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I can't lie to you guys--I've been checking like a kid tracking Santa on Christmas eve. I haven't been so excited in a looong time. And now my new shoes are finally here!
Let's stick with the Christmas analogy, because looking at these photos makes me look like a 4 year old on Christmas morning. In my stocking? Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11s.
The box is here!
Way too much tape in the way
Seriously. Too. Much. Tape.
I'm in!
Smell check. Definitely new. 
Very happy Vanessa.
Obviously I was going to need to try these babies out. Tornado warnings and thunderstorms around here so it was the treadmill for me. Ran 6 miles in 56:30 (9:24 pace) and broke in the new shoes. They felt great, a tight calf at first but I think that was more due to the lack of running the past few days. It felt SO great to run. Yay!

I made hubs quesadillas today and wanted something similar since the ingredients were already out. I ended up with a broccoli, egg beater, baby spinach, and mozzarella cheese wrap with some cucumber slices on the side. Delicious!

What do you prefer--running outside or on the treadmill? When do you head inside (weather-wise?)
I'm almost ashamed to admit (because most runners HATE the treadmill) but I love it! It's a good thing, because once we're in our new house there is no where to run outside. I like being able to zone out and not pay attention to anything. 

I love the abundance of "What I ate Wednesday" posts! So, in honor of that, tell me one thing you ate today!
Really, guys? See above picture. Did you forget already?
Oh, alright...breakfast was oatmeal with almonds, strawberries, and some dried blueberries and cranberries. 


  1. OMGosh
    I loved this.

    Your face. your smile. it's contageous.

    Love it.

  2. These storms are crazy! Yay for new shoes :)

  3. you look supper happy! YAY!

    I love getting things in the mail, I kind of have been stocking the mail man all week, I was supposed to get 2 packages at the beginning of the week and they are not here yet! BOO!

    One thing I ate today, oats with cashews, strawberries and blueberries!

  4. Yay new shoes!!! I love buying new running stuff. More than anything else in the world actually. It makes me so happy and looks like it has the same effect on you!

    One thing I ate today...hmmm...a peanut butter banana sandwich on cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread :)

  5. You look so happy! I hope those shoes work for you!
    One thing I ate today.....quesadillas too actually! I just finished making them with leftover taco meat and cheddar cheese following with stir-fried veggies on the side.

  6. Love running outside! I also don't mind the treadmill. I just like to run. Haha. Usually as long as it isn't thundering and isn't way too hot then I am outside. One of the advantages of having a dog is they make you run outside. Fine by me! Running on ice gets a little tricky though :)

    That wrap looks amazing! I had a salad with gorgonzola cheese, franks red hot wing sauce and ranch dressing yummy!

    Yay for new shoes. I just got a new pair yesterday and "tried" to get in a good run today to break them in. Oh well. Tomorrow!!! Great run for you though!!!!

  7. Oooooh I got new shoes the other night too....LOVE LOVE LOVE them! There's something about getting new shoes that makes you want to run forever!!!

    Your dinner looks delicious!

    With regard to seems I always want what I can't have. All winter long i keep trying to run outside in the ugly weather, and then the rest of the year I long for running with a movie in front of my face. Tough to please, this lady.

  8. haha I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics of you! um i DO love TM running.. in the WINTER!! when its spring/summer/fall I just wanna get out and run outside :) its okay to love the TM, i LOVE it for long runs :)

  9. I love the treadmill! I don't have to worry about getting run over, rain, or chased by a dog.

  10. Love getting packages!!!! And theres always wayyyy too much blasted tape!!!

    Just had quinoa with a bit of agave, lime and cinnamon. Omg, i wanna roll around in it!!!!


  11. such good news! I love new shoes. TIme to set out on the road and go!

  12. woooo hoooo!!! love those shoes! so excited for you!

    i definitely prefer to run outside but my brother the meteorologist has been keeping me updated about the crazy weather there might be in GA tonight so I do not blame you for hitting up the TM!

