YUM!

  6. OMG. Yes, take it as a sign and do not eat Micky D's! That stuff is so terrible for you anyways. Although, I am biased. I seriously cannot be within 3 feet of McDs! Or Taco Bell, Burger King, etc
    I hope your run went well-how are the new shoes??

  7. Good luck on your long run!!! Honestly it does not take me very long to break shoes in but then again I go through shoes like crazy. I think you should be totally fine wearing your new ones though.

    I love me some taco bell but seriously probably eaten there in over a year. Thanks for the recipe share and have a great weekend! :)

  8. Oh wow that story is so scary!! Hahah a sign to avoid fast food! Too funny. Hehe I LOVE fast food. Well, less so lately. I think as I get older the more bland it tastes to me, but every now and then I get a SERIOUS craving for McD's sausage and egg mcmuffin and hashbrown for bfast, or A & W poutine later in the day. Yum. Sounds especially good right now as I am carb-loading for a race this weekend.

    Good luck on the long run. As for the shoes, I recently had my worst experience with new shoes. Never before did I have to break in running shoes, so I thought I wouldn't have to on this pair either. Wrong I was though - blisters like crazy!! You probably won't have issues - but just in case, 2 pairs of running socks (or the fancy double layer socks) and foot powder work wonders.

  9. A friend of mine lives in Ringgold and she said the storm was faster than predicted. The damage is absolutely devestating!

  10. holy moly, i guess that's a sign not to go to mcdonald's! haha. my fave is chickfila, hands down. i'm obsessssssssed with that place. sonic was my first job in high school! :)

  11. I really do not want to laugh about the mcdonalds thing because it really is not funny. but the fact that you made the point of who really needs a french fry that badly made me laugh hysterically. Like seriously. I mean I am hungry all the time so I guess if I was stuck in a tornado...that really would not change. but I just think I could hopefully find something besides mcdonalds to help my hunger. hopefully.

    i do not like mcdonalds. gross. but i do love wendys and t bell. I have not been to fast food in forever. maybe i will treat myself soon. maybe.

    good luck on your run! hope you love your new shoes :)

  12. I think running shoes are ready to go right out of the box. No breaking in period. If they feel like they need to be "broken in" then they aren't the right shoe for you. They should feel natural from the start.

    That being said, if you're changing shoe styles (going minimalist), then it takes your BODY time to adjust because your form will change.

    As far as new shoes before a race,I usually make sure I have one long run in them just to make sure they are the right shoes for me.

  13. I need a new pair of running shoes, but I'm nervous to break them in and/or buy a pair that doesn't fit right. Good luck on your run!

    And, I don't eat much fast food, but I do love the occasional In & Out!

  14. Yes....yes, I do like McD's! Their fries are what get me everytime!

    I just got new sneakers and today's run was horrible! I felt like my socks kept slipping down. Hope the "break in" phase is quick and painless.

  15. wow...that is so crazy. i kinda feel like i'm out of the loop since i'm not on facebook, but my husband has been showing me all the crazy stuff that has been going on with the tornados and such. its CRAZY.

    i love chipotle!

  16. that story is completely nuts!

    I am totally making that stir fry for dinner tonight!

    I usually go on a few normal runs in my shoes before taking them on long ones, or you can curl your shoes a few times when you're not wearing them to help break them in a little more.

  17. I feel like it depends on the sneaks...I got a new pair a few weeks ago and from the moment I put them on and started running, they seemed perfect!
    Also, I think you are right...someone is sending us a message to STAY AWAY FROM THE MCDONALDS! haha

  18. That stir fry looks good, I could actually eat it right now minus the rice. Have a fab weekend!

    btw, I'm not that into the royal wedding...just celebrities in general. :)

  19. We were right in the middle of those storms! Luckily, we did not suffer any damage but friends that live several miles away lost most of their house. About the McD's story - I think a lot of people were unprepared. There were lots of warnings, but the worst of the tornadoes close to us hit after we'd already lost power and it was dark. And really, you never think it's gonna happen to you - until it does!

  20. McDonaldssss. The only things I buy from there are the vanilla cones. They are so good.

  21. Yikes, I never thought that the drive-thru was dangerous.

    I say go out and get em in your new shoes. I have the same pair and the first day I ran nearly 17 miles in them and felt great. However my arches were a bit tight, but that is easily fixable.

    Happy trails in your new brooks!

  22. I just posted a McDonalds horror story on my blog! A student at my husband's middle school beat a lady horribly over a dispute about the bathroom. Seriously, that place is bad news. I used to LOVE taco bell but haven't been in years, if I'm forced to go to fast food I'll usually do subway, but I'm really too much of a food snob to enjoy it that much. I just keep ordering new pairs of the same exact model so I've been lucky they've been broken in instantaneously.

  23. I'm trying to stay away from fast food, but we definitely go to taco bell the most.

  24. That is a truly scary story. I heard that the winds can seem to come out of no where, so the lady might have thought she was safe...

    The only fast food I get is Subway - and that is when I am working late and it is too late to hit up the salad bar at Hy-Vee.

    How did your run go in the new shoes??

  25. WOW-- scary story, I never heard about it!

  26. OMG that is a crazy McDonald's story! I totally expected you to say something about the crazy calories in their fries or something -- then my heart would sink a little when I thought about how many of their fries I've had in the last month. But this is even CRAZIER!!

    I have a soft spot for hitting McDonald's on road trips. But I try to keep it at just those times.


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