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Almost Easter!

I'm torn between being excited for Easter and being a little sad. Easter is a really big deal for my family. When I was younger, sunrise service was something we did most years. I can remember one parent taking us kids to the park afterwards to read the Easter story while one parent "napped". When we got home the eggs were hidden all over the yard and we got to have a HUGE easter egg hunt. Last year, hubs and I hiked up a mountain to hide eggs for my youngest brother. The rest of the family followed an hour behind us and surprise! I may be a married adult, but that doesn't mean I didn't sleep on my parents couch last year (hubs too, of course!) so we could wake up and dig into our Easter baskets! Last year's bounty:
Bit fuzzy with the camera phone!

I wanted to share a recipe with you for chocolate Easter nests (seen in above photo) because these guys are GOOD. It's a recipe Mr. Gourmet Runner made growing up. Plus it's so easy to do, even for children. The amounts listed will make about 30 nests, and each one is BIG. So feel free to cut it in half. Just be warned that if you do, you'll probably have to make them again because they're so delicious!

1 box shredded wheat type cereal (an 18 oz. box)
14 oz. Milk chocolate
Cadbury Mini Eggs --enough for 3 per nest

1. Break up the cereal with your hands in a large bowl 
2. Break the chocolate into pieces and melt on stovetop or microwave
3. Pour melted chocolate into bowl full of cereal and mix together
4. Use mixture to form nest shapes. This is easy to do by filling up the bottom half of a muffin tin. 
5. Put 2 or 3 mini eggs into each nest and let set for 2 hours. (Less time if you put them in the fridge because you just can't wait to eat them!)

I'll definitely be making these this weekend! 

What are your Easter traditions with your family? 
Easter baskets as soon as we wake up, Easter egg hunts, and an "egg-cracking" contest. 

Will you spend Easter with your family this year or something different?
We have no family nearby so it's just me, hubs, and the cats! We're still trying to think of something special to do. 


  1. We always would do Easter egg hunts! When we were really tiny, we'd go to a ranch that some of our relatives owned for a huge Easter get together. That was never very fun though, because of all our freaky and obscure relatives that we'd never seen before- haha!

  2. love the little nests! i want an Easter basket so bad! haha

  3. So cute! I think that I will try making these this weekend!

  4. those are adorable! thx for the recipe!

    i am going home this weekend to celebrate with the whole fam. woo! xoxo

  5. What a cute idea with the "nests"!

    In college I brought all my roommates home to my parents house and instead of an easter egg hunt we had a beer hunt where we just hid miller light bottles all over the house. haha

  6. Awww, you can start new easter traditions here now!! And maybe have a skype hunt!? haha. (;

  7. thanks for sharing the recipe!! sounds so yummy. my family also used to go to the really early Easter mass. Then i could barely sleep waiting to hunt eggs and eat SO much candy :)

    I have not been home on Easter in a while so I usually just try to do something else I enjoy like hiking or spending time with friends. And COOKING all my favorite foods :) Not sure what the plan is this year but I will come up with something.

    Have a GREAT day! And I am excited to hear about the new traditions you start this year for Easter :)

  8. I'm scheduled to work on Easter Sunday, so no family stuff this year, bummer.

    But one perk of working on holidays is that we all try to bring in fun treats! Can't wait to stuff my face with lots of candy :)

  9. Those look too cute! I might just have to give it a go :)

  10. hey! thnx for stopping by my blog! just saying hello!
    its crazy that u live in hong kong. totally cool. i lived in south korea for 2 years. but that was before i was a runner.

  11. Easter is my mom's favorite holiday and we always get baskets still....I am 32 lol but this one will be special because it is the babies first Easter and maybe he can crawl after an egg or 2 :)

  12. We don't have any Easter traditions, but when we were little we did have the easter egg hunt with our cousins. But as we got older, we just stopped having it.
    I am definitely spending Easter with family, my dad is home for a while (which is great!) and we are going to visit with my cousins on Easter day.

  13. Love the idea of using shredded wheat! I love Easter, can't wait to dye some eggs!

  14. We used to hunt for eggs too... and one big basket filled with Easter gifts. When we were really little they were toys like bubbles or skipping ropes... so cute! This year I'll be spending it with my little cousins who are 3 and 5 years old. I'm ridiculously excited!!

  15. Ooh, those look yummy! We always have an Easter egg hunt at my grandparents house. This year will be our last year having it there, as both of my grandparents are moving to a nursing home. It will be bittersweet. It's so much fun now that we have little people (4, including my 2 nephews) to hunt for eggs, find their Easter baskets, etc.


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