  13. I hope the storms aren't in your area! Stay safe!

  14. You are so super cute opening your new shoes! Love it! :-)
    I'm not a huge fan of the treadmill but if that's my only source for a run, I'm on it!

  15. Yay for new shoes!!
    I actually prefer the treadmill a lot more than running outside.. I like watching TV and mindless movies to keep my mind off negativity.

  16. I do most of my running on the treadmill, just because I don't feel completely safe much beyond a two mile bubble where I live (especially at night). It also gets super hot where I'm at- I don't run in 100 degree weather! Personally, running is usually pretty boring for me- but that's okay, it's time to relax!

  17. Congrats on the new shoes!!
    For sure I am mostly a treadmill runner, but have a goal to get in some good runs outside this summer. I just prefer the treadmill because I can go right into weightlifting at the gym when I am done. Need to break the routine.
    What I ate this Wednesday: A yummy wrap with chicken, veggies and laughing cow cheese

  18. Cute shoes! I also wear brooks. I have the Ghost from this past year.

  19. I love that you were so excited for your new shoes! =)

    One thing I ate today: a salad with salmon, lentils, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, broccoli, radishes and a bunch of other chopped veggies. Plus pecan pralines for garnish. It tasted as epic as it sounds. =)

  20. same shoes I wear! LOVE them. it always takes me a few runs to break them in though.

    I enjoy running on the long as there is something good to watch on TV! however i can never run nearly as fast on a treadmill as i can outside. like not even close.

    my mid-morning snack: apple and greek yogurt! yum! :)

  21. woo hoo on the shoes!
    I am not a treadmill girl - it takes a lot to keep me inside....although the weather is always pretty good here in so cal. I think otherwise, it's gotta be a monsoon, <20 or >98 to keep me in!

  22. Hate me, but I just ate two cookies. The end. :(

    Ok, besides that, I had a great day food wise and I too love the treadmill sometimes because then I can run while watching loads of Tivo'd reality shows. :)

    I do love the fresh air runs...when it's not scortching hot!! Which will mean any day now I'll have to get up at 5 to run outside and it will still be 95+ degrees....not kidding.

  23. Oh yeah, sorry that was such an all about me comment. Congrats on your new shoes...I'm jealous! Hope you LOVE them.

  24. I love running outside way better than the treadmill. I am somehow speedier outside.

    I had Chinese food for lunch and Japanese food for dinner. Not sure what was up with that!

  25. Love that you finally got your shoes! And everyone knows that new shoes make people ever faster. ;)

    My favorite is running outside - gotta love that fresh air!

    Breakfast was a veggie omelet, lunch was carrot soup and samosas, and supper was an apple, pb, cheese and crackers!

  26. your happiness is contagious...congrats on the shoes! Thanks for following and stopping by my blog, I'm now following you right back :) you have a great running pace, hopefully I'll be there one day!!!

  27. Awesome pics!!! I love getting new shoes too. It's pretty awesome!!!!

    I love running outside but the tm isn't awful. If it's too windy, too rainy, too dark, too cold, too whatever, I'll run on the treadmill. Lol

  28. I'm with you... I love the treadmill! I would love to have one at home.

  29. New running shoes are so exciting!! Hope you love them!

    I am one of those runners that hates the treadmill...once in a blue moon I like a short run on the treadmill while watching guilty pleasure TV, but 98% of the time I prefer to run outside.

  30. Those are my favorite shoes! Love them!!

    I like the treadmill because it keeps me out of the snow and other extreme conditions, but if I could run outside everyday and be comfortable, that's the way I'd go!

    Today I've eaten oatmeal, a banana, and an apple. :)

  31. I love how excited you are!!! I am glad that someone shares my excitment for new running shoes! Most of my friends and family think that I am crazy!!!

  32. Damn tornadoes! Glad you made it through everything okay.

  33. hahah, areyou pulled over on the side of the rd to take these pics!! TOO funny! Love the pics!

  34. Getting new running shoes is something I so look forward to every 300 miles or so!! I think I am in need of a new pair in a few weeks...eeeep!

  35. New Shoes!! Always a good day when you get to open the box and enjoy that new shoe smell!


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