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Success! And Bottomless Pit Day Continues...

I think I can safely say that last night's ice bath was a success. This morning I have no knee or hip pain/stiffness at all, which is amazing considering yesterday's 15 miles was my longest run to date! I'll think I'll keep having one after long runs, especially those 2 hours or longer.
Today I decided to skip any running, and instead to mix it up a bit with some yoga. I ended up doing 3 different 20 minute free classes from and it worked out perfectly. If all goes well, tonight will be my 3rd upper body workout of the week. I'm writing it here so I HAVE to do it!

Breakfast was the same thing I've had every morning for months...oatmeal. I love it and I don't want to have anything else, but sometimes I feel like I should branch out a bit!

Lunch was another egg-beater and cheese wrap, this time with spinach and salsa. Strawberries and grapes on the side:

And from there I really shouldn't say. It's basically a grocery list. Can we just say it's an actual disease?

Bottomless-pit-itis: feelings of insatiable hunger, brought about by extended bouts of exercise. Treat by feeding at 30 minute intervals. Symptoms are worsened if patient is attempting to avoid sugary foods. Eat chocolate around these patients at your own risk. 

I was NOT feeling sugar-free week today. I'm ending it tomorrow, so just a bit longer to go. I'll probably survive. Be prepared for my breakfast tomorrow morning to be piles of candy. 

Anyone else suffer from bottomless-pit-itis?
Anyone, anyone? The day after long runs I basically want everything. Today was the first day I actually thought about breaking the sugar fast just to munch on a bar of chocolate. I didn't, don't worry...

What is your go-to activity after a long run day? Or do you rest completely?
Sometimes I'll go for a light jog, otherwise something like yoga or a walk is usually plenty for me. Doing nothing ends up being worse for me!


  1. I happy I read your post this morning re: your ice bath! At mile 10 of my 20 miler this morning I called my husband and had him pick up two huge bags of ice so I could torture myself when I got home. Brrrrr! I only survived 5 minutes tops, but my legs felt very refreshed right when I got out.

  2. i feel like a bottomless pit ALL the time. seriously. today we went to a waffle place and the guy was like trust me you only need one of these things. I finished and just looked at my friends and said "obviously this guy does not know my stomach." haha. yayyyy for candy in the morning! i love candy!

    I usually rest after a LR day or take Ri for a walk/hike and some stretching, core work!

  3. Oh gosh, I definitely have bottomless pit-itis. Which probably explains why I was in the kitchen baking cupcakes at 10pm the other night! And now I get to spend today trying to convince myself that eating all of them probably isn't the best way to refuel after my long run from yesterday. LOL

    On rest/xt days, I usually walk, do some easy time on the bike, or do yoga. Sometimes I'll take a total rest day, but only once a week. I really need to get back to doing yoga everyday. Hm, maybe I'll use your technique and put it on my blog so that I have to be held accountable. lol :)

  4. I totally feel the bottomless-pit thing, especially after a huge work out (just got back from a 15km run....) I try to tell myself that my metabolism is working extra hard after a workout though!! haha :)

    After a long-run, I usually take a rest day...or do something light/ focus on stretching.

  5. I have bottom-less pit days ALL THE TIME! They drive me crazy. I just try to drink something with lots of water and some fat. Not too much fat but a little more just because it helps you feel full.

  6. I suffered from bottomless-pit-itis all winter!

    In regard to your comment on my blog ... I found out about the hidden restaurant from my cousin who lived in NY.

  7. I love making myself accountable thru my blog! And I am bottomless every single weekend lol

  8. I have yet to try ice bath, but I hear they work wonders...
    I always eat like a horse after a long run!!

  9. I think my entire life has been bottomless pit-itis! I love munching and grazing intermixed with large meals of deliciousness. I have an addiction, an addiction to food!

    After a long run, I either just rest all day or I'll do yoga or go for a walk. Just something simple to keep me limber and not cramp up.

  10. Heyyy, thanks for your comment on my blog! :)
    Soo, yesterday I was SO bottomless I thought there was something wrong with me. I had lunch. Then, 2h later, it started. Salty cookies. 6 of them. Sugary cookies. 8 of them. Cheese. Yogurt. Oatmeal. 8 pieces of bread. Pizza. TONS of chocolate.
    You can only imagine how I woke up today...

    After a long run day, I try to do outdoor fun things... I most likely be going to chinatown and rewarding myself with some sushi, sitting on the park, people-watching... :)

  11. I feel like a bottomless pit all the time! Especially the day after a long run or double workout. People at work must wonder how I'm not obese, I am always eating.

  12. That's great that the ice bath did it's job and you didn't have to go through that pain for nothing! :)

  13. I am a victim of that disease. At least if you've done a long run you can blame it on that, sometimes it just hits me for no reason. After long runs I am usually not hungry for the first 2 hours or so and then I do basically eat every half hour. The fact that you stuck to your sugar free guns is amazing. On my sugar free week I caved with a fancy sugary drink on day 6, which led to splitting chocolate cream pie with my husband. Great job on the ice bath! They are tough but help SO much! After a long run I do an easy run or some ellipticaling to shake my legs out.

  14. Oooohh, Ice bath, oh nooo! I couldn't handle the pain the last time I tried that. I may have to try it again tonight after my 16 miler I have planned. We've talked a bit about the bottomless-pit affliction. My hunger still has not subsided, and I'll probably go a little nuts when I get home later. My roommates and I visited the framers market two days in a row and our house is fully stocked with the freshest of veggies! YUM!!

  15. Sometimes my bottomless pititis flares up on recovery days - and I just eat and eat and eat.

  16. Please don't feel alone in your bottomless pit-ness. I, too, suffer from that disease. I ran my first long run yesterday in awhile, and I pretty much haven't stopped eating since!

  17. Glad to know the ice bath helped. Gives me a little hope it is worth the torture!

  18. Just found your blog, it's great and I look forward to reading it!
    Bottomless pit-ness... Got it after long runs for sure.
    Ice baths or swimming pools work wonders for next day leg soreness. Gotta love it.


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