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Weekly Workout Recap #4

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
This week was certainly not my typical exercise week. I was already planning on having a cutback week with mileage, so I guess it's as good a time as any for me to realize it was time to replace my shoes. I haven't had a run since Thursday which is very WEIRD for me. Overall, I didn't meet my goals for the week. (listed here) but I'm ok with it. Some untraditional strength training took place, and lots of Easter relaxing.

Monday: 1 hour-ish of shoveling mud (crazy workout for my arms and back, wow!)
   --Run 3.5 miles, walk 1
Tuesday: Walk 3 miles
   --40 minutes of yoga
Wednesday: Ran 10 miles (9:30 pace)
Thursday: Jellybean Race! 6.5 mile run
Friday: Ran 1 mile
   --30 minutes on elliptical
   --1 hour upper-body strength training w/ 100 push-up challenge
   --abs: various
Saturday: NOTHING! Hike was planned, but it didn't work out so that was that.
Sunday: 1 hour on the elliptical

Mileage: 25 miles, only 21 of those running

I'm not too concerned with the lower mileage than normal, since I did include a bit of walking and the equivalent of 9 miles on the elliptical. I'll be happy when I get some new shoes (I ordered them!)
I'm disappointed in the lack of upper body work again though. The shoveling really hurt my back and I just dropped the ball....
There's always this week! AGAIN I'm aiming for 3 upper-body sessions. Who's with me?

No big Easter lunch for me yesterday, still in a sugar coma from Sunday night's Easter treat indulgences. Lunch was still plenty delicious though! Rye bread and butter, meatless soy sausage, sauteed collard greens with onions and peppers, and an egg beater spinach omelette. Hit the spot and lots of veggies to balance the 147654 pounds of sugar consumed last night. Green veggies cancel out all calories from chocolate, right? Right?

Did you meet your fitness goals for the week? What are your goals for this week?
Didn't quite meet my goals....but this week I'm aiming for one long run of 13+ miles, and at least 30 miles overall. Also 3 upper-body sessions. Seriously, this time!

Do you eat any meat substitute products? Which are your favorites?
These sausages (Smart Sausages by Lightlife) were great, but favorite is the Quorn chick'n nuggets. Love those guys! Pretty pricey where I can find them though, so they're definitely a treat. 


  1. I also didn't feel like I met my workout plan for the week. I didn't get as much Jillian Michaels in as planned. I did get my 10+ long run in but died at the end so i didn't feel like I got in what I wanted. Goal this week is a 11+ run and Jillian x3.

    I also feel like I am still full from sugar so back to the plan to get rid of all the extra sugar!!

  2. Yes! Morningstar soy crumbles!! I made tacos using that and black beans. SO good!

  3. What kind of shoes did you get? I can't wait to get new shoes!

  4. just saw your comment on my post about badminton- haha. seriously , NO one plays it for real. : )

  5. I don't really set fitness goals for weeks. Pretty much everyday I decide what to run. It's usually between 7-10 miles or a rest day.

    Have you ever had the Italian Style smart sausages? They are AMAZING!

  6. I almost always fail in my strength training commitments, so I am going to commit with you to 3 upper body sessions this week. Its just so easy to get distracted by everything else. But we can do it girl!

  7. I need to do this! A weekly workout recap...maybe I wont be so down on myself for a shorter workout or even a skipped workout! I did not meet my goals for the week, sadly. It has alot to do with the dang snow!!!

  8. I like the Morningstar Farms products--the fake chicken and burgers and sausage. I've seen the soy kielbasa but I haven't tried it yet because I was afraid they would be as horrible as the fake hot dogs. Those things were NASTY.

  9. I did meet my goals.....just to not be lazy! Have to say I love Boca Burgers and the Morning Star sausages. And your Collard Greens look yummy! Recipe please?

  10. I slacked off last week too. I told myself it was getting ready for Easter but I need to adopt a No Excuses attitude. You will get back on track. Just let your back heal and be careful.

  11. thanks for finding me and leaving a comment!!! i'm excited to catch up on your old posts and follow you from here on :)

    and i've been vegetarian my whole life and i've explored the whole gamut of meat-replacement. my favorites are morningstar grillers...but that could be because i don't like meat :)

  12. I had a few too many pieces of chocolate and maybe one or two too many slices of Cassata. Guess it will just fuel my workouts. :)

    I'm still on recovery but did find my running legs on Sunday.
    Great workout week - love upper body sessions. The legs get so much work with running, it's a chore to have to work them with weights BUT... it has to be done.

  13. I have great plans for this upcoming week, does that count?

  14. No major goals last week, just sticking to my training plan. I have some goals for the entire year (I set cardio, strength & stretching goals for the year, based on how many minutes I complete). I'm doing great on cardio, not so well on strength & stretching. Oops.

    I love the morningstar "sausage" patties & also their "chicken" burgers. Yum! My kids adore Trader Joe's soy corn dogs.

  15. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! People ask if my sister and I are twins all the time. :)

    Let's hear it for green veggies!

  16. Don't beat youself up about not meeting your goals. You still had a great week and solid workouts almost every day.

    Vegtables totally cancel out sugar!!! LOVE IT! Have a great week and good luck with the 3 upper body workouts!

  17. yes, green veggies definitely cancel out ALL sweets!! :)

    I like Gardein (the chicken strips are awesome) and Lightlife - the bologne Lightlife is sooo good. I'd never touch regular bologne, but the Lightlife bologne is awesome!

  18. sounds like you still had an awesome week even without having new shoes!! you are so active in your daily life...I love reading about how you switch up your workouts. Love the variety. I think it is inspiring.

    Hope you have a good day :)

  19. sounds like a fabulous week! my milage was a little low this week, too-- but that's okay. sometimes, my body just isn't in the mood to run, and I'm starting to learn that's okay (as long as it isn't too often, haha!)

    when I'm in the states, I eat lots of meat substitute- morning star veggie sausage paddies are my favorite!

  20. looks like u had a great week of workouts~!

  21. My weekly goals were a total bust this week, except for my 5k goal. I'm not even disappointed because I'm so pumped about that 5k :)

    I LOVE Morningstar Farms chik'n nuggets. They're so awesome and crispy!

  22. I'm with you! Gonna knock out 3 push-up challenge days!

    I went a little crazy with sugar yesterday too--been trying to cleanse the palate (and gut) with lots-o-veggies and lean protein!

    Good luck on your long run this week Vanessa!

  23. That breakfast looks yummy! I love the Morningstar sausage. What kind of shoes? Nothing beats a new pair of running sneakers!

  24. I met my mileage goal for the month yesterday, 50 miles for April, thinking of moving towards 100 miles for May...maybe...I know I can do it!

  25. You know I am right there with you on the strength training! Keep it up! I love that it is totally rewarding and you see great results. It's addicting. :)

  26. I wish I was better about MAKING goals. I'm pretty good about doing something everyday. . .but maybe if I have a goal I'll feel more victorious when I accomplish it!!


